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Set Snippets III

New Twilight MTV segment – features a few seconds of Anna filming the cafeteria scene (1.50):

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Twilight set Snippets
There are a ton of articles and set visit reports popping up on Twilight every day, Anna being mentioned in a few, here are some snippets –

    The scene went like this: Bella was sitting at a lunch table with friends Jessica, Mike, and Eric. As they mind their own business and try to snap Bella out of her depressed mood, the Cullen kids (Emmet, Rosalie, Jasper, Alice, and Bella’s future love interest, Edward) enter from the outside. Bella, having just moved to Forks, takes notice and asks her friends who they are. “They kinda keep to themselves,” Jessica explains. As a teenage girl would typically sound gossiping, she goes into an explanation of each Cullen. After a few takes, the shot is wrapped and they move onto different angles. This continues throughout the day, and about 8 hours of rehearsing and filming will eventually transpire into a 4 or 5 minute scene. –

    I saw Jessica and Angela up close for the first time. Jessica looks exactly like she does in pictures. She seems pretty nice, though I was never really around her much. Angela looks nothing like her pictures, which make her look either airbrushed or very overmade. She’s still pretty, but not as much as I had expected. Mike just can’t seem to stop dancing and doing impersonations…he’s a real joker. The Forks kids don’t really interact with the Cullens much at all, except they did chat with Edward between takes. Otherwise they stick together and joke around a lot. Just like Bella, Kristen seems to just float around, though I think she has really made a connection with all of the Cullens more than with the Forks posse. It’s funny how things play out. – Kellmett Happens.

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Anna on Twilight Set
Some pictures of Anna as Jessica on the set of Twilight have surfaced! Their mainly her backside, but there is one cute one hanging out with her co-stars, for a car crash scene March 17th in Oregon. Thanks to

There are also a few LQ videos of this set, Anna is in the lower right hand corner, wearing a white jacket, standing and than running hurriedly to the truck – at twilightvinculum’s Youtube.
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I am thrilled to announce we have a domain name, and you should have all been redirected to laughing!!!

I’ve also updated the gallery with some misc pics from here and there, and the media section. The new clips are of Anna in the CAMP movie. Here is where Anna’s character Fritzi, steels the stage, a truly amazing performance in my opinion!

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Anna in the Media!
There is a great new interview with Anna, about Twilight, thanks MTV!

“I just finished the third book,” said the bubbly Kendrick, referring to the bloodsucking, romantic “Twilight” series that she’s currently helping to bring to the big screen. “I hadn’t read the books before, but I tore through them the second I was cast.”

‘Twilight’ Co-Star Anna Kendrick Braces Herself For Buzz Bigger Than ‘Harry Potter’

Anna is this months cover girl for Portland Magazine!

Although we can see the cover, and some of the photos, it would be great if someone who has access to this mag can scan the article for us!Details here.

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Rocket Science Screencaps
I have been screencapping Anna’s scenes in Rocket Science, everything should be up soon. Also check the revamped media section!!

EDIT: I have now finished capping the movie laughing

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It’s been nearly half a year since AKO launched in the summer of 2007, and wer’e back, better than ever, at a very exciting time to be an Anna Fan! A brief update for you highlighting the craziness that is taking place recently:

    Anna was nominated for the Independent Spirit award, she attended two events yesterday, the nominee reception and the actual awards show. Unfortunately, she lost the Best Supporting Actress (Rocket Science) to Cate Blanchett (I’m Not There). But thats pretty darn impressive anyways laughing !
    There has been strong rumors flying in every direction about Anna’s new role as Jessica in the teen Vampire flick, “Twilight”, based off the very popular book by Catherine Hardwicke:

      The 23-year-old Kendrick will be playing the pivotal role of Jessica Stanley, a classmate to Stewart’s main character, Bella. Jessica — best friend to the teen who opens the film by reuniting with her estranged father in Forks, Washington — is a chatterbox who helps Bella adjust to her new school, but eventually has a falling out with her over the affections of heartthrob Mike Newton. She makes appearances not only in “Twilight,” but also the sequels “New Moon” and “Eclipse.”–

    Rocket Science is now on DVD, I am in the process of making screen caps, again I highly recommend it, not only because of Anna’s performance but because of the raw honestly and essence it captures of high school life – not to mention its hilarious. Their is one extra including Anna, which is a behind the scenes type, where the cast is interviewed whilst at Sundance. Anna and RS director Jeffrey Blitz also recently attended a Q & A screening for the movie…
    those^ pictures as well as the tons of other new ones can be found in the Gallery’s last uploads wink

