EW Scans

Thanks to Kelly at Matt Bomer Fan, we have scans from the Entertainment Weekly magazine that just hit news stands.


Also, Anna Kendrick Online has a fresh new look and a new name! We’re now Versatile, which fits Anna perfectly. She plays diverse roles and nails each and every single one. We also have a brand new video archive, which I hope to add more to over the next few weeks.


Now Open.

Anna Kendrick Online is now open! There’s still work to be done on the pages and more images added to the gallery but we are open for business! Here’s to hoping I can get things done soon for everyone.


Temp Layout, Interviews

As you can see we have a new temporary layout. The old one was having a lot of problems outside of FireFox. I’m going to be making a lot of updates lately including a new Gallery layout, and majorly updating the Style section, Press archives, and Video Archives. Please let us know if you experience any problems with the new (temporary) look ;).

Here is one more print interview from U.S.A. Weekend:

Although those two guys [Clooney and Pattinson] are tabloid regulars, the “Up in the Air” star is just fine with flying, so to speak, under the radar. Getting gussied up for premieres isn’t quite her style. The good news: She can get back to “my Converse-wearing, video-store existence right after I’m doing something really glamorous,” she says.

Theater took her to New York, but “Up in the Air” has landed her several more places with Clooney, including Omaha. “The first day I showed up on set, I was sick, and he was telling me to eat chicken soup. I questioned him because I thought it was just an old wives’ tale,” she recalls. “He told me that I should trust him because he played a doctor on TV.” (Remember “ER?”)

From what she has gathered working with the likes of Clooney, Pattinson and other A-listers, there isn’t one formula for success. “If there were, then anybody could do it,” she says. Kendrick’s secret? A lot of luck. And she considers herself just as fortunate that, whenever a flight home lands, she can resume her low-key lifestyle in West Hollywood. “For a few days in certain cities, I get treated like I’m a big deal, and then I get to go back and feel totally normal again.” {Clooney’s new co-star}


Elsewhere DVD Special Features + Giveaway reminder

Posted on Mon, 15 June 2009 03:36:22 by annakendrick

Special features captures now up!

The Road to Elsewhere Featurette

Deleted Scenes

Photo Gallery

Remember to submit for the Elsewhere DVD Giveaway! There are no entries so far which means there is an 100% chance of winning if you email AKN at alexx@anna-kendrick.net explaining why you are Anna’s biggest fan!! For more info, view the June 11th update.


Elsewhere HQ Promo and DVD Giveaway!

Posted on Thu, 11 June 2009 01:35:49 by annakendrick

Thanks to Victor, who works for Special Ops for Promotion on Elsewhere, and has been nice enough to share some assets from Anna’s latest film with us :laughing:!

I’ve added a plethora of HQ Elsewhere Promotional photos:

He’s also shared with us some clips we haven’t seen yet…I’ve added the Nightmare scene to the video clips in the Gallery:

And lastly, Victor has given Anna Kendrick Network the opportunity to launch a DVD giveaway!! You can win a copy of Elsewhere by explaining why you think you are Anna’s biggest fan! (For the record, I am Anna’s biggest fan, so technically it is to see who her Second biggest fan is :tongue:) You can comment here or if you prefer privacy, send your answer to the AKN e-mail at alexx@apopplewell.org. I will end the contest once there are about five entries.

Note: The Elsewhere screencaps are coming soon however it is proving very difficult to get hold of the DVD – another reason why it will benefit you to enter this contest :wink:.


Gallery: Marc Pease Experience, AA Gifting Suite, Resume revamp

Posted on Wed, 20 May 2009 10:33:47 by annakendrick

I’ve managed to scurry up some new-old, exclusive photos for you :wink:.
The first is Anna on the set of the Marc Pease Experience with co-star Jason Shcwartzman. Still no word about whether they will ever release this film :sad:!

The other two are absolutely adorable candids from the Acadamy Awards Gifting Suite. Anna stopped by the 100 candles station last year, where she complimented the gift saying: “This is such a unique candle holder. Very spanish style, I love it” {100candles.com}.

I’ve also given the RESUME section a revamp and updated AFFILIATES.


New Layout! Twilight screencaps & special features!

Posted on Thu, 09 April 2009 12:53:18 by annakendrick

Hey y’all hope you like the layout, personally, it’s one of my fave’s :laughing:!

Anna has been sooo busy these last couple of weeks! There’s a lot to update on, but first — lets check out Anna in the Twilight DVD! I have to say, Jessica is definitely the most LOLable character in the film, my fave scene is the lunch table anorexia bit, whats your favorite Jessice scene?!

[262] Film Screencaps:

[54] Special Feature Screencaps:


Elsewhere DVD, Exclusives..

Posted on Mon, 23 March 2009 11:09:15 by annakendrick

I’m pleased to announce that Elsewhere will finally be on DVD June 2nd of this year. Besides watching Anna’s starring role as Sarah in the film, there will be selected special features such as interviews, deleted scenes, photos and more {amazon.com}.

I have some exclusive photos of Anna and her co-star on the set of Fear Itself Stay tuned for more exclusives coming up… :laughing::


Next Julia Roberts? Up in the Air role, media, updates

Posted on Tue, 17 March 2009 11:15:23 by annakendrick

Anna is featured in another list, this one RopeofSilicon’s Who’s the Next Big Female Movie Star? Anna comes in at a well-deserved spot right between Scarlett Johannsen and Keira Knightley!

There was only one performance I enjoyed in Twilight, but it was so small I didn’t even bother to mention it in my review. Anna Kendrick has a personality that pops off the screen and she actually reminds me a lot of both Amy Adams and Isla Fisher, two actresses that didn’t make the age cut, but Kendrick is sporting a 1985 DOB and I am not the only one that has noticed her.

Forget Twilight, it’s a stepping stone. Kendrick is lined up with roles in Up in the Air for Jason Reitman (Juno) and starring George Clooney and she will play Stacey Pilgrim in the hotly anticipated Scott Pilgrim vs. the World for Edgar Wright. On top of that she has The Marc Pease Experience starring Ben Stiller and Jason Schwartzman, which is expected to hit theaters sometime this year. Suffice to say, she’s on the right track. {Ropeofsilicon.com}

I had a chance to read the script of Up in the Air, and I have to agree with the concensus – it is a great script and has the potential to be huge. Anna’s character is Natalie Keener, a prestigious Cornell grad who pressents her new software to the professional firing company..and has to deal with some unhappy campers as a consequence (George Clooney). Funny stuff!

I’ve found this absolutely hilarious Fuel interview at the Twilight premiere, poor Anna gets threatened by an overzealous fan!

I’ve posted newish photos in the gallery. The HQ version of the Scott Pilgrim candid, as well as a different shot of the candid of Anna, Kristen and Nikki that was featured in Teen Vogue.