Posted 8/11/10 12:20 pm ET by Terri Schwartz in Random Yet Notable, Twilight Forever!, Videos

Anna Kendrick is not new to dealing with passionate fans. She has worked in all the “The Twilight Saga” films (albeit as a human instead of a supernatural creature), has a small role in the upcoming “Scott Pilgrim vs. the World” and has been a long time fan of “Lord of the Rings.”

Fortunately, we at MTV don’t allow such self-proclaimed passionate fandom to go untested, so while Anna was promoting “Scott Pilgrim,” MTV News’ Josh Horowitz decided to give her a little quiz to see how well she knows “Twilight” and “Lord of the Rings.”

It shouldn’t be a big surprise that Anna did better with the “Twilight” questions than with the “Lord of the Rings” questions, considering working on a project for three years and being a fan are two completely different things. Still, we think the “Twilight” questions were a bit easier than the “LotR” ones, so we’ll give her that.

The first “Twilight” question gave Anna no issues: What classroom do Edward and Bella meet in? “Biology,” she answered quickly, then yelled, “Oh my god!” when she got it right. The first “LotR” question tripped her up a bit though, when Josh asked Anna how many years had passed between “The Hobbit” and “LotR.” He gave her a pass because she wasn’t a self-avowed “Hobbit” fan, and hadn’t read the book.

Anna quickly answered the second “Twilight” question as well: What make of car does Edward drive? The answer, of course, is Volvo, which we know from all those crazy Volvo promotions whenever a “Twilight Saga” film is about to be released.

But we were definitely disappointed in Anna when she didn’t get the second “LotR” question: Which beloved character from the books did not make it into the films? As we found ourselves mouthing “Tom Bombadil,” Anna was frantically answering, “I don’t know. I don’t know!” Maybe she’s more a fan of the books than the movies?

The next “Twilight” question tripped her up a bit too, when Josh asked her what city Jessica and Bella went prom dress shopping in. He needed to give her a little hint — “It rhymes with Mort Vangeles” — before she answered quickly, “Port Angeles!”

Fortunately Anna had a comeback with the next “LotR” question, quickly answering “Howard Shore” when asked who composed the music for the trilogy. She didn’t have any problems with the next “Twilight” question (mine!) either, knowing that it was Lauren and Jessica from the books who, combined, are her character Jessica in the films.

Last but not least, Anna was able to name all nine members of the Fellowship of the Ring without any hints from Josh (though she did slip out a bleep-worthy word while trying to figure then out). Apparently Anna’s not the biggest fan of pop quizzes, though, because she looked a bit shaky by the end of the interview. Sorry Anna, but you did do a great job!