Anna on Entertainment Weekly Cover!

entertainment-weekly-clooney_300 Anna will be on the upcoming cover of Entertainment Weekly! The January 8th edition (in newstands 1/1) is an Oscar special, and Anna is pictured alongside Up in the Air co-stars George Clooney and Vera Farmiga, looking ecstatic in what looks to be a new photoshoot and article! What a great way to start out the the new year!

EW.com and Just Jared offer some insight into the article, highlights from George:


George Clooney is handsome and savvy, but he’s also self-aware when it comes to his ladies-man reputation. When he signed to play an eternal bachelor in his latest film, Up in the Air, directed by Jason Reitman (Juno), he immediately saw parallels between the character and himself. “Jason came to my house and brought the script and I read it,” Clooney says. “There were some things that sounded like they were taken from a Barbara Walters special that I had done. I’m not completely unaware of people’s perceptions of me. I sort of felt like, if you were ever going to deal with it, this is probably the best way to do it and the best person to do it with. If you can’t point at what people think are your shortcomings, then you’re boxing yourself in.” {This Week’s Cover: George Clooney opens up about Oscar campaigning — and his cuticles}

Just Jared:

The flick may be the film to beat on Oscar night but campaigning for an Academy Award is similar to a political campaign, according to Clooney. EW asked him what Farmiga and Kendrick need to do to campaign effectively. “Kiss a lot of babies,” says Clooney. “I’m enjoying watching people talk about Vera and discovering Anna. I’ve been in good movies that were not successful. Out of Sight bombed, Three Kings really didn’t do well. O Brother, Where Art Thou? did okay, not great. The problem is that if they don’t [perform at the box office], then it really is going to be just Transformers. I’m not making any judgment on Transformers, I’m just saying [Hollywood will only make] those tentpoles.” {Entertainment Weekly Goes ‘Up In The Air’}

EDIT: Bigger Photos added!

up-in-the-air-entertainment-weekly-01 up-in-the-air-entertainment-weekly-02


Access Hollywood Clip: ' Jason Reitman & Anna Kendrick Can't Believe Their Luck', Screencaps

Anna and Jason did a hilarious interview with Access Hollywood exclaiming their excitement at all being Golden Globe nominees. When asked if Anna and Vera will be having friendly competition for the coveted spot of Best Supporting Actress, Anna jokes “No, not friendly at all!” :D You can also now view the official GG announcement clip here:

Access Hollywood Golden Globe Reaction HQ Screencaps X 80

2009-12-28_045914 2009-12-28_045914

American SS Up in the Air #1 HQ Screencaps X 75

2009-12-28_045914 2009-12-28_045914

American SS Up in the Air #2 HQ X 68

2009-12-28_045914 2009-12-28_045914

I’m working on a new site layout + gallery layout which I hope to have up soon :)


Press Conference Portraits, Hollywood Dailies @ Reelz Channel, Screencaps

Happy Holidays :D Here are some more portraits taken during the Up in the Air Press Conference that we posted a couple of weeks ago:

“Up in the Air” Portraits – Los Angeles X 4

Thanks to Kristin from Reelz channel: Hollywood Dailies who informed us of their Anna chat from London about Golden Globes attire and Up in the Air accolades:


Reelz Channel Hollywood Dailies X 59

Good Day Philadelphia X 19

Good Day LA X 98


Up in the Air Nationally Released, Twitter, Press, Candids, Autographs

As we announced, Up in the Air moved up from it’s original wide release on Christmas day, to today, December 23rd! Anna has a little message for all you guys who have no excuses not to see the movie now, about 3 hours ago from web :

Up in the Air is playing nationwide today – get your cute butts into a local theater!

:-D I’ve also recently just seen Up in the Air and New Moon back-to-back. I don’t know if there’s anything I can say about Up in the Air that hasn’t been said before, but my favorite scene of Anna’s was hands down the drunk 80′s karaoke, which must have been excruciatingly hard for Anna to repress her real-life amazing singing voice! I’m not the biggest Twilight fan but the parts I liked the best were definitely human-related, Anna adds much needed comic-relief and really brings you back to the hierarchy of high school.


Lincoln Journal Star:

Anna Kendrick has a harrowing couple of months ahead of her. Asked what is the most difficult thing about her career, the 24-year-old actress had an offbeat confession: “Red carpets and stuff like that make me nervous,” she said. “I feel I’m very awkward on red carpets. I’m terrified out of my wits.”

