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Anna is set to be a guest star on David Letterman Monday, December 7th! She’ll get to brush shoulders with Barbara Walters, also set to appear on the TV show Monday. Check for your local listings:

Speaking of interviews, the full Hot Blog DP30 Interview is now up on their site {}. a full, very interesting 30 minutes with a gorgeous Anna, what’s not to love? She touches up on her childhood in Maine and Broadway, differences between working in film and on stage, and among other things, Taco Bell. A true necessity for any Anna fan ;):

There is also one more Up in the Air press junket interview from Talking Pictures:

Talking Pictures also has one from the American Airlines Press Junket:

In addition, USAweekend has a follow-up interview accompanying the previously posted article, she mentions her parents’ film influence and her Broadway beginnings:

Did the early start on Broadway put you on the right path?
Yeah, I’m sure it did. Even though the rejection is hard to handle at that age, there’s also a fearlessness in you. It’s that age where part of you just wants to disappear, that tricky adolescent phase. It also seemed less frightening to go on stage in front of thousands of people. Had I waited until I was like 20 to give it a shot for the first time, maybe after a couple of bad auditions I would have just given up.

Was getting a Tony nod even a big deal to you when you were 12?
I really never wrapped my head around the idea of the history of it all. That ultimately was probably a good thing just because it would have freaked me out if I was 12 years old and fully understood what it meant to be nominated for a Tony Award.

Did you have an actress you looked up to at that age?
When I did High Society, I watched the musical film version, but I also watched The Philadelphia Story. It’s impossible to see Katharine Hepburn and not be inspired by her. I’ve looked up to her ever since. She’s special because she’s beautiful, but she’s not gorgeous in a traditional way. The thing that comes across about her on screen is how intelligent she is. She’s a good role model to have.

Were your parents fans of classic cinema, or did you develop that on your own?
It was probably a little bit of both. I got a lot of film recommendations from some of the actors and actresses in High Society, and my parents always encouraged me to make intelligent choices in every area of my life. When I was living with my dad when we were doing High Society, we’d go to rent a movie and at 12, I’d want to rent some silly romantic comedy. He’d be like, “OK, we can rent that if we also rent The African Queen.” And then of course, I’d watch African Queen like four times in a row. {Anna Kendrick talks Oscar buzz, Clooney and ‘Up in the Air’}

I’ve also found an adorable new candid from the AA flight:

nullOnly weeks after her return from London to Los Angeles, Anna is back in the rainy city again. On November 25, Anna attended the Charity Royal Film Performance of Steven Jackson’s new fantasy The Lovely Bones. The event also welcomed the likes of European nobles including Prince Charles of Wales and the Dutchess of Cornwall(!) not to mention Susan Serandon and a slew of internation young talent, including Bones’ stars Saoirse Ronan and Rose McIvor (who was also in the Entertainment Weekly Holiday special).

null Anna was snapped checking through security at LAX on her way to London on November 23, 2009. Just Jared reports:

Anna Kendrick shows off her multi-tasking skills as she goes through security at LAX Airport in Los Angeles on Monday afternoon (November 23).×150.jpgThe 24-year-old actress chatted about her first day on the set of Up In The Air with the LA Times. Anna shared, “”I spent every day from the moment I won the part sure I was about to be fired,” she says. “First it was the costume fitting, then the camera test, and then the table read. Each day was the day I knew they would realize they actually wanted Evan Rachel Wood.”

I’m wondering if there is going to be an Up in the Air premiere in London before the L.A. Up in the Air premiere scheduled for November 30th?

Zap2it has some a new candid interview with Anna 🙂

“Twilight: New Moon” actress Anna Kendrick stars in films with two of Hollywood’s hottest hunks — Robert Pattinson and George Clooney — this year. Dream jobs, right?
She starred with Robert in “New Moon” and “Eclipse” and George in the awards-buzzed Jason Reitman dramady film, “Up in the Air.”

Her friends are totally impressed but she’s like, “Eh, they’re OK … They’re such punks, they’re like such a pair of hooligans.”

Still, she really enjoyed teasing George Clooney about being “old” since he teased her on a daily basis about being short.

Anna admits that she was blown away when she saw the “New Moon” box office numbers Friday night on a friend’s cell phone at a party at screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg’s home.

She also chatted with Taylor Lautner, who was still in New York, giving him a verbal “High Five/Hey Dude.” {‘Twilight: New Moon’s Anna Kendrick calls Robert Pattinson a ‘hooligan.’}

She also did one for Up in the Air at Trailer Addict:

One more from the airplane promotion of Up in the Air, this one from Upper Westside Journal:

And here are a couple more from the New Moon premiere:

I’ll have interview caps up soon, as well as add them to out new Youtube for easy viewing! Up in the Air tv spots are also hitting the small screen. There is one that I saw on E! that had a couple new clips of Anna’s character.

