Sunday, January 17 2010, 5:44pm EST

By Marcell Minaya, Entertainment Reporter
Anna Kendrick has revealed that she tries to see people in person rather than constantly sending text messages on her mobile phone.

The Up In The Air actress has admitted that although she’s tried staying in touch with friends through social networking sites in the past, she prefers person-to-person interaction.

Speaking to Teen Hollywood, the 24-year-old said: “I try not to. I’ve tried iChat now. I’ve tried Facebook, but I’m off Facebook. I can’t do any of that Facebook or MySpace stuff. I feel like it’s a really false way of staying in touch.

“There are people I want to keep in my life, and there are people that I’ve had to let go of because I feel like a texting relationship or a Facebook relationship is a false relationship. I try to be better about staying in touch with people I’m close to. If it has to be over text or phone then so be it, but I’m much better at in-person interaction.”

Up In The Air is currently playing in US and UK cinemas.