“So many people ask (co-star) Vera (Farmiga) what it was like to kiss George Clooney and say they’re jealous of her,” Kendrick said. “You should be jealous of me. I got to yell at George Clooney. It was the best day of my life.” {‘Up in the Air’ actress Kendrick set for ‘scary red carpets’}

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette:

. . . The actress started to do research online about career transition counseling — business-speak for firing people.

“I realized pretty early that I think for Natalie, this isn’t about the fact that she fires people for a living … but I think it’s just about [how] she moved to this city for a guy, and she just found a job where she thought she could be ambitious and she could get ahead.

“And when she looked at the way they did business, of course it seemed like an obvious solution to her to start doing it over the Internet. I think she starts out seeing other people as weaker than she is, and she sees them as statistics, and she thinks that whatever is most efficient is the obvious path.”

Watching the movie with a packed audience in Toronto made Kendrick feel defensive about her character.

“Every time the audience would laugh at something that was a joke at Natalie’s expense, I would want to turn around and start yelling. I feel so protective of her even though I know she’s a little brat sometimes. I can’t tell you how that twisted my spine.”

But, she conceded, “Believe me, I was thrilled that they laughed.” {Kendrick enjoyed her heady role}

I’ve added 17 autographed photos, and one new candid of Anna signing a photo at the Shepard Fairy Project launch:


Media: Good Day L.A; Good Day Philadelphia, Jay Leno Post-Race, David Letterman Candid

Anna is promoting Up in the Air from England for tomorrow’s wide release in the state’s. Here are a couple of new clips, converted to our Youtube for your convenience. She’s done a video chat with both Good Day Philadelphia and Good Day Los Angeles. There is a little bit of a delay in her answers since she is chatting overseas! Other media for today include Jay Leno’s Green Car Challenge Post-race, and a candid video of Anna signing at the Letterman appearance:

Good Day L.A. :

Good Day Philadelphia:

Jay Leno Green Car Challenge Post-Race:

Letterman Candid:


Anna on GMTV, in Europe

Anna appeared on Britsh television GMTV on ITV1 this morning promoting Up in the Air. It is not clear if this show is pre-recorded, but if live, this would mean that Anna is currently once again in Europe promoting Up in the Air. Up in the Air comes out in the UK January 15th, with earlier releases in Australia (January 7) and Spain (January 8), so maybe we’ll see in other parts of the globe too :D!

GMTV Stills x5

normal_00ttfuhq01 normal_00ttfuhq01

There’s also a short new article Anna did in the UK on Contact Music:

She tells British morning show GMTV, “I’m really superstitious. It’s the one thing I’m really superstitious about. I feel the second you start to celebrate, something’s going to go horribly wrong – so I didn’t tell anyone for weeks. I sat on it for weeks.
“I kept waiting for them (movie bosses) to realise they’d made a mistake but then eventually I called my mum and she burst my eardrums.” {KENDRICK’S SHOCK AT UP IN THE AIR ROLE}


Fan Story, New Interviews, Media

Lucky fan Cesy got to meet Anna when she arrived for “It’s on with Alexa Chung”. Here’s what she said about the experience, and her awesome video (with pics)! below:

they literally had to pull her away, but shes still nice & prettyyy, ^_^ when my sis was ganna take the pic, i told her “make it pretty” which caused Anna to giggle :)

I’ve been updating the Anna Kendrick Net Youtube, and managed to find a very old and exclusive interview I had saved up, enjoy :):



Playing Bella’s high school BFF in the film version of the Twilight saga, allowed the very petite and talent-packed actress Anna Kendrick to appear kinda clueless but, she’s telling us that Natalie, the control-freak, ambitious and competent young business-dynamo she plays in the dramady Up in the Air is a little more in her personal ballpark.

As we’re sitting down with Anna in Beverly Hills, we’re impressed with this spunky actress who is all stylish in black dress accessorized with super high black heels and a huge black onyx ring.

Anna says she got dating advice from her suave co-star George Clooney (hey, he oughta know, right?) She admits that she had fun letting go along with her character in her drunk, partying scenes.

Since the film poses the theory that our social and work interactions are too impersonal due to modern technology, we wanted to know where Anna stands on texting and e-mail vs. in personal encounters. So, let’s get “Up in the Air” with Anna….

TeenHollywood: This movie shows how modern technology has replaced actually spending time and interacting with other people. In your own life, do you text more than you see people?

