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Anna has wrapped up her scenes for The Twilight Saga: Eclipse and had a safe, paparazzi-clad flight from Vancouver back to Los Angeles airport alongside Twi-human Christian Serratos {Just Jared Jr.}:

A couple new MQ photos of Natalie in Up in the Air have popped up — along with plenty more Oscar Buzz and performance praise:

tMF TALKBACK: What are the chances of Anna Kendrick winning an Oscar?

You just got to give credit to Kendrick! Her scenes with George Clooney is not easy, but she was able to deliver the goods, so to speak. She was candid and straightforward, acts quite the professional but showed she is also quite young and still trying to make her mark. I love her voice! That’s probably one of the reasons why critics noticed her. {}

Oscar Futures: Locker Blows Up, Amelia Disappears

Best Supporting Actress UP: Anna Kendrick, Up in the Air. She impresses in a new clip. Is hers the better role than Vera Farmiga’s? {}

EDIT: It has been confirmed that Up in the Air Co-star Vera Farmiga is apparently going to be nominated as Best Supporting Actress, Anna’s rival spot. While according to Entertainment Weekly it is not a good idea to have nominees from the same film competing for the same category, we think Anna deserves it, do you? Have your say in the forums!

Jessica and the Forks humans!

EDIT – Now in HQ:

Anna has also updated her Twitter — Eclipse Set October 21st:

On hold in Vancouver today. The Informant! A Serious Man. Where the Wild Things Are. All in all, not a bad day. Last day of shooting tmrw.9:04 PM Oct 21st from web

And evidently she has seen her Order Five Meals clip :D:

# Look Mom! I’m in a movie with George Clooney! And I’m mean to him! (From Up in the Air – hope you enjoy) 23 hours ago from web

Remember to keep voting for Anna at the People’s Choice Awards! You can also get to the link with one of the quick links I’ve added to the sidebar 😉

After a whirlwind Up in the Air promotion in London, Anna is back to filming. She traveled to the Eclipse set in Vancouver, where she will film the graduation scenes at Forks High. She looked absolutely adorable toting her suitcase in braids and a newsboy cap:

Edit: Updated with HQ and untagged

Lainey blogs about the new precautions taken for the Eclipse set

Anna is in town to work on the graduation party which will shoot at the Cullen House. Interesting note for the fans, and a freebie here for the jockriding old tour lady who doesn’t know how to credit, during New Moon the Cullen House interiors were filmed at a local residence. This time around, for whatever reason, they decided to build the sets in studio instead. Not cheap but at least it keeps the actors away from the riffraff and the stalkers, the Twi-Hards local and international who seem to have all the time in the world to be at every location every day, waiting for hours outside the hotels, eager to pounce on their favourites. {Anna Kendrick comes back to Party}

Lainey blogged about Anna in London. Thanks Danielle for the tip! Look at all this media frenzy lately — Is Anna the new Rob? 😮

Posted on Wed, 02 September 2009 10:47:56 by annakendrick

Anna’s episode of Feat Itself, Spirit Box is now officially out online. You can view this would-be TV episode on FearNET in High Definition (below) or Regular:

There is also another Behind the Scenes special called Recipe for Fear: Spirit Box with director Rob Schmidt who Anna jokingly calls “a creeper”. There are also some shots of Anna and JPK filming.

And of course we have our fan photos for the day! This update brought to you by – can you guess? Why Lauren and Danielle of course ;D :


Danielle – Hey, Alexx, I feel like spammer, but I have for you another fan photo! :D:D

I know you love it :D:D

Posted on Sun, 30 August 2009 09:58:27 by annakendrick

Graduation scenes were recently filmed in Vancouver for The Twilight Saga: Eclipse. There is one photo of Anna walking to set wearing a purple dress, bright blue Nike’s and her favorite hoodie.

There are also a couple of other photos of the cast/extras in their yellow Forks graduation gowns which Anna might possibly be in that you can see @ Just Jared, Lainey Gossip, and Vancity Allie. There is also a cute photo of the Twi-humans with fans thanks to {Martinadas @ Twitter}:

Apparently Jessica does a speech for the graduation scene! We already know how good Anna is at public speaking from Rocket Science, so this should be hilarious!

JйhBueno – 🙂 I love him!
Danielle – New fan photos of Anna!

And it also seems Anna is attendint Toronto Film Festival!

Sorry for spamming, but new photo of Anna on the set with Jackson! 😀

Lauren – Hey! This isn’t exactly “news” but Edgar Wright, director of Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, has just joined twitter:

He has been bantering back and forth with Jason Reitman ( over Scott Pilgrim. Hopefully Edgar will keep us as updated on that film as Jason has kept us on Up in the Air! 🙂
Thanks yet again to the amazing Lauren and Danielle for today’s tips!

Posted on Fri, 28 August 2009 06:12:14 by annakendrick

Anna was snapped leaving the hair/make-up trailer for Eclipse. Speculations are that this is either for the graduation scene or graduation party:

There are also a couple of on-set videos – one is presumably Anna getting driven on-set in a van and the second Rob walking into a trailer while the Twi-humans walk by. Thanks to Team Humans, click for HQ:

Again this update thanks to the wonderful Lauren and Danielle!

Danielle – Hi Alexx, I have for you one VERY EXCLUSIVE photo of Anna in her dress for the party! more pics on laineygossip soon!

Posted on Wed, 26 August 2009 09:16:03 by annakendrick

Anna has arrived in Vancouver with the other Twi-humans to begin filming the 3rd Twilight installment, Eclipse! You can see candids of Anna on her laptop (mac user ;-P) and walking through the airport terminal. LaineyGossip posted these candids along with Justin Chon, Christian Serratos, and Michael Welch, and also has a few comments on Anna’s ‘prestige’ at her blog {Lainey Gossip}.

Justin Chon also did an interview recently with Radaronline where he announces that the humans will do some scenes of Eclipse outside of the cafeteria! I know in the book Jessica is in the graduation scene, but are there really too many other scenes with her? maybe they will add a couple 😉 ?

Paramount has released 2 new High Quality production stills that feature Anna in Up in the Air. This is just how I pictured these scenes whilst reading the script!! {Film School Rejects}:

Thanks to Danielle and Lauren for the tips!


Lauren – TeamHumans has video of Anna from Fear Itself interview:

Posted on Thu, 02 July 2009 06:53:27 by annakendrick

If you think Anna is going to have a relaxing summer after filming New Moon, Up in the Air and Scott Pilgrim Vs. the World, you were wrong. Eclipse is set to start shooting this summer on August 17th – October 31st 2009 and is due in theaters June 30, 2010 – just seven months after New Moon is released :laughing: {}.

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