I’m sorry I didn’t get this posted sooner, but we couldn’t NOT post the Shower Thoughts video. Between this and a certain memorable scene from Pitch Perfect (you know the one), showers are starting to become a recurring motif in Anna’s work.

As if her Tony and Oscar nominations, a platinum record, nearly 5 million Twitter followers, starring in the Number 1 movie of the summer, and being honored by Variety during Power of Women 2015 didn’t make her pretty powerful already, Anna is now officially Star Wars Universe powerful. The Divine Miss K is featured in the just-released trailer for the new PlayStation game Star Wars: Battlefront, to be released November 17th. I don’t know about anyone else, but I find this trailer just the slightest bit disturbing considering they seem to have forgotten the context behind that whole collapsing clothes motif. Still, the imagery is evocative and enticing as metaphor, and the footage of the game itself looks exciting. And now Anna can claim to share a famous piece of movie dialogue with no less than Sir Alec Guinness. Enjoy the trailer, and if you’re a PS player, enjoy the game starting next week!

Hello, you awesome nerds!

My name is Patrick, and along with Nikki I will be helping out here as your new co-web. I am a big fan of both Anna’s work and her amazing sense of humor, and I am very excited to be working on a site devoted to our favorite actress! I’m kinda new at web management, so your patience is appreciated as I learn the ropes, but I will be helping our fearless administrator by posting Anna news as it comes to me. You can contact me at diomedesjones@aol.com. Thanks!

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If you are from Canada you can view the video at etcanada.com

Anna Kendrick & Jeremy Jordan Sing Their Hearts Out In TIFF’s ‘The Last Five Years’

Two years after hitting it big in Pitch Perfect, Anna Kendrick is back singing her heart out in the musical movie The Last Five Years. Newcomer Jeremy Jordan joins Kendrick in the film they both premiered on day five at the Toronto Film Festival.

ET Canada caught up with the co-stars, and quickly got one small detail out of the way — the singing was pre-recorded. But unlike in Les Miserables, most scenes wouldn’t allow the on-set singing. “There are scenes where we’re in a convertible on the westside highway. It would make no sense to even try to record live sound,” Kendrick says. “So we didn’t want to be precious about singing live and making it a gimmick just to be like ‘we did the whole thing live.'”

Jordan, who formerly starred in Newsies and the hit musical series Smash, is a Tony-nominated actor who, sadly, is spending his two-year wedding anniversary away from his wife while promoting The Last Five Fears at TIFF.

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… “A year later and the Gossip Girl poster boy [Chace Crawford] is just an ink blot on a list of Anna’s enviable male co-stars, a role call that starts with Ben Stiller and ricochets past Robert Pattinson and George Clooney, finishing in one frisky scene with Jake Gyllenhaal in this Autumn’s gritty cop drama ‘End of Watch’. “It was all sexy time with us,” she teases. “It was actually the strangest version of a make-out scene because it’s all filmed on small handheld cameras and was mostly all improv, there weren’t twenty people set watching on a monitor so the stakes definitely felt a little bit higher.”

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The Company You Keep trailer is out! You can see Anna as Diana, a federal worker at the 1.10 mark:

Anna is in more Modern Luxury mags across the country, including Jezebel in Atlanta, Riviera in Orange County, and Manhattan Magazine. While the interview identical to the new one in Angeleno, the images used for the covers are previously unseen. There are also two gorgeous new portraits from John Russo’s new shoot!

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