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Bits and Pieces
I’ve come across a set of new pictures in which Anna gets to test out some of the free products at a “star-studded gifting suite for the Academy Awards”:

I’ve also added lots of new pics from events Anna attended in 2007 and 2008:

Additionally, I’ve found a quick clip of Anna during the 2008 Independent Spirit Awards, she comes in at about 2:15:

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Twilight Set Snippets..5
There has been coverage of a new Twilight scene that takes place on a school field trip. MTV gives us an inside look on the filming of this scene, in which Anna’s Jessica makes an appearance:

During the afternoon of shooting, Portland’s insanely unpredictable weather dumped hail the size of golf balls all over the tin-roofed greenhouse that had Pattinson, Stewart, Gregory Tyree Boyce (as Tyler Crowley) and Anna Kendrick (as Jessica Stanley) acting out the scene alongside a dozen extras. As Hardwicke called “Action!” a new chapter of the “Twilight” saga unfurled:

…After a sigh, Bella asks: “Are you gonna tell me how you stopped the van?”

“Yeah. I had an adrenaline rush,” he stumbles. “They’re very common. You can Google it.”

“Floridians — that’s what’s in Jacksonville,” she says, continuing to walk through the greenhouse and then stumbling, as the klutzy Bella often does.

“Watch where you walk. Sometimes it helps,” Edward teases. “Look, I’m sorry I’m being rude. I think it’s the best way.”

At this moment in the scene, Kendrick’s Jessica runs up and scares Edward away. “Bella!” she shrieks. “Guess who just asked me to the prom? I totally thought Mike was gonna ask you, actually. Um, it’s not gonna be weird though, right?”

“No, no. Zero weirdness,” Bella responds. “You guys are great together.”

“I know, right?”

Concluding the scene, Tyler Crowley sets off a sprinkler system, causing all the students to flee the greenhouse.

“Tyler!” Jessica screams. “What is wrong with you?”
MTV’S ‘Twilight’ Tuesday: How Faithful Will The Movie Be To The Book? We Visit The Set To Find Out.

Clip and Screencaps:

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On-set of Elsewhere, pic update
News has been slow lately – apparently The Marc Pease Experience, which got horrible reviews despite its all-star cast, is too terrible to be released how it is, and they are re shooting some scenes. As for Elsewhere, there are no wide release dates as of yet, but I did manage to scurry up a bunch of on-set pictures:

There are also lots more pics added from events from 2003 – 2008, in the LATEST UPLOADS!

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Set Snippets IV
*edit* there is a great new on-set pic of Anna, from Twilight Teens, it was taken early April but for some reason I must have missed it!

They were shooting outside the greenhouse. Mike, Eric, tyler, jessica, and angela were all playing around a bucket of worms with sticks. Tyler was really close to sticking them in his mouth and they were all goofing around.”

The trailer is out! There’s probably a split-second shot of Anna during the car crash scene:

Another Anna-related set report from the St. Helen’s OR, Port Angeles scenes:

When I arrived around noon they were filming the dress shopping scene with Jessica and Angela. Of course the weather once again wasnt working for them; while it was gorgeous, it was supposed to be a rainy day in Port Angeles, so a mammoth water truck sprayed the street down every fifteen minutes or so to make it look as though it had just rained…During this scene, Bella is sitting in the window while admiring Jessica and Angela dresses and the Frat Boys make an appearance, banging on the window and harassing Bella– further proof that they are pig-headed imbeciles.

They finished the inside shots of Bella and Edward at dinner, and then they moved outside to film the scene where Bella and Edward come to the restaurant just as Jessica and Angela were finishing and Edward offers to get Bella

I’ve also added some more candids I had to the Gallery!

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I’ve made some screen captures of Anna’s Rocket Science interviews and Broadway debut (so cute)!! :

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Anna attends the In Touch-Weekly Icons + Idols Celebration
On September 7, Anna attended the In Touch-Weekly Icons + Idols Celebration with Twilight co-stars Kristen Stewart and Nikki Reed! She looked adorable in bold purple jeans and her favorite bag!

Click for Album (thanks to {Rosalie & Emmet: My Angel}):

The event sounds really fun, here’s the description:
Actresses Kristen Stewart, Anna Kendrick and Nikki Reed arrive at In Touch Weekly’s ICONS + IDOLS CELEBRATION with performances by Good Charlotte, Leona Lewis and The Veronicas and music provided by Samantha Ronson at Chateau Marmont on September 7, 2008 in Hollywood, California. Event sponsored by TIGI Bed Head, Burger King and Flor de Cana.
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I’ve added a ton of pics today including a bunch of golden oldies from events a couple of years back, as well as more recent:

And some exclusive pics from the set of Camp! (back around ’03):

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Elsewhere release, Viva L caps
I have the opportunity to exclusively report that Elsewhere will be playing in the United States starting on January 15, 2009. Thanks so much to Vincent P, who works at the {official website} for letting me know!