Anna: I try not to. I’ve tried iChat now. I’ve tried Facebook, but I’m off Facebook. I can’t do any of that Facebook or MySpace stuff. I feel like it’s a really false way of staying in touch. There are people I want to keep in my life, and there are people that I’ve had to let go of because I feel like a texting relationship or a Facebook relationship is a false relationship. I try to be better about staying in touch with people I’m close to. If it has to be over text or phone then so be it, but I’m much better at in-person interaction. {Twilight’s Anna Kendrick Broke Up Via E-Mail!}

Herald Sun:

Kendrick says that despite Twilight’s success, she has “only 65,000 followers on Twitter” and few celebrity moments.

“I get a couple more girls coming up to me in airports to ask me for autographs, but other than that, my day-to-day life is exactly the same.”

Jessica, she says, was fun and easy to play. “I know what my purpose is in those movies. I’m a device to move along certain scenes,” she says.

“I don’t need to do extensive investigation into the character’s background. But I do feel like I am a piece of the puzzle, and I have to do my piece right or the puzzle doesn’t work.” {Twilight star Anna Kendrick steals scenes from George Clooney in Up in the Air }

E! Online Blogs:

“I always feel like someone’s going to catch me in some gorgeous gown, but they’ll realize that I’m the girl who usually wears Converse and then kick me out of the party,” Kendrick tells me.

Of the partying Kendrick will likely be doing with Mr. Clooney, she laughs, “Maybe I’ll try to keep up with him and see what a disaster that will be.”

Soon after the Golden Globe contenders were announced yesterday, Kendrick emailed costar and fellow nominee Vera Farmiga. “I was like, ‘Best Golden Globes table ever? I think so!’” she says. “I can’t believe everybody’s nominated. It’s going to be the best party.”

Among those congratulating Kendrick was a certain Twi-star. “Kristen [Stewart] sent me a text,” she said. “She sent me a really, really sweet text.”

Since then, she’s picked up a nomination for a Screen Actors Guild Award, too.

So, will Kendrick prepare any of her possible acceptance speeches? It probably doesn’t matter one way or the other, because she doesn’t think she’d be able to talk much. “Oh,” Kendrick says, “I’ll be blubbering like a baby.”

If there’s any doubt Kendrick can’t handle the glam of it all, check her out in the new issue of Vanity Fair. The photo of her is killer.

“I feel like I don’t even look like me,” the 24-year-old starlet says. “I’m like, ‘Oh, my God! I look like a grown-up.’” {Anna Kendrick: From Twilight to Red Carpet Royalty}

The Hollywood Interview:

Jason Reitman has said that he wrote the role of Natalie with you in mind, but you did, in fact, have to read for it also. I know that was the case with Vera Farmiga as well.

Anna Kendrick: Yeah, but, I mean, it made a little more sense with me, than it did with Vera, just because I’m not famous. I’m not a name. I’m sure they could’ve gotten anybody they wanted, and I had to kind of prove myself to people who had doubts, I guess. In the end, I guess, I’m glad that I had to go in and prove that I had the goods, because otherwise I would’ve just gone into the movie being unsure that he really wanted me, and thinking, you know, “Couldn’t somebody else have done it better?” [laughs]

At the age of 12, you were nominated for a Tony for your role in “High Society.” What do you remember now about that heady experience?

Very little. I mean, I remember being incredibly honored and overwhelmed, but at the same time, you know, you’re twelve years old. And you miss home, you miss your friends, and you know what a big deal it is…but at twelve there’s just no way to fully understand what it means to be nominated for a Tony Award. But in the end, I think that’s good because my little twelve-year-old head would have exploded if I’d been able to wrap my brain around it. In a way, I feel like it happened to a different person.

There were a few years between Camp and Rocket Science where you weren’t seen on-screen much. Did you intentionally take time off?

No, I did a show in between shooting, and then I did a pilot or something, but listen, there are times when you’re just not working. It wasn’t intentional. It’s those kind of times that I think about when people ask me about, you know, how great my career is going, and that kind of thing, I keep thinking about all the times that I was unemployed.

You’ve already finished your shooting on Eclipse. Do you think you’ll be in the fourth film, Breaking Dawn, also?

I doubt it, just because I’m not really in the books, so I’m assuming that I’m not.
{ANNA KENDRICK: The Hollywood Interview}

The Satellite Awards should have been held the evening of the December 20th, so hopefully we’ll see the results and any new media from that soon!


