KendrickIt’s rare regular folks can get up close and personal with an Oscar nominee — which might be why the Moore Building Tuesday night was packed to the rafters. Anna Kendrick, who held her own as George Clooney’s overeager protégé in 2009’s Up in the Air (filmed partially in Miami), was a special guest at a party thrown by electronics retailer and Intel to celebrate the latest in all that clicks. Good thing the ensemble star of such movies as 50/50, Twilight Saga: New Moon, End of Watch and What to Expect When You’re Expecting, is an approachable sort.

So what about this event intrigued you?

I’m into geeky, Comic-Con kind of stuff though I generally have no idea what’s going on behind the interface. I’m into user-friendly gadgets and am always on the lookout for things that are easy. I get really excited whenever my friends get new toys that I always try to play with for a really long time. I’m also trying to get my parents kicking and screaming into the tech world.

You are originally from Maine. How do you like Miami in November?

For you guys, it may be chilly right now, but for me it’s perfect. When it’s too hot I basically melt into a small puddle. I had a nice dinner at the hotel [Soho Beach House] overlooking the ocean and eating ceviche, then went out walking. It felt very Miami. I’m so pale, I have to remember to wear a hat and a lot of SPF.

When you’re out and about, what do fans know you for?

I love being surprised. Just when I think some teenage girl is going to come up to me and ask me about Twilight, she tells me how much she loved Scott Pilgrim vs. the World.

Do you have a favorite project?

Not really. 50/50 was great [she was an inexperienced cancer therapist]. I had never played the romantic girl before that. [Joseph Gordon Levitt] was like my romantic sherpa! Just a very easy person to talk to. And the director Jonathan Levine did this laissez faire thing that made everyone comfortable.

You’ve had some amazing co-stars — hello George Clooney?! — do you ever get intimidated?

Yes! I do get star-struck and really nervous and excited. After you meet enough celebrities you think you’d stop being freaked out but it’s such an individual thing. George is someone for every generation and he was coming into it [a big star]. I will say it does make you work harder. You wanna live up to the people you’re working with.