Tuesday, December 1 2009, 7:21am EST
By Mayer Nissim, Entertainment Reporter

Kendrick: 'George gave me a hard time'
Rex Features

Anna Kendrick has revealed that she and George Clooney teased one another on the set of upcoming movie Up In The Air.

The New Moon star told Parade that the pair had a lot of fun while making the Jason Reitman-directed picture.

Kendrick said: “There was a lot of goofing around and there were definitely days were I felt like Clooney was the teenager and I was the mom.

“I was like, ‘George come on, I’m trying to focus’, which was a very strange thing to be saying to George Clooney.

“But he would be playing with Nerf balls on set, so I was trying to dodge Nerf balls while getting prepared for a scene.”

She added: “Sometimes, George gave me a really hard time. He was always kidding around about me being in New Moon because I was shooting that at the same time.

“I decided that entitled me to give George a hard time right back. I think I made fun of him a lot more than I ever realised I would.

“Like he’d call me short and I’d call him old. If you’d told me before I did the film that I would be making fun of George Clooney that way I wouldn’t have believed you.”