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Candids > Candids in 2013 > February 22: Vacationing at Garza Blanca Reserve Resort & Spa in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico with friends

Anna Kendrick Wears Sexy One-Piece Swimsuit, Shares Vacation Pictures via Instagram

Anna Kendrick Wears Sexy One-Piece Swimsuit, Shares Vacation Pictures via InstagramCredit: Courtesy of Anna Kendrick/Instagram

Who can blame Anna Kendrick for wanting to share her gorgeous — and hilarious! — vacation pictures with the world? In a series of Instagram photos, the Pitch Perfect actress documented her recent trip to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

In one image, the 27-year-old star wears a low-cut black one-piece swimsuit while kneeling in a pool at the Garza Blanca Resort. “I’m bringin’ sexy back,” Kendrick joked, referencing Justin Timberlake‘s 2006 hit single “SexyBack.” “‘No tans lines’ doesn’t have scandalous implications for me,” tweeted Kendrick, who has a fair complexion. “I’m basically see-through.”

Credit: Courtesy of Anna Kendrick/Instagram
The Oscar-nominated Up in the Air actress — who wrote the word “boobs” in the sand with a few pals — also shared a picture of the coastline at sunset. “Sometimes things are so beautiful it takes everything I have not to make an inappropriate joke and ruin the moment,” she joked. Other pictures featured the Twilight actress hiking a mountain and modeling a white Marissa Webb dress on her balcony.

Credit: Courtesy of Anna Kendrick/Instagram

The sarcastic star also tweeted a funny conversation she had with a pal during their getaway. “Friend: You know wearing sunglasses indoors just makes people notice you more. Me: Oh, I’m not hiding, I’m hungover.”

Kendrick certainly deserved some time off, given that she has three movies slated for release this year year. Drinking Buddies, costarring Olivia Wilde and Jake Johnson, hits theaters March 13, while Rapturepalooza and Get a Job are currently in post-production. {}

Anna Kendrick: Puerto Vallarta Vacation

Anna Kendrick enjoys some brunch at the Garza Blanca Preserve Resort & Spa in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico late last month.

The 27-year-old actress took some friends with her for a tropical getaway where they went hiking into the forest, spent lots of time on the beach and at the pool.

“Sometimes things are so beautiful it takes everything I have not to make an inappropriate joke and ruin the moment,” Anna wrote on Instagram with a stunning photo of her view.

She added on Twitter, “‘No tans lines’ doesn’t have scandalous implications for me #SPF85 #ImBasicallySeeThrough.”

FYI: Anna is wearing a Philosophy Di Alberta Ferretti dress. {}

Anna Kendrick Sports Swimsuit During Vacation In Mexico

Anna Kendrick recently took a trip to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, and evidently had such a good time that she wanted to share the experience with her fans.

In one photo posted on her Instagram, the “Pitch Perfect” star kneels in a pool while sporting a backless one-piece swimsuit and turning coyly toward the camera.

“I’m bringin’ sexy back #PUNS #NailedIt #FistPump,” she captioned the image.

In another, she basks in a stunning sunset while looking ethereal in a flouncy white dress.

Kendrick also joked about her pale complexion on Twitter, tweeting “‘No tans lines’ doesn’t have scandalous implications for me #SPF85 #ImBasicallySeeThrough.”

The actress, 27, has become known for her cheeky sense of humor on her social media accounts. In January, she hilariously tweeted, “Ugh – NEVER going to a Ryan Gosling movie in a theater again. Apparently masturbating in the back row is still considered ‘inappropriate.'” {}

Mike Tompkins tweeted photos of him and Anna behind the scenes of recording sessions for the Pitch Perfect music video! Too cute – looks like Anna lightened her hair!

Miscellaneous > Twitter > Celeb Tweets

Anna was at the Hard Rock Hotel’s Guitar Smash tonight, and a photo of her has been tweeted by jj_medrano. Anna also posted some awesome photos of her ziplining. She tweeted, “My 13 year old sister goes zip lining! …. What’s that? Ah….. I’m being informed I don’t have a sister.”

Miscellaneous > Fan Photos > Hard Rock Hotel’s Guitar Smash


Miscellaneous > Official Twitter > Twitpics


As we announced, Up in the Air moved up from it’s original wide release on Christmas day, to today, December 23rd! Anna has a little message for all you guys who have no excuses not to see the movie now, about 3 hours ago from web :

Up in the Air is playing nationwide today – get your cute butts into a local theater!