I’ve also capped Anna’s small role in Viva Laughlin:

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Happy Birthday, new role
First off..a v. late Happy Birthday wish to Anna, who turned TWENTY-THREE on August 9th.

For a birthday surprise, Twilight is getting released earlier (11.21.08)!

For an even bigger surprise for AnnaK’s fans, Anna has a new television role: The Spirit Box

In Rob (WRONG TURN) Schmidt’s THE SPIRIT BOX, scripted by WIND CHILL’s Joe Gangemi, ROCKET SCIENCE’s Anna Kendrick (pictured) and Jessica Parker Kennedy play two teenaged girls who use a Ouija board to contact a friend who has killed herself. It turns out their pal was actually a murder victim, who enlists them to take revenge for her. The cast also includes WIND CHILL’s Martin Donovan and Mark (DEXTER) Pellegrino.” {FANGORIA.COM}

This was produced by NBC for a Twilight Zone type series called Fear Itself. No release date has been set, but Fear Itself plays Thursday nights at 10pm. More info: {MSN.COM/TV}

I also have the episode Anna guest starred in Viva Laughlin, lets just say its a very sexy role. I’m working on screencaps.

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More Twilight Tuesday..
I realized Anna is on the beginning of Christian Serrato (Angela’s) Twilight Tuesday interview, giving a shoutout about TT wink. Afterwards, Christian explains how she first tried out for the role of Jessica wassat!

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New Elsewhere Poster and trailer!
With it’s January 15th release coming up, Elsewhere is now starting to go back into promotion mode. Here’s a new poster that was released on their official Myspace:

They’ve also released a new trailer, packed with footage of Anna as Sarah – Jillian’s best friend who tries to find the runaway:

Elsewhere trailer

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Movie Companion Promo
EDIT:Thanks to Stacey who notified us that it was actually Angela in the prom dress. Also, we now have an HQ scan of the lunch scene, as well as Anna and some cast on set, thanks to {Topaz Shadows}!

I’ve added three photos from the Official Twilight Movie Companion which I believe Anna/Jessica is in. The pink shirt at the lunch table is definately her, although only her back, and as for the other ones I’m not sure, please feel free to prove me wrong wink

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Twilight Trailer II
The second Twilight trailer is now out!:

Twilight HD Exclusive Trailer

Look for Anna during the car crash scene at .13 and a closer shot at .53 – screencaps in gallery laughing !!

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Anna featured on Twilight Tuesday!
Anna interviewed with MTV for their Twilight Tuesday special laughing!!

Q: “Do you have the lung capacity to speak as fast, for as long, as Jessica? Because I don’t.” – Evangeline Annie Van Holzen

Anna Kendrick (Jessica Stanley): It was a cake walk after “Rocket Science”! I remember Stephenie Meyer [being on set] the day that I was doing that big speech about the Cullens. It was just a lot of dialogue. … She is quite a chatterbox, but it wasn’t too bad, because it all seemed to make sense and come from this really sweet, desperate place.

Is it just something you have, in these kinda movies, where the other actors are just saying their lines and your just *deeply breathes* takes this huge breath like your about to go diving or something?

Well I mean, with Jessica, again, you know, she’s got this agenda particularly about gossip – I think once she see’s her opportunity to start “dishing”, like all other noise is just blocked out. It’s like, so other actors dialogue – I think Jessica’s just waiting for her turn to be like “oh yea, and Alice is really weird, you know and Emmet’s really bizarre blah blah blah.

{‘Twilight’ Tuesday: Stars Answer More Of Fans’ Burning Questions … Like What It’s Like To Kiss Robert Pattinson}

EDIT: I’ve added 50+ screencaps wink!

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More Video Clips..
IESB Behind the Scenes

The Insider

Screencaps in the gallery!

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Video Clips..
Cafeteria Scene II

wow..hopefully there’s still some of the movie we haven’t seen from all these video clips yet laughing!

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Borders Twilight Featurette, Screencaps
{} has a new featurette that features Anna filming as Jessica during the lunch scene at Forks High:

I’ve made a bunch of screen caps of the featurette as well as the Elsewhere trailer. I’ve also added caps from the trailer on the {official site}, which is slightly different than the {Myspace} version.

