From her love of pie to a stolen hamburger, here are 20 things you might not know about the ‘Twilight’ star.
By Larry Carroll

Happy Birthday, Kristen Stewart! That’s right, on Friday (April 9), everyone’s favorite “Twilight” and “Runaways” star turned 20, and we’re sure somewhere in the world, she’s enjoying some cake and ice cream.

But what do you get for the girl who has everything? A 20-point tribute, of course! With that in mind, here are 20 things (we’re pretty sure) you don’t know about Kristen Stewart:

Pie in the Sky: Everybody knows that Kristen and Nikki Reed are totally BFFs. But did you know that the two of them kicked off their friendship over a shared love of … pie? “Neither of us are the type of girls that meet each other and want to do our fingernails and go to the mall and get our hair done; I would go over to her house and watch movies with [Stewart’s then-boyfriend] Mike [Angarano], and she was really into baking pies, and I’m really into eating pies, so it was a good balance,” Reed told us once of their early days. “I mean, she eats pies too. But that sounds weird, because she’s so small.”

She Must Have Been a Beautiful Baby: Kristen was an oh-so-sweet baby girl when she entered the world on April 9, 1990. But who would have guessed that this face would someday become one of Hollywood’s brightest stars?

Friends by Association: Die-hard Twilighters may know that the original film had close links to the 2005 movie “Lords of Dogtown,” also directed by Catherine Hardwicke. According to Reed, who appeared in both films, she would’ve had a harder time trusting KStew if not for that film. “It was a pretty natural progression, because Mike and I did a movie together called ‘Lords of Dogtown.’ At the risk of sounding cynical, young actresses who have a healthy mentality acknowledge that other female actors can be a little bit weird, and it’s hard to develop a relationship on a set when you’re playing characters that either love or hate each other,” Reed recalled. “I knew that Kristen had to be great because of Mike. I trusted her because I trusted him, if that makes sense.”

Marvelous Night for a Moondance: In an interview last year, Kristen said that her favorite musical artist was Irish soul singer Van Morrison. Coincidentally (or not?), Van also happens to be Robert Pattinson’s fave. “He’s going to hate that I’m totally copying him,” she laughed. Her favorite song? Morrison’s 1968 song “Madame George,” off his classic Astral Weeks album.

How to Make a Scene: Remember that now-classic moment in “New Moon” where Michael Welch and Taylor Lautner take Bella to see “Face Punch”? If it weren’t for KStew (and, to be fair, Taylor), you never would have seen it. “Kristen and Taylor had to lobby to get this scene in. It wasn’t originally in [the script], and I am forever indebted to them for that,” Welch said. “That was my favorite thing to do, and it wasn’t originally there — so Kristen and Taylor, thank you.”

Before She Was KStew: Since she’s been making movies for half her life, it sometimes feels like every stage of Kristen’s existence has been captured on film. But for a really rare look at a KStew few have seen, check out these pictures of Stewart in grade school. What a cutie!

The Next Will Ferrell?: Everybody thinks of Kristen as a dramatic actress, but she did a lot of improvising on the original “Twilight” movie. “Every single scene, Rob, Kristen and I had to make sure we were on the same page,” Catherine Hardwicke told us of the improv on the original movie. “Really, what an actor does, you have to be able to own those words. If you tell someone, ‘You have to say this line no matter what,’ it’s going to come off really phony. … We tried to finalize and connect with the words, make them her own, and in some cases we did have to change.”

Stephenie’s Stamp of Approval: Long before “Twilight” hit theaters, a teenage Kristen had left a lasting impression on Stephenie Meyer. “She’s so young, but she’s already had so much experience and she’s so focused,” the “Twilight” author told us after one of her first meetings with Kristen. “When I think about how I was when I was 17, I think, ‘Wow!’ ”

It Runs in the Family: We don’t know if it really was her first live interview, but when Kristen went on Ryan Seacrest’s TV show in 2004 for “Catch That Kid,” she certainly was a rookie. Bet ya didn’t know Kristen’s dad used to work production on the Seacrest show — look closely for the father/daughter resemblance, right around minute one.

Courting the Counterculture: Lots of parents have been quick to label their kids “punks” over the years, but with Kristen, it’s actually true. When she was 13 years old, she wore a Clash tee to the premiere of “Catch That Kid.” Last year, Kristen broke out a Minor Threat shirt for her “New Moon” whirlwind tour of Comic-Con. All of this led, of course, to her recent acclaimed role as ’70s punk Joan Jett in “The Runaways.” Who says punk rock is a bad influence on kids?