Outside of Up in the Air news, Anna’s 2008 film The Marc Pease Experience was finally released on DVD November 3rd. Anna plays Meg Brickman, the love interest of Jason Shwartzman’s character – Marc Pease (her 26-year-old boyfriend) and Ben Stiller’s (the theater teacher and her private singing tutor). Meg is a talented senior with a passion for theater and amazing singing voice, but is upset to be continually cast in background roles and never the lead. I felt the movie was definitely worth watching, despite it’s terrible reviews. It’s not entirely laugh-out-loud funny, because it is mixed with realism and emotion, but I don’t think this is a negative.

Anna’s funniest bits were where she recites a really disturbing poem in her English class, duets on tape with Ben Stiller, and complains about not getting enough time in the make-up chair 😉 My only disappointment was we didn’t get to see as much of Anna as a singer and on “stage” as I would have liked ;(. Unfortunately there were no special features.

The Marc Pease Experience DVD Caps: X450

As you all know New Moon has been released! Although the film itself got mixed reviews (except from fans, who inevitably loved it), Anna’s role as Jessica Stanley has gotten unanimous praise – apparently she is just as much a scene stealer as in the first Twilight 😉


Anna Kendrick, whose Oscar buzz for her work in Up In The Air is a source of pride for Twilight fans, really delivers on Jessica Stanley. She’s a character, Kendrick has admitted, that hasn’t really grown since Twilight, and Kendrick doesn’t perform the role with any overkill. Her monologues and facial reactions are spot-on, as were they in Twilight, and she once again brings both comedic relief and mainstream reality to the screen in New Moon.

NYU Washington Square News :

Minor characters played by Jessica Stanley and Dakota Fanning pick up the slack, filling in the bad moments with raw talent.

The Film Stage:

The rest of cast including Ashley Greene, Anna Kendrick, and a creepy Dakota Fanning are the true highlights but are unfortunately underused.

The Northerner:

Now, in the end, it always seems to come down to teams. You have Team Edward, Team Jacob, Team Werewolves, and Team Vampires, but the team that should really get a shout out is Team Humans. These young men and women are great actors who provide a lot of the real-life humor amongst the supernatural beings of the series. Whether you are listening to Jessica (Anna Kendrick) rant about zombies, Mike (Michael Welch) get sick while seeing a movie with Bella, Eric (Justin Chon) crying during a class viewing of Romeo and Juliet, or Charlie (Billy Burke) trying to take care of his teenage daughter, viewers are sure to get a laugh from this group.

New Moon Promotional X3

The craziness for New Moon and Up in the Air promotion continues with ET’s plane interview, Access Hollywood Shepard Fairy interview and Im not obsessed plane interview/article!! Aaahhhh! Fangirl overload!!

ET Online

“My first impression of George was that he was a punk,” Anna tells ET. “It was a very, like, brother-sister relationship; he kind of made fun of me and I made fun of him right back.”

She adds of their on-set antics, “If he hadn’t been an amazing guy I wouldn’t have been able to do that.”

Anna dished on George during a flight from New York to Los Angeles, and says she “tried to play it cool” when she first heard she’d be working with George so she wouldn’t seem “out of my league.”

“It’s really cool to be starring opposite George Clooney,” she says, “because in ‘Twilight’ I’m just a mortal character; I don’t get to have any super powers. I mean, that’s kind of disappointing, but the ‘Twilight’ series is really, really cool, but I’m one of the kind of less cool elements of it, so I’m going to have to go Clooney on this one.” {‘Twilight”s Anna Kendrick on ‘Punk’ Co-Star George Clooney}

Accesss Hollywood

New Moon and Up in the Air Filming: “Yeah, it’s strange, and I shot them both simultaneously, which was interesting as well. George Clooney would kinda give me crap every time I came back from the ‘Twilight’ set,” she told Access Hollywood when she sat down with us recently at artist Shepherd Fairey’s Love Unites project for marriage equality. “But I was treated like a traitor.”

New Moon and Up in the Air Release: “I am so excited for the movies to finally just come out,” she said. “Everything has been so exciting, but at the same time kind of stressful in the best way possible. And I will be so happy once people can just go out and see the film and I won’t have to keep talking about the film.”

New Moon Vs. Twilight: “I mean, visually it looks very different and I think people are going to really like it and respond to it,” she explained. “But, it’s beautiful and the action is absolutely stunning. And you know the scene in Italy where everyone is in red – the Twi-hards all know about it – it’s absolutely beautiful.

But my character doesn’t exactly grow that much. She doesn’t do that much self-reflection. So I just kind of give my monologue and she stays depressed. But I hope that the audience thinks it’s funny,” she added.