😀 I’ve also recently just seen Up in the Air and New Moon back-to-back. I don’t know if there’s anything I can say about Up in the Air that hasn’t been said before, but my favorite scene of Anna’s was hands down the drunk 80’s karaoke, which must have been excruciatingly hard for Anna to repress her real-life amazing singing voice! I’m not the biggest Twilight fan but the parts I liked the best were definitely human-related, Anna adds much needed comic-relief and really brings you back to the hierarchy of high school.


Lincoln Journal Star:

Anna Kendrick has a harrowing couple of months ahead of her. Asked what is the most difficult thing about her career, the 24-year-old actress had an offbeat confession: “Red carpets and stuff like that make me nervous,” she said. “I feel I’m very awkward on red carpets. I’m terrified out of my wits.”

“So many people ask (co-star) Vera (Farmiga) what it was like to kiss George Clooney and say they’re jealous of her,” Kendrick said. “You should be jealous of me. I got to yell at George Clooney. It was the best day of my life.” {‘Up in the Air’ actress Kendrick set for ‘scary red carpets’}

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette:

. . . The actress started to do research online about career transition counseling — business-speak for firing people.

“I realized pretty early that I think for Natalie, this isn’t about the fact that she fires people for a living … but I think it’s just about [how] she moved to this city for a guy, and she just found a job where she thought she could be ambitious and she could get ahead.

“And when she looked at the way they did business, of course it seemed like an obvious solution to her to start doing it over the Internet. I think she starts out seeing other people as weaker than she is, and she sees them as statistics, and she thinks that whatever is most efficient is the obvious path.”

Watching the movie with a packed audience in Toronto made Kendrick feel defensive about her character.

“Every time the audience would laugh at something that was a joke at Natalie’s expense, I would want to turn around and start yelling. I feel so protective of her even though I know she’s a little brat sometimes. I can’t tell you how that twisted my spine.”

But, she conceded, “Believe me, I was thrilled that they laughed.” {Kendrick enjoyed her heady role}

I’ve added 17 autographed photos, and one new candid of Anna signing a photo at the Shepard Fairy Project launch:

Anna lets us know on her latest Tweet that she’ll be on The Today Show, at 8 am EST tomorrow, ThursdayDecember 3rd about 9 hours ago from web:

# I’m doing the Today Show tomorrow morning so if you’re up at 8am you can watch me trying not to be nervous 🙂

Click to check out your local listings for the show! :

Here are some earlier Thanksgiving related tweets:

# Now on the sincerest note I can muster, I have SO much to be thankful for this year, I hope everyone is having a wonderful thanksgiving. 5:37 PM Nov 26th from web

Apparently London just doesn’t celebrate Turkey Day like the U.S ;-):

# Dear London shops, cranberries and pumpkin = delicious and good for you, thanksgiving or not. *cough… take the hint* Love, Anna 🙂 7:40 AM Nov 26th from web

If you haven’t yet seen Anna discussing her Twitter name yet, check out the Making Of clip here! And now for the dailies:

Can Mag:

On Natalie’s Hair don’t: “Oh God, thankfully I’m not responsible for that,” Kendrick said. “That pony tail looks so simple and I swear to God, they spent half an hour on it every day. There was teasing and stuff involved. It looks like it should’ve been really easy but I hated that pony tail by the end of the shoot.”

On her unlikely favorite shooting location: “We shot Detroit, St. Louis, Omaha, Miami and Las Vegas, and I was shooting in Vancouver at the same time. Honestly, Omaha was my favorite place. Miami was a nightmare. It was just sticky and strange and Omaha was so lovely and we were staying in the most generic chain hotel imaginable. It was actually so charming and lovely, I’m sure that that’s because I’m from Maine and it reminded me of home but I liked it a lot.”

Frequent Flier Miles: “I just got my first elite status thing, but I think that’s more because I’m terrible about keeping track of my miles and stuff. I would have more if I were a more organized traveler but I always forget to enter my code or swipe my card. It’s like the lowest status but I feel pretty baller about it. I’m a disorganized traveler. . .” {Anna Kendrick on Up in the Air}

NOW Toronto:

Anna Kendrick can’t catch a break.

