Musicrooms: Anna Kendrick – I Hate The Red Carpet

Anna Kendrick says going to red carpet events is “the worst thing in the world”.


Anna Kendrick says going to red carpet events is “the worst thing in the world”.

The star hurtled into public consciousness after she was nominated for the best supporting actress Oscar for her role in Up in the Air this year. She also appears in the Twilight film franchise, and her burgeoning career means she is constantly invited to posh premieres and showbiz parties.

While most celebrities enjoy meeting other famous faces and getting dressed up for the evening, Anna loathes it.

“Oh my God, no, I hate it. It’s literally the worst thing in the world, but I’m trying to get better at it,” she explained. “It is part of the job and a skill like anything else, so I just smile through it, look pretty and pretend the photographers aren’t yelling at me.”

Anna has always been happier at home than out at noisy nightclubs, and that hasn’t changed. She doesn’t understand why people find it pleasurable to be somewhere where it’s so loud they can’t talk, and would rather stay curled up on her sofa.

“I haven’t really changed,” she told Company magazine. “I feel really lucky to be doing the work I’m doing, but everything else around me is basically the same. I still prefer sitting at home watching movies instead of going out to bars.”

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