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Anna dominates Twilight Tuesday (again)!
Anna is featured again in this week’s Twilight Tuesday! This time she “gossips” about Jessica’s awkward character wink.

There is also an accompanying article and video with a Q & A, all about Anna! laughing:

{‘Twilight’ Tuesday: Anna Kendrick Asks If We’ve Heard Any Good Gossip Lately}

ALL OF THE MTV INTERVIEWS: {Twilight’ Tuesday: Anna Kendrick, One-On-One}

Here’s the Youtube version:


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Twilight Premiere Roundup
EDIT: Here’s another great interview where Anna goes into depth on whether she’s team Edward or Jacob and how she was jealous of not being a vampire at first! {}

{} got an awesome interview with Anna:

I’ve now added tons of photos. Anna looked gorgeous in a black, lacy dress and matching pumps wink

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Anna @ the Twilight Premiere! First reviews?
Anna attended the premiere of Twilight tonight in Westwood, California. Here is one capture from the Live Broadcast, which you can view by clicking READ MORE.


I’ve found this quote from the Nov. 12 {Twilight Tuesday} with Catherine Hardwicke wink:

MTV: Bella and Edward are great, but is there a background character that you weren’t all that crazy about at first but came to love as the filming moved along?

Hardwicke: I love the dad [Charlie Swan, played by Billy Burke]. He’s really cool. He’s solid, and I love their relationship. I love all the human kids too. They don’t get a lot of love right now in the media, but I think when people see them, like Eric [Justin Chon] is hilarious as he twirls, and I think Jessica [Anna Kendrick] is super-funny.

And here’s one from Stephanie Meyer:

MTV: We know you visited the set several times. Did your visits feel like work or pleasure?

Meyer: Well, that was one of the coolest things that agreeing to do a movie gave me, because I was right in the middle with [my career]. I had two book tours this year, all this crazy stuff, and the movie was just fun. I found it fascinating. One time, I had my brother with me for two days, and I knew he was just bored stupid [when I took him to set], like, “Ugh, how can they say the same line again for the 16th time?” I was with the humans that time, and for me, every time Anna Kendrick added a new little twist or her eyebrow raised just a little differently, those nuances were fascinating to me, probably because [the character] was mine. I don’t know if I’d be that way if it were another film, but I was looking at the monitor and kept saying, “Oh, I love that!” I was just thrilled.

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Anna K on TMZ!
Uh-oh! Anna made it to the paparazzi gossip site TMZ with some partying pictures with her Twilight co-stars!

Anna is seen with Robert Pattinson, licking and biting each other (?!?) wassat!

Since the photos appear to be private, I haven’t added them to the Gallery, but you can view them above.

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Anna Scans, Popstar’s Celebrity Love Awards
Anna is in a page of Teen Vogue Magazine, posing with Twilight co-stars Kristen Stewart and Nikki Reed. She was present at Kristen’s shoot for the Dec/January addition!

There is also a scan of the trio in the inset of the Twilight addition of Movie Magic. This pic is from the In-Touch Weekly party. If anyone has this scan please send it to laughing!

PopStar Magazine has informed us of their Celebrity Love Awards, in which Anna is a part of:

With only six weeks left in this year, our annual Celebrity Love Awards will soon be coming to an end. We wanted to take a moment to encourage you to write to your favorite celebrities while there is still time.

When the clock strikes Midnight on New Year’s Eve, the contest will end, and the top one hundred celebrities on our website will be the winners. They’ll receive every letter that has been written to them throughout the year on a custom CD!

Not only will we make sure they receive it, but we’re giving them the ability to write back to anyone they choose. At, we do our best to honor the celebrities we love so much and we hope that you will continue to support them there.

Read letters to Anna from her fans and send your own!!
: {POPSTAR CELEBRITY LOVE: Anna Kendrick Fan Mail Letters}

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More on ‘Up in Air’, Gallery Update
There’s been some more talk on Anna’s casting in Up in the Air. She is supposed to play the female lead, but the book on which the script is based does not seem to have one. Here are some theories thanks to {}:

Kendrick’s character is described as being a “young woman who finds herself pulled into the orbit” of Clooney’s Ryan Bingham. There isn’t really a major female character in the book but she could be either the character’s younger sister who’s about to get married or a hotel employee named Laurie.

The {The Earthtimes} seems to be set on this idea, which to me sounds the most likely:

Kendrick will play a businesswoman who keeps running into him in airports and hotels with romantic results.

Yet it was just announced that Vera Farmiga (The Departed) “also joined as the female lead, meaning Kendrick’s role must not be as big as we first thought. Farmiga will play a businesswoman and the romantic interest in the film opposite George Clooney.” {}
EDIT:And the most recent stab at her character?