Anna nominated for SAG Award

The nominations for the Screen Actors Guild were announced this morning, with Anna racking up another nomination, this time for Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Supporting Role. Here’s the competition:

Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Supporting Role

  • PENÉLOPE CRUZ / Carla – “NINE” (The Weinstein Company)
  • VERA FARMIGA / Alex Goran – “UP IN THE AIR” (Paramount Pictures)
  • ANNA KENDRICK / Natalie Keener – “UP IN THE AIR” (Paramount Pictures)
  • DIANE KRUGER / Bridget Von Hammersmark – “INGLOURIOUS BASTERDS” (The Weinstein Company/Universal Pictures)

Up in the Air co-stars George Clooney and Vera Farmiga have also been nominated, but surprisingly, Up in the Air itself has not been nominated by SAG.You can see the full list at sagawards.org. The results will be televised live on Saturday, Jan. 23, 2010
on TNT and TBS
at 8 PM ET/PT, 7 PM CT, 6 PM MT.


Anna on David Letterman; The View

Remember to watch Anna on David Letterman starting 10:35 EST, along with guest Ray Romano. Candids of Anna entering the studio have already surfaced, and we’ll post the video up as soon as it goes online. If you don’t have access to a T.V; you can watch Letterman Live at CBS:

EDIT: Two HQ’s added!

Anna impressed David on the Today Show tonight with a micro short dress and curls. She addressed her Maine childhood and the ‘character building’ camping trips her dad put her through, George throwing pretzel’s at her on a plane, and showed us an Up in the Air clip. I will be posting it in our Youtube soon!

What’s next for Anna? She is currently set to be on ABC talkshow The View December 16th, 09:00 am EST. Check your local listings below:

Can I just say it is really rewarding to watch Anna hit it big in shows like this? Two years ago when I started the site (March 2007), Anna was relatively unknown, underrated, and well . . . unpopular. While watching her jump to the top, so to speak, is exciting, what is really great is that her talent is really getting recognized for what it is — superb!


Videos, Articles, Interviews and more!

Popcorn @ ABC:

Reelz Channel Press Junket:

Paramount Studios Preview Screening and cast Q & A, 11.18.09:

Teen.com American Airline Press Junket:

First Showing American Airline Press Junket:

Maximo TV @ Up in the Air L.A. Premiere:

Ask Men:

AskMen.com : In Up in the Air, you play the new girl at the office who’s in way over her head. When you came on the set, did you feel like the new girl who’s in way over her head amidst veterans like George Clooney and Vera Farmiga? Anna Kendrick : I think I absolutely connected to the idea that Natalie is trying to sit at the grown-up table and constantly trying to prove that she’s good enough to kind of outperform expectations about her age and gender. That was an easy thing to relate to on this film. I’ve worked with phenomenally talented people, but predominantly young actors. I felt like I was trying to sit at the grown-up table and [was] trying to keep up. That pressure was definitely there.

AM : Have you gotten more attention from the Twilight-ers since you got cast? AK : Yeah. The other great thing is that people just seem to be fine with me. Some people love Rob [Pattinson] and Kristen [Stewart] and some people say a lot of cruel things. And people tend to leave me alone. If they want to say something they tend to say something nice. Its an insane franchise to be a part of, but I got it the easiest out of everyone.

AM : Do you think it’s more because they see him as his character, Edward? AK : Yes. Absolutely. I understand that. Reading the books, Edward [Cullen] is like nothing you’ve ever read, and I understand why girls go crazy. But I don’t understand why there’s no disconnect when they see a real human being and start convulsing.

AM : Are you addicted to mass media devices like Blackberry, Twitter, MySpace, and Facebook? AK : I just got on Twitter because there was some MTV film blog that quoted me on something really innocuous that I supposedly said on Twitter before I was even on Twitter. So then I had to get on Twitter to say: “This is me. I’m on Twitter. If there’s somebody else saying that they’re me on Twitter, they’re not.” Because of the Twilight, thing I had 10,000 followers in 24 hours, which was terrifying. So now I’m terrified of everything I say on Twitter. I try [to] keep it really benign and work-related. I have to think: “Is this something I wish to say to 50,000 people?”

