By MusicRooms on 24/02/2011
Anna Kendrick admits that she “can’t handle” going to the Oscars.
image: Anna Kendrick

The 25-year-old star was thrust into the spotlight after she was nominated for the best supporting actress Academy Award for her role in Up in the Air last year. She is also known for her role in the Twilight film franchise, and her high profile means she is constantly invited to showbiz events.

Anna has revealed she won’t be going to the Oscars ceremony at the Kodak Theater in Hollywood on Sunday though, confessing she finds it overwhelming to attend the ceremony.

“I couldn’t really handle it,” she told ET. “It was enough last year being a nominee.”

Rather than donning a stunning designer gown and gracing the red carpet this weekend, Anna will be watching the Oscars on TV at home with her friends.

She has also spoken about attending the Art of Elysium Pieces of Heaven art auction in Los Angeles. Last year, Anna felt too nervous to appreciate the items on offer, but had a great time when she went to the charity event this week.

“I’m really glad that I get to spend a little more time here tonight and really enjoy it,” she explained.

Anna has previously confessed that she dreads posing on the red carpet. While most celebrities enjoy mingling with other famous faces and getting dressed up for the evening, Anna loathes it.

“It’s literally the worst thing in the world, but I’m trying to get better at it,” she explained. “It is part of the job and a skill like anything else, so I just smile through it, look pretty and pretend the photographers aren’t yelling at me.”