added: 3 Oct 2011

Joseph Gordon-Levitt thinks it’s a “travesty” he didn’t get to kiss co-star Anna Kendrick.

The actor appears with Anna in 50/50 alongside Seth Rogen. The movie follows a young man named Adam, played by Joseph, and his struggle with cancer.

It was undecided whether Anna and Joseph would kiss in the movie, but it was eventually resolved that the characters should just be friends.

Joseph, 30, was disappointed with the decision.

“It’s a travesty,” Joseph jokingly told MTV. “It’s a horrible injustice, and I’m writing a letter.”

Anna was less enthusiastic about the prospect of kissing Joseph. The star was actually relieved when director Jonathan Levine decided against the smooch.

“The studio wanted to see us kiss at the end,” Anna revealed. “We decided not to do it, because it really just didn’t feel right. And I was relieved, because I had known Joe for too long at that point. It’s too weird once you think of someone as a friend to be like, ‘OK, I guess we make out now?'”

Writer Will Reiser was also thrilled that the movie didn’t end with a kiss. The original script was not intended to be a love story and he didn’t want it to be altered.

“We very much resisted them kissing,” Will said. “The movie is not a love story. It’s about a guy’s battle with cancer. If it turned into a love story at the end, we would be betraying what the movie is about. That kiss is the start of another movie.”