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Posted on Mon, 24 August 2009 09:54:50 by annakendrick

I’ve added the first half of Anna’s episode of Fear Itself: The Spirit Box to our media center. Also, all the photos should be back up now:

Twilight Source has an interview with New Moon producer Wyck Godfrey. When asked what the hardest thing to shoot was, he mentions how they had to schedule all the school scenes around Anna’s busy schedule, coinciding with the real school being in session, and how it was utter chaos:

Wyck: So the absolute most absurd thing we ever did. Well, last year, for Twilight, we shot all the school scenes while they were all on vacation. Yeah, so the interiors, all the interiors, were on their spring break. Right? So this time for all of our school stuff we had to shoot it while [Anna Kendrick], the actress playing Jessica, was available. There were a lot of scheduling problems. So the only time we could shoot it was when school was in session. so basically we were trying to shoot these scenes while the kids were literally in between classes, screaming bloody murder because every time they see a glimpse of Rob they just go crazy. It was chaos. . . {}

Anna tweeted about the new Up in the Air posters, she also put up a Bio:

Pale, awkward and very very small. Form an orderly queue, gents.

I probably would have chosen different adjectives but hey ;D! She is also a fan of CNN, Film School Rejects, SlashFilm, Cinematical, and Rolling Stone.

Danielle – Anna lands Vancouver. more photos on soon

Lauren –

More official stills of Anna & George Clooney!

Lauren – posted a GREAT blog about Anna & pics of her arriving in Vancouver yesterday:

Posted on Tue, 11 August 2009 06:32:03 by annakendrick

Anna has been Tweeting again the last few days, mentioning her birthday treats, voiceover work for Up in the Air, and her excitement about Bon Iver being in the New Moon Soundtrack ;):

Just did some ADR for “Up in the Air”. You’d think by now I’d be able to do ADR without thinking “Is THAT what I sound like?” Not so. about 13 hours ago from web

3 layers of génoise, jam, pastry cream. Wrapped in marzipan. Yeah, I said it. Thanks for birthday wishes. Feel way cooler than I should.12:17 PM Aug 9th from web

Gasp! Bon Iver on the New Moon soundtrack? I’m always the last to know….9:39 AM Aug 7th from web

We reported earlier that the long awaited film The Marc Pease Experience is finally going to be released this month. It has been announced in this First Showing article that the small handful cities in which The Marc Pease Experience will debut in on August 21st are: San Francisco, Chicago, Philadelphia, Miami, Dallas, Cleveland, Minneapolis, Seattle, Sacramento, and “maybe” Boston.

The Playlist has an interview with director Todd Louiso , who speaks about the sloth like release of the film due to Paramount Vantage dropping it, as well as a new promo photo featuring Anna as Meg:

Additionally, the Fear Itself episode which Anna is in – The Spirit Box, is going to be released in the Fear Itself Complete First Season Collectors Edition Four-disc set DVD September 15th Starting September 2nd, FearNET will air the episode online. You can view screen caps from the episode in our gallery. {ICONS EXCLUSIVE: Unaired FEAR ITSELF Episodes Debuting On FearNET This September!}.

In gallery updates I’ve added snapshots of some Twilight merchandise Anna has autographed to support Rachelle Lefevre’s Twilight charity, you can find these on {Rachelle’s Ebay Store}. There are also some signed photographs:


Lauren – I am SO upset about Marc Pease. I have been ranting about it on Twitter since late last night. Even those release cities are pathetic – no NYC or LA? No wonder they have low expectations for it! I guess all we can do now is hope for a DVD release like with Elsewhere. :/

Alexx – I\\\’m sorry Lauren ;-( . I know it\\\’s disappointing that it won\\\’t be released regularly, but honestly
I am happy that it will be coming out at all. Plus at the end of the interview they state that
\\\”Louiso added that you should see a DVD of the movie by the end of the year, hopefully. \\\”

So we can hope for that..also who knows maybe the people who do get to see it in those cities will really like it and it\\\’ll get releasaed in more? I feel your pain though Lauren ;-/

Posted on Wed, 05 August 2009 02:39:33 by annakendrick

Sorry for the downtime, was switching primary hosts everything should be back to normal, let me know if anyone is having a problem ;).