Kendrick will play an employee who threatens Clooney’s quest for airline miles. {}

So we don’t really yet know who Anna will be playing, but maybe this will become more clear when they start filming: Shooting starts in February in St. Louis, Miami and Las Vegas.

I’ve added a ton of photos, including the recent Twilight premiere (which, btw, apparently Anna as Jessica stole the scenes – more on that later), Awards in ’07 and ’08 and even some from Camp.

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Anna gets lead role in ‘Up in the Air’ !
I am so happy to announce that Anna has snagged the female lead in the the upcoming paramount film Up in the Air. This will be directed by Jason Reitman (Juno), and she will star opposite George Clooney!

Nearly every young actress agreed to read for the part, including Ellen Page and Emily Blunt. But Kendrick apparently nailed the audition for a young woman who finds herself pulled into the orbit of a “career transition counselor” (i.e. professional firer) careening through the airless world of business travel. {Hollywood}.

Here’s another article on Anna’s success from {}:

What we already know:

* Paramount will distribute the film
* Estimated budget of around $12 to $15 million
* He wrote one of the roles for Reitman regular J.K. Simmons (who played Ellen Page’s father in Juno and Aaron Eckhart’s boss in Thank You For Smoking)
* Reitman took a break from adapting this book when he came across the script for Juno.
* Up in the Air was named one of’s Best of 2001.
* Time Out New York called Up in the Air “a hilarious, often ingenious ode to America.”
* The Washington Post called it “A dead-on, wry portrait of the life of the road warrior.”
* Another one of Walter Kirn’s novels, Thumbsucker, was adapted as a feature film back in 2005.

Break a leg Anna laughing laughing laughing!!!!

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Popstar! Contest Deadline
Hoping you all had Happy Holidays..

Just a reminder that December 31 is the last chance to submit your fanmail to Popstar’s Fanmail Contest. If their are enough entries for Anna, they will send her all of our letters and she’ll write back! So submittttttttt, I know I have wink!

NEW SECTIONS: Style, History, Links
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Anna named EW’s Nine to Watch in 2009, Twilight DVD
Anna was named the ninth out of the top nine rising stars to watch in 2009 by Entertainment Weekly laughing:

Others in the list include Chris Pine and Selena Gomez (barf..)

Also, the Twilight DVD will hopefully be available right after Valentine’s Day. Catherine Hardewick told MTV that there will be 10 deleted scenes, and lots of montages, including at least one featuring Anna:

“There’s a few crazy montages we made of every time someone gets bitten by a vampire that we didn’t show in the movie. There’s a lot more vampire biting,” she said of the more violent material held back to get “Twilight” its PG-13 rating. “One montage is called ‘Human Hijinks,’ and it’s all the human friends [including Mike Welch and Anna Kendrick] doing crazy stuff, more [from the field-trip scene] with the worms and the greenhouse. Just them totally messing around, going crazy. That’s kind of fun.” {MTV: ‘Twilight’ Director Catherine Hardwicke Reveals DVD Details} tongue

UPDATES: I’ve reorganized the navigation pages and updated Affiliates, Link A-K.NET

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Anna attends DWTS Tour Kick-Off Party for Lance Bass!
Anna attended the DWTS Tour Kick-Off Party for Lance Bass yesterday at Yamashiro Restaurant in L.A. Apparently she is a friend of Lance’s! Other celeb guests include popstars Jojo, Ryan Cabrera and Aubrey O’Day:


I effin love her outfit and hair!!!

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Sundance Photoshoot, pic spam!
I’ve added a ton of new photos! This first set is a photoshoot that Anna did during Sundance, January 2007 by Henny Garfunkel. Super cute laughing!

And now for some new old’s from way back from the Camp premiere in London, to more recent premieres and events:

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Media Madness..
I finally got to see Twilight! I was happy to see that Anna got a lot more screentime than I expected. Reviews have mentioned that Anna and the other characters that play humans have added some necessary comedic scenes. I totally agree, Anna is so funny – awkwardly trying to get guy’s to notice her and trying on a cleavage-bearing prom dress.

I have added Twilight review excerpts as well as the rest of the Media Section to Anna-Kendrick.NET’s new

{Press Archive}

There is also a new Audio interview by the folks at KIIS FM Phoenix {here}.

EDIT: I’m in the process of adding all of Anna’s video clips into a section in the Gallery, here {here}. I’ve put together all of Anna’s Twilight Tuesday clips together, for easier viewing:

I’ve also finished making Screencaps:
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