KStew Was Bullied: Now that she’s rich and famous, if anybody gives Kristen a hard time, she could just hire a bodyguard to beat them up. But even KStew has admitted that her high school experience sucked, saying in one interview: “When I was there, I was never the type of girl to be walking around talking about acting, so I didn’t get a lot of hassle until someone found out. I was trying to play it down, but I definitely got, ‘Oh, she’s such a bi—.’ They’d never spoken to me, but instantly they were like, ‘You are so rude.’ I am not rude.”

Here, Kitty: To film her 2007 horror flick “The Messengers,” Kristen spent half the year in the desolate area known as Regina in Saskatchewan, Canada. To break up the monotony while spending all those days on a giant, empty farm, she kept her cat Max in her trailer.

The Other Bella: Kristen had better watch her back: At least one other “Twilight” actress has expressed the wish that she had landed KStew’s role — and it’s one who has an Oscar nomination under her belt. “It seems like I got shortchanged, doesn’t it? Bella is such an amazing character,” Anna Kendrick once said in an interview — all in jest, of course. “I don’t think it’s possible to read these books and not want to be Bella.”

Cry, and She Might Hug You: When Rob makes grown women cry, he flashes that charismatic British smile of approval. Kristen, on the other hand, said things are different when you’re a girl. “I think guys are a little bit more collected,” she told us once. “But the tears, to see people crying in front of you is pretty overwhelming. I just want to give them a hug and be like, ‘It’s OK.’ ”

Wise Beyond Her Years: To most people in that age bracket, there’s a huge difference between being a teen and someone in their mid-20s. But not only does Kristen act like someone much older, she also gives advice like she is. “I love Kristen; she’s a badass and she’s cool,” beamed Alex Meraz when we asked him about her recently. “I’ve really enjoyed spending time with her, talking with her. She gave me some advice on what to expect about fame and whatnot. … I’m 24, [but she’s] a bit younger than me. I’m married, I have a kid, so I feel a bit older — but still, you can learn something from everyone. Kristen’s only 19 but has a lot of experience in the industry, so I’ve learned things from her.”

Without KStew, There Would Be No Weitz: According to “New Moon” director Chris Weitz, he likely wouldn’t have directed the second film if Kristen weren’t the star of the franchise. “The vampire thing isn’t really what appeals to me about this series of books; it’s the characters. And it’s Bella especially and the chance to work with these young actors and — to be honest — with Kristen especially,” Weitz told us. “I think she’s extraordinary.”

She’s Prone to Giggle Fits: Like any red-blooded American teen, Kristen has always been prone to cracking up. According to Ashley Greene, there have been plenty of times on the “Twilight Saga” sets where the two girls have spent time between takes getting silly. “There was a lot of that; a lot of giggling and laughing during ‘New Moon,’ especially in Italy,” she told us once during an interview. “It was me and Kristen; we were kind of like the only girls, and so there was a lot of girly giggling going on.”

Where’s the Beef?: Kristen has worked closely with many directors through thick and thin — but when one filmmaker had the audacity to steal her hamburger, KStew developed a beef. “At the premiere party [for ‘New Moon’], I had been really, really hungry,” Chris Weitz told us of a past transgression. “And I thought that Kristen had left a hamburger behind, whereas it was her intention to return to it. And when she came back, I had consumed it entirely.” The director would later joke that his mock feud with Stewart was the reason she hadn’t done a commentary track on the “New Moon” DVD — but as far as we can tell, they’re just playing around.

The Eyes Have It: It’s only the vampires in Forks that have to wear those uncomfortable contacts, right? Not true. Out of devotion to Bella Swan, Kristen’s naturally green eyes have been covered up for the filming of the “Twilight” movies with contacts.

Don’t Tell Stephenie: Sure, the “Twilight” books have made her a household name. But KStew is never one to kiss ass — which is why we’re not surprised that when she is asked to name her favorite book of all time, it doesn’t involve vampires, werewolves or anything most of her contemporaries would have read. Instead, Kristen professes her love for the words of John Steinbeck in “East of Eden,” a 1952 novel about the drama of two families. Coincidentally, the book was made into a classic film starring James Dean — who draws frequent comparisons to one Robert Pattinson.

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