By Cayte Grieve
May 12, 2009

imageThere are two paths one can take after stumbling upon a highly anticipated, unreleased film script. There’s the road paved in gold that leads straight to the doors of US Weekly and OK!, who would both fight over the abandoned script as if they were Brangelina baby pics, eventually throwing wads of cash at you. Or, there’s the righteous route that leads back to studio executives who would shower you in thanks amounting to a movie premiere invite.

I would take a shot in the dark and guess that the majority would most favor the get-rich-quick route, but lucky for Twilight fans, Casey Ray just wants to see a movie. Ray recently found pages to the Twilight follow-up New Moon, along with another script titled Memoirs, in the trash outside of a hotel, and Anna Kendrick is to blame.

Well, it seems that way at least. To save the dramatics, Ray was loitering outside of a St. Louis hotel that just so happened to be housing a bunch of celebrities when she spied the ditched script. Kendrick, who reprises her vamp role as Jessica Stanley in New Moon, just so happened to be staying at said hotel because she just so happened to be shooting a new George Clooney flick, Up in the Air.

I’m no detective, but it seems the following can be surmised: Kendrick was a little careless with her work; studio bigwigs suck at giving out rewards—sort of like that time you found a wallet stuffed to the gills with one thousand dollars cash and all you got upon returning it was a pack of gum and a pat on the back; and Ray may or may not be a celebrity stalker (or perhaps just guilty of loitering by the garbage).