“I’m in Twilight,” explains the young actor to the table of journalists at the Toronto Film Festival, “and I’m not a werewolf or a vampire. I’m in Scott Pilgrim and I don’t get to fight or be in a band. And I don’t get to make out with George Clooney. It’s tough. It’s a tough life.”

“Throughout the film, little pieces of hair start to fall down,” Kendrick says. “I remember shooting one scene and feeling like I was so dishevelled I might as well have looked homeless. Just because I was so used to the character being so prim and proper, and so in her box of never making a mistake, just one hair out of place made me feel completely exposed and completely vulnerable.”

“Every time I go through customs, they give me such a hard time when I say I’m an actor,” she says. “They’re so suspicious. They always ask, ‘Oh? What have you been in?’ And I usually just say Twilight, because most people have heard of that. The last time I was here, I said, ‘Oh, this film series called Twilight,’ and he said, ‘Oh, I don’t get the sci-fi channel.’

“It puts things in perspective.” {Holding her own opposite Clooney, Twilight’s Anna Kendrick is on her way Up}

EDIT: An article from Hitfix on the event is now out, and they say the video interview of Anna ‘on a plane’ will be up sometime this week 😛 {20,000 ft. ‘Up in the Air’ with ‘New Moon’s’ Anna Kendrick}

Yesterday Anna opted out of the governor’s ball and instead helped promote Up in the Air, literally, in the air. Paramount flew Anna and 50 journalists from New York to Los Angeles. The in-flight showing was Up in the Air :D. Here’s Hitflix Gregory Elwood’s tweet from the plane!

Tweetering from 20,000 (?) feet. Movie should start soon and interviews too!

Anna Kendrick just introduced ‘Up in the Air’ which we’re going to watch.

I’ve actually already seen it so I interview Anna while the rest of the journos watch on, yes, small screen.

We fly to LA. Most of us are LA based. Took off from NY. {Up in the Air Literally}

Anna made her own tweet about the unusual affair, about 18 hours ago from web:

# Holy airborne press junket batman. That was crazy. Thank you to everyone who came out!! We should all fly across the country again soon.

She also mentions a video clip where New Moon screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg speaks proudly about what a talented actress Anna is, 6:29 PM Nov 11th from web :

# Was just sent this clip: and by the end I saw why. RELIEVED and genuinely thrilled! 🙂

Speaking of New Moon, check out this new Jessica/Bella promo:

Perhaps this is from the improv scene mentioned above? Thanks Danielle for the tip! 🙂

Here’s a new Palm Spring Announcement candid of Anna with E! presenter Mary Hart:

I’ve also added a batch of autographed photos. A couple are signed on what look to be new candid photos of Anna walking down a street, possibly in Vancouver:

Her latest Tweets include being relieved to having some down time back in L.A., noting a friend who used Anna’s Twilight status to try to get a girl, and promoting fellow Maine-ers to get their vote on in support of keeping same-sex marriage in her home-state:

5:48 PM Oct 26th from web:

# Finally back in LA with a few fleeting moments to breathe = first stop @newbeverly

5:53 PM Oct 28th from web:

# A friend of mine who knows nothing about Twilight told some girl in Vegas he was in Eclipse so he could make out with her. Genius.

about 23 hours ago from web:

Come on Maine, make me proud today! My folks have already made sure to #VoteNoOn1 …. have you?

And of course there is also some more press on Anna’s Oscar-worthy performance in Up in the Air:


Kendrick “is wonderful as a naive firecracker vulnerable to the typical stings of youth: love lost, ambitious dreams, professional inexperience,” I wrote in my review of “Up in the Air” out of Telluride. But I only now wish I had written more. Kendrick also brings a delicate emotion to the film. The last time we see her on screen makes for one of the simplest but most affecting images of the piece. And her character represents, I think, one of two intriguing choices put to Ryan Bingham throughout. It’s tough to embody a film’s theme in that way, and I think Kendrick pulls it off effortlessly. {Anna Kendrick: the year’s up-start}

NY Times:

In person Ms. Kendrick is tiny and adorable-looking, but on-screen she’s no softy. In Mr. Reitman’s dark-edged new comedy, which plays out amid the ravages of the current recession, she is hilarious and scary as Natalie, a ferociously perky young professional so hellbent on success that her game plan resembles an obsessive-compulsive disorder. As Ryan and Alex, business travelers who like spending more time in airport hotels than in their homes, George Clooney (below with Ms. Kendrick) and Vera Farmiga are the suave, witty headliners. They put the romance in this film, but it’s Ms. Kendrick’s job to supply the belly laughs. {Fearless Young Actors Making Statements }

Jessica and the Forks humans!

