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Robert Pattinson, Twilight, Taylor Lautner, New Moon

Anna Kendrick is one lucky woman. Not only does 24-year-old Portland, Maine native play Jessica Stanley in the Twilight movies, but she’s getting some major buzz for her work playing a feisty Ivy League-educated efficiency expert who goes head-to-head with a corporate downsizer (George Clooney) in the upcoming Up In the Air.

I caught up with Kendrick last night at a private cocktail party, where it was announced she’ll receive the Rising Star Award at the Palms Springs International Film Festival in January.

Read on to find out what she says about Robert Pattinson, Taylor Lautner and so much more…

As we all know, Pattinson isn’t so comfortable with all the attention he gets from fans. So I’m sure he’s hoping Kendrick’s New Moon prediction comes true. “Taylor will certainly capture the hearts of many people who thought they only had eyes for Rob,” Kendrick said of the upcoming second installment of the Twilight movie franchise. “He’s so cute. He’s such a cutie.”

And Tay should do just fine collecting even more admirers. “You meet Taylor and there’s something really special about him,” Kendrick said. “He’s so warm. He’s so different from Rob and different from Kristen. There’s something about him that feels he’s sort of built for this.”

Not that she thinks there’s anything wrong with R & K. “God bless them,” Kendrick said. “They seem to be handling it so well, so much better than I could ever imagine it for myself. I don’t know how they manage to stay so normal and level-headed.”

In fact, she wishes the tabloid crap would stop already. “There’s a part of me that gets frustrated that they’re on the cover of a magazine and it’s says they’re engaged!” Kendrick griped. “You just want to scream. You just want to hold the magazine up and scream to everyone in the supermarket, ‘This isn’t true!'”

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Anna Kendrick, George Clooney, Up in the Air

If Robsten ever needs tips on going undercover, perhaps Kendrick could give them some tips she picked up from Clooney.

“It was interesting to fly with George and see his techniques for not getting noticed,” she explained. “I’m not going to blow his cover, but he doesn’t go in disguise. It’s fascinating that 99 percent of the plane never knows he’s on board.”

Kendrick admits she was convinced that she didn’t land the part in Up In the Air when she auditioned for director Jason Reitman (Juno). It was only after she got the job did Reitman tell her that he actually wrote the role with her in mind after seeing her in Rocket Science.

Not that knowing that made it any easier for her during filming. “I was so nervous the entire time,” Kendrick said. “I thought they’d fire me and hire Scarlett Johansson.”

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