On Scott Pilgrim: “I feel like it’s a ‘Ferris Buller’s Day Off’ with the action sequences from ‘Kill Bill,’” Anna explained. “But, it’s definitely crazy. I don’t think people are really going to know what hit them when they see it.” {Rising Star: Anna Kendrick}

Im Not Obsessed

Samantha: Inevitably, I must ask, what was your experience like while working with George Clooney?

Amazing. He is just as fun and charming as everyone says he is and everyone wants him to be. I mean, he’s the new Cary Grant. He’s just such a gentlemen and goes out of his way to make you feel like he’s not ‘George Clooney’- like… he’s just a guy you work with and can do your job with.

Samantha: Any plans that you know of about production/filming for “Breaking Dawn”?

I mean, you know, I’m certainly not going to produce it myself. I mean, you know, we don’t really know what the deal is. The truth is we really don’t know if we’re going to be in it. I think everybody at this point would be happy to go back, and even to do, you know, a day or two, because we’ve been in it from the beginning. Ultimately, it’s just about what the script says and what our schedules are, so… but I mean, I would be happy to go back and be in the background for the wedding scene and stuff like that… but I’m operating under the assumption that I’m not going to be in it because we’re not really in the book. But either way, I’m happy.

Samantha: What can you share about Robert Pattinson that fans might not already know about him?

I wish there was an answer to the mystery- you know? I feel like it’s national news every time I say that he’s a great guy- but that’s the truth, you know? He’s a human being, and I think people want him to be something more than that, and if that’s what they want, they shouldn’t know behind-the-scenes stuff. {“Up in the Air” Screening From New York City To Los Angeles}

EDIT: Check out all the airplane interviews in our 11/18 post!

Never thought I’d say this but Anna – mind slowing down for like 2 seconds and let us catch out breath? PHEW! 😉

The highly anticipated video interviews of Anna being interviewed on a plane are now ‘up’ (gosh those puns are getting old):

One point for team Jacob 😉 ! Here are links to the actual article/interview homepage. Will add more as they come:

The HotBlog did a great new video interview with Anna, where she look absolutely gorgeous mentioning her latests films success’, Twitter, and how she is “old fashioned” :D. You can see a preview in HD here, and the whole thing should be on the Blog soon {} :

I’ve also launched a Youtube for Anna Kendrick Net. This will be easier to access and maintain than our old media center :). I’ve got a lot of uploads, including some unseen interviews back from ’07, and I will be uploading everything moving-anna there throughout the next couple weeks. {}

FYI, is holding an Up in the Air Screening is planned for tomorrow, Wed., November 18th at 7 p.m. It is a special advance screening to take place in Los Angeles, and will include a conversation with Anna and Vera Farmiga! If you live in the area, be sure to sign up for this incredible event! {‘Up in the Air’ Screening with Vera Farmiga and Anna Kendrick}

Just rounding up all the new Anna Photos/video clips/articles/interviews from the L.A. Premiere of New Moon. I’ll be adding more here as they pop-up :D:




Anna attended the Los Angeles premiere of The Twilight Saga: New Moon tonight at Mann’s Village Theatre. Anna looked glamorous in a unique off-shoulder black-sequined beaded dress by designer Talbot Runhof:

Premiere Of Summit Entertainment’s “The Twilight Saga: New Moon” X8

EDIT: 6 High Qualities of Anna during arrivals/ red carpet have been added!

Just Jared has an article on Anna’s ‘One-shoulder Sassy Look’ and a witty tweet Anna wrote pre-premiere today ;).

Anna Kendrick dazzles in a black one-shoulder dress with red embellishments as she arrives at the premiere of The Twilight Saga: New Moon held at Mann’s Village Theater on Monday night (November 16) in Westwood, Calif.

The 24-year-old actress tweeted this afternoon, “There’s *something* I’m supposed to do tonight….. I’ve laid out a dress and ear plugs…… but why…”

Anna seems to have a new fave in her shoes — she’s worn the same heels during Up In The Air promos in London. JJJ loves her choice!

FYI: Anna wore a black asymmetrical one sleeve sequin-mini dress with a clutter accent studs in red and white from Talbot Runhof’s Autumn/Winter 2009 Runway collection {Anna Kendrick: One-Shoulder Sassy}

You can view the live podcast of the premiere at Vancouver Sun.

EDIT: Thanks to Danielle we now have two new fan photos. One looks like it could be on the set of Up in the Air?

Fan Photos X2

I’ve added 10 high qualities of Anna’s appearance the other day at the The Shepard Fairey Equality Project Launch Party as well as a couple more from recent festivities:

The Shepard Fairey Equality Project Launch Party HQ X10

I also have a couple screenshots of some magazine’s Anna is in for New Moon and Up in the Air Promotion. A couple include new photos of Jessica, and one is a candid pic of Anna wearing a Billy Noel shirt, with a blurb about the mysterious script in the trash. I will try to get these in higher quality soon!

Magazine Scans – Various X9

As always we would love any fan photos or photos not in our gallery! Please donate to 😉

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