EDIT – Now in HQ:

Anna has also updated her Twitter — Eclipse Set October 21st:

On hold in Vancouver today. The Informant! A Serious Man. Where the Wild Things Are. All in all, not a bad day. Last day of shooting tmrw.9:04 PM Oct 21st from web

And evidently she has seen her Order Five Meals clip :D:

# Look Mom! I’m in a movie with George Clooney! And I’m mean to him! (From Up in the Air – hope you enjoy) 23 hours ago from web

Remember to keep voting for Anna at the People’s Choice Awards! You can also get to the link with one of the quick links I’ve added to the sidebar 😉

Posted on Tue, 06 October 2009 11:42:31 by annakendrick

MTV has released another clip from their interview with Anna from Up in the Air @ TIFF. In this one Anna mentions her role in Scott Pilgrim.

Blackbook has also released a snippet of their interview and shoot with Anna:

“I’m allowing myself to think about the possibility that [Up in the Air] could be a big deal, because I think the worst thing would be to get caught off guard.”

“I always convince myself [premieres] are going to be fun, but having that much energy thrown at you is always jarring.” {We Like to Watch: Anna Kendrick of Up in the Air}.

Hopefully the two interviews will be released in the full soon, as well as the cute new Hellin Kay photoshoot. Apparently, Anna has already watched New Moon (and is London?), according to her Oct 1 Twitter:

October 1 – Got to watch a little of the scoring session for new moon at George Martin Air recording studios w/ London symphony. RAD. Seeing film today.

I’m going to be reorganizing the site with wordpress soon, so if the site is down for a little while that is why ;).

Danielle – Hey hey hey! 😀

Posted on Mon, 28 September 2009 01:36:44 by annakendrick

Thanks to Danielle @ Nikki Reed’s World we have some gorge-oiss fan photographs from the New Moon set in August. Anna also mentioned on a September 19th Twitter update that she “Did ADR for New Moon yesterday. Saw all of 30 seconds but I can say we are VERY well lit. I’m not sure what that means either…?

I also have a few magazine scans — the Twi-humans are featured in US Weekly’s “The Sexy Star’s of Twilight New Moon”, with an on-set photo of Anna as Jessica and a blurb about portraying her. Additionally, I have uploaded camera phone pics of an older US Weekly about the Anna/ New Moon script trash scandal. Unfortunately they are not the best quality snaps, but Anna is just mentioned in passing and there is a photo of KStew & Rob on-set and then one of the lady who turned in the script.

Fan Photos

Magazine Scans

Next for Up in the Air are some more film festival showings! The film will be closing both the Woodstock Film Festival in New York on October 4th and the Austin Film Festival on October 29th! Cinematical also recently praised Anna’s performance on Up in the Air and mentions how the festivals are ridden with amazing performances by women this year:

These fests showcase tomorrow’s films, so in some ways, TIFF is a peek into the future. And it’s one where women defy what’s expected of them. At the moment, I’m calling it the Anna Kendrick effect. While she might be one of the youngest Tony Award nominees ever, this actress shot into the public eye with a supporting role in that incessant, sparkly piece called Twilight. Her performance was fine, but she really wasn’t given enough for a large buzz to commence, especially while under the shadow of Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson. But now she’s got a co-starring role in Jason Reitman’s new Up in the Air — a role where she must hold her own against George Clooney and Vera Farmiga. And she does. In fact, she’s so good that her performance has been getting a lot of buzz up here in Toronto — and it’s proved one thing: We might see women and blow them off as nothing more than the crazy jealous friend, but there can be a lot of other talent in there if given a solid role to prove it. {Girls on Film: Women, TIFF, and the Future}

There was also a small new promo shot of Anna as Natalie accompanying the review, which you can also see in the gallery.

Comments: Danielle – Hi! I guess here is a new photoshoot of Anna?

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