Anna has been Tweeting lately, again mentioning her online imposters and thanking now ex Twilight cast member Rachelle Lefevre and Twi-fans for supporting her and spreading the word

# I’m being told the “followers” problem is currently being worked on… we’ll see. (Sorry, I promise I’ll attempt interesting tweets soon)7:31 PM Jul 28th from web

#And…. what happened? Twitter is acting up apparently… not sure what’s going on… um, help?4:50 PM Jul 28th from web

#(Tweets thus far are RIVETING, no?)4:52 PM Jul 27th from web

#4.I am not on Myspace, Facebook or any other social networking site. If u see one, not me. Again, flattering (slightly baffling) but not me.4:51 PM Jul 27th from web

#3.To clarify: annakendrick47 is my FIRST & only twitter. According to certain someone I “moved” here? So funny. And by funny I mean creepy.4:47 PM Jul 27th from web

#2.Was asked why I didn’t just have account “verified”? Am twitter illiterate so not sure what that entails but phone pic was pretty easy :)4:46 PM Jul 27th from web

#1.Must give a big thanks to Rachelle Lefevre and all the Twilight pages for their help getting the word out. Quite a community. Had no idea.4:43 PM Jul 27th from web

Following the announcement of Up in the Air premiering at the Toronto International Film Festival this September, some test screenings have been given. Stephanie Sanchez at has given the film a positively glowing review! {Movie Review: UP IN THE AIR }

Also, the Official Up in the Air Website has now been launched! {}

Lastly, there is a new pic of Anna from the Acadamy Awards Gifting Suite, posted to promote Zorbitz jewelry:

Anna Kendrick wearing a miracle charm necklace with sparrow, angel wing, heart, amethyst, and jade leaf charms. {Stars Of The Twilight Saga: New Moon Wear Zorbitz Jewelry}

Posted on Sat, 25 July 2009 07:00:23 by annakendrick

EDIT: Anna has now made an official Twitter to clear up false misconceptions – AnnaKendrick47 is the real Anna, and she has the photo to prove it 😉 {}.

Here is her first entry:

I’ll be honest, just created this to say that any other “twitter-ers” aren’t me. Flattering… just not me.

I’ve also added a photo from the first Twitter account od Anna’s, as well as some more HQ and MQ photos from yesterdays Comic-con festivities

EARLIER: MTV is offering a Twitter update of the cast reactions to Comic-con which they insinuate the twitter itsannakendrick is anna. I would take this with a grain of salt, I am quite sure this is a poser! {The ‘Twilight’ Cast And Jon Favreau’s Ride To Comic-Con In Today’s Twitter-Wood}

Posted on Fri, 24 July 2009 07:21:29 by annakendrick

Anna attended the New Moon bit at the San Diego Comic Convention today! The audience went crazy as nearly the entire cast was present. Anna dressed for her first 2009 appearance in a very artsy tee, converses and a sporty ponytail. It looks like Anna spoke to the audience for a bit and even got a big smooch from Kristen! :

You can view a video of the craziness at Radar Online.

Big thanks to Danielle and Lauren for the tips!! Photos thanks to Lion & Lamb Love and .


Danielle – Anna has twitter, but not that one you said. Her twitter is, confirmed by Rachelle Lefevre on her twitter and here’s a picture of Anna..

Hope it will help 😀

Lauren – LOL Danielle I was just coming to post the same thing!

Alexx – wow so she JUST made the twitter how did you guys know so quick lol :tongue:?

Danielle – Lauren, oh 😀 that’s cute :D:D
And Alexx, I don’t know.. I just, I have made Twitter, too and I am following many Twilight sites, so I always know it 😀

Lauren – Rachelle Lefevre confirmed her on her Twitter – that’s how I knew!

I know she said she made it just to get rid of the fakes but I really hope she updates it. 🙂

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