AM : How did you convince people that you are the real you on Twitter? AK : Oh — easy. I’m a genius. I just took a picture of myself holding a sign that’s my URL. That’s thriller logic, that’s what that is. {Anna Kendrick Interview}

Tampa Bay Times:

Not long into Jason Reitman’s superb dramedy Up in the Air, it’s obvious that Anna Kendrick is a major player this award season. Kendrick, 24, nearly accomplishes what seems impossible — upstaging George Clooney — playing Natalie Keener, a type A-to-Z personality throwing a huge wrench into the life of Clooney’s compulsively frequent flier. Apparently the National Board of Review agrees. Kendrick was honored by the critics group Thursday as 2009′s best supporting actress, while Up in the Air was voted best picture, Clooney shared best actor honors with Morgan Freeman (Invictus), and Reitman’s screenplay co-written with Sheldon Turner also won.

Friday morning, Kendrick called the Times five minutes earlier than planned (that’s so Natalie). After congratulations, the first question for her was a no-brainer:

When did you find out about the award, and how did you celebrate?
I was on a plane from JFK to LAX that was delayed, so we’re sitting on the runway and Jason called to tell me. I was trying to be quiet around all the other passengers. Sigourney Weaver was on the plane and I was trying to not disturb Miss Weaver with my good news. We had a little cocktail party planned last night, anyway, and a Q&A, so I actually got to see George and Jason as soon as I got off the plane, so that was great. They’re so, so sweet. George is constantly telling people that I steal the movie but that’s just a mark of what a gentleman he is.

What makes Jason so good at what he does? Jason sees humanity in all people. The amazing thing about him is the way he finds good in people who aren’t understood by all people; a tobacco lobbyist (Thank You for Smoking), a pregnant teenager (Juno), people who fire people for a living in this movie. He wants to find heart in those people and comes from the compassion in him. It doesn’t hurt that he’s a freakin’ genius.

Are [you] a superstitious person? Not really. Sometimes I don’t talk about roles before I start. I didn’t tell anybody about Up in the Air for, like, weeks. I sat on it for ages because I feel as soon as you start celebrating, something can go wrong.

So, I shouldn’t mention the O-word (Oscar)?

Oh, um, probably not. (Laughs) {Anna Kendrick is a scene and movie stealer in Up in the Air}


“There aren’t many roles written for young women like this,” says Kendrick of her “Up in the Air” persona — an exec hired to fire employees at companies that are downsizing. “She’s strong, complex and gets to be a powerful part of the story without ever being a love interest. I thought at some point I would turn a page and the story would move on without her, but that never happened.”

With this success, Kendrick hopes to stay open to new material coming her way: “I feel like I’d be doing myself a disservice if I’d say I want to do a particular part or go a particular way in my career. You don’t know what you’ll be offered next or what will touch you when you read it.”{Anna Kendrick still ‘Air’ borne}

NY Mag:

What kinds of things did you do to get into character as Up in the Air’s Natalie? I talked a little bit to my friends about what I think is a big underlying thing for Natalie, which is the idea that she’s really frustrated by the fact that she was born a woman. And I think that there’s a sense for young girls that if you can kind of conquer the corporate world, and be one of the boys, that you can conquer the fact that you were born female. And I think that that’s what drives her. I think she wants to be taken seriously so badly that she has gotten herself into a career that makes her really unhappy and that she can’t really do, but it’s because she strives to reconcile her frustrations with being a woman.

You’re being talked about as an Oscar contender. How does that feel? It’s a little intimidating and strange and it makes me a little nervous. But, you know, it’s good, ultimately. I want people to like the movie, and I want people to like my performance, so it certainly doesn’t make me unhappy, but it is a little strange to hear your name associated with that word, “buzz.” {Up in the Air’s Anna Kendrick on Telling Off George Clooney}


When Twilight fans were asked in an MTV poll what New Moon star they thought was most likely to win an Oscar first, Robert Pattinson took 43% of the vote, Kristen Stewart took 23% of the vote, and Dakota Fanning took 29% of the vote. Poor Anna Kendrick only took 1%.

But wait. Now that we know Anna Kendrick is starring in Up in the Air with George Clooney we actually think she’s the most likely to get that first Oscar. Though New Moon made box-office history, none of the actors are going to be up for Oscars for it. But Anna Kendrick just might be. And now she’s saying that Twilight fans will actually really enjoy Up in the Air.

When asked if the new movie will appeal to Twilight fans, Anna says, “It’s a movie that appeals to everybody. It’s a timeless story. It’s a romance, but it’s also about people who are trying to figure out what they want in their lives. Everybody goes through that. Twilight is more of a fairy tale, but this is a story about real people. And everybody likes that.” {Anna Kendrick: Twilight Fans Should See ‘Up in the Air’}