After the show, the stars celebrate just like everyday people. OK, not really.

January 19, 2010|Matt Donnelly, Christie D’Zurilla and Irene Lacher

Sure, the Golden Globes are a dinner and a show, but the real parties don’t start until after the final statue is awarded. And Sunday night at the Beverly Hilton Hotel, partyers had plenty of destinations, a few steps or a crowded elevator ride away.

For starters, the Weinstein Co.’s bash, in a secluded spot on the hotel’s southeast corner, was bursting with star power. Harvey Weinstein served sushi and Champagne in honor of “Inglourious Basterds” and his other heavily nominated films, but the A-list names were the real buffet:

Kate Hudson lounged at the busiest table, gabbing with Fergie and hubby Josh Duhamel. Behind her, Rob Marshall chatted with Daniel Day-Lewis, next to Tom Ford, interacting with his directorial debut muse Julianne Moore.

Quentin Tarantino took up residence one booth over, while his “Basterds” actor Eli Roth shared a California roll with Diane Kruger. Nearby, her main squeeze, Joshua Jackson, spoke with “Up in the Air” star Anna Kendrick about Christoph Waltz’s “Inglorious” supporting actor win.

Nicole Kidman sat a few feet away from the crunch of industry types and admirers with husband Keith Urban. Outside, stylist Rachel Zoe held court with husband Rodger Berman and actor Barry Watson. Zoe’s Globes clients included Cameron Diaz and Jennifer Garner, as well as Hudson — some heavy names to be out in Sunday’s wet weather.

“The rain, I mean! And the red carpet wasn’t tented!” Zoe said of her panic when a downpour ensued. “But the ladies still did their thing.”

Also spotted: Matt Damon, Taylor Lautner and Colin Firth.

Over at the always-packed HBO bash, this year at the hotel’s Circa 55 Restaurant, there was more to celebrate.

Kevin Bacon and Drew Barrymore did their victory laps — but “Big Love’s” Chloe Sevigny, a first-time winner, spent the entire time at the network’s orange-sequin-covered party space. Though Sevigny’s gown had been torn as she went to accept her award, she quick-changed before the party into a cocktail-length Christian Lacroix dress, and all was well.

“Hung’s” Jane Adams, also nominated in the supporting actress category that Sevigny took, came over to deliver a warm hug. “So well deserved,” Adams said. “I told you.”

Ginnifer Goodwin, who plays another sister wife on “Big Love,” was beaming on her costar’s behalf as she relaxed in a booth with her mother and boyfriend. “I’m overwhelmed,” she said. “I still don’t remember anything about the show except her winning. She’s so complicated and intriguing.”