• Anna was jogging at 5 AM when her roommate called her and told her she was nominated for an Oscar in Up in the Air
  • Anna worked at a bakery before she started acting full time, and still loves to bake!
  • Anna loves going to Starbucks with her days off from filming to use the free wi-fi and go people watching!
  • Anna’s pet peeve is not knowing where the camera is when it’s moving during her scenes
  • Anna loves black comedy more than any other style
  • Anna says if she stopped acting she would probably go to culinary school. She loves the instant gratification and response from cooking which you don’t get with shooting films until they are released.


  • Anna is terrified of the paparazzi and doesn’t understand how people can see it as ‘glamorous’. She also finds red carpets odd because the photographers scream at her to get their pictures.
  • Anna dated ‘Scott Pilgrim’ director Edgar Wright after the two met on set in 2009, and they broke up in 2013.
  • Anna has admitted she will not ever do nude scenes
  • One of Anna’s most embarrassing moments is being encountered by fans while she’s buying underwear — and it’s happened twice!
  • Anna keeps a bottle of lotion or shampoo that she used from every movie she worked on
  • One thing Anna indulged on when she bought her new house was being able to control all the light switches from her phone
  • Anna is obsessed with hoarders and frequently watches TV shows about them.
  • When Anna was 5 she forgot the lyrics to “The Good Ship Lollipop” at a dance recital, and sat on the stage and cried. Now she remembers her lines much better.