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I am needing someone to help run This person should be a fan of Anna, and should know or be interested in learning how to use WordPress, Coppermine gallery and web design. Mainly wanting someone to help update content, post news, and photos. If interested please send me an e-mail telling me about yourself! Thanks!

As you can see I have added a new layout for winter. I have to say, I’m loving it. The photos I used for the header is from the Dan Marstensen shoot and the layout theme is from I’ve also added a new holiday gallery theme. Header thanks to Design World Starzy.

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I have updated the Filmography section with an updated list of all of Anna’s past and future movies with posters, trailers, info and more. I hope to do this with her TV shows, plays, and other projects soon too.

I’ve also been updating the Video Archive like crazy with all the new interviews, press junkets, movie trailers, movie clips, candids, appearances, and more.

I have two jobs and am looking for someone to help update and maintain the site and gallery. If you are interested please let me know. You don’t need to be amazing at coding or web design, mainly just be a big Anna fan. Let me know at

I’ve added a long overdue new gallery layout, I am working on doing some organization and adding lots new photos — keep checking back for photo updates!


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It’s Anna’s 28th birthday today, August 9th! Anna is in London shooting Into the Woods, and tweeted about her special day there. Rebel Wilson mentioned in a recent interview that she wasn’t allowed into Anna’s early birthday party at SkyBar in Los Angeles along with fellow Pitch Perfect co-star Hannah Lee-May. Make sure to send her a Happy Birthday comment, and check out these cool fan made cards below:

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Credit: pastelpastapanda, needs-her-jiggle-juice, anniekendrick, gangstagron.


We were chosen as Fansite of the Day at The Fan Carpet – what an honor :D!

Versatile is now back at ANNA-KENDRICK.NET and ANNAKENDRICKONLINE.COM. We are the original Anna Kendrick site, opening in 2007, and after some down time are happy to be up and running again as your most up-to-date and informative Anna Kendrick source!

I’m still updating lots, as months of data got wiped.

Within the next couple of days we will have a new layout up done by my amazing friend Jess so keep your eyes peeled for that!

Please pardon the downtime with the site and the missing images and such. We’ve been having some difficulty with some server woes, but our lovely and wonderful host has fixed the issue! Just wanted to give everyone a heads up as to what’s going on.

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Anna turns twenty-five today! Hopefully she is having a great day to celebrate her whirlwind year! MTV also has a sweet little shout out for Anna on her big day :):

Anna Kendrick Turns 25, And We Highlight Her Accomplishments! :

You may not have a starring role in your upcoming film, Anna Kendrick, but you do get a chance to star in what is sure to the most beloved film of the summer. Can “Scott Pilgrim vs. the World” top “Inception” in reviews and the box office? Only time will tell.

If that alone isn’t enough of a great 25th birthday present, you can add to that the fact that in one quarter of a decade you’ve managed to accomplish more than most actors — film or stage — have accomplished in their entire career.

You’ve worked alongside greats like George Clooney and Angelica Huston, as well as with as your own up-and-coming generation of stars like Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Michael Cera and Robert Pattinson.

You also have great relationships with some of the better directors to come out of the past 10 years, like Jason Reitman, David Slade and Edgar Wright (a little more than a friendship with this one, we hear). The films you have coming up, like “Live With It” and “The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn,” are sure to help your resume out a lot as well, by being the main scene stealer in “The Twilight Saga” and starring in a dramedy opposite Seth Rogen.

Add that to the fact that you have already been nominated for an Academy Award, Golden Globe and a Tony, and we think you’re in pretty good shape for only living a quarter of a century. Here’s to you, Anna Kendrick, and here’s to 25 more awesome years for you! We’re guessing you’ll have won at least one of each of the three aforementioned awards in that period of time. {}

ARRIVAL: Anna’s arrived at the 2010 MTV Movie Awards in Universal City, CA, where she is set to present and is up for Best Break out Star (fingers crossed)! She looks gorgeous in a Zac Posen floral dress.

AWARD: We did it guys! You voted, and Anna WON for Best Breakout Star at the 2010 MTV Movie Awards tonight!

The golden popcorn was presented to Anna by Jonah Hill, Russel Brand, and P. Diddy (who hugged Anna just a little bit longer than appropriate lol). Anna was very gracious and kept her speech short and sweet, noting that she was “not cool enough to receive a trophy (as if)! and laughed that she didn’t want to mess it up by talking more than she needed to. She says she’s going to put the trophy on her coffee table. Congratulations Anna and thank you to all her fans who voted!!!

PRESENTING: I just spotted Anna in a very funny ad on MTV between the show! The ad is for Orbitz and Anna is seen sitting backstage with Aubrey Plaza (Scott Pilgrim vs. the World co-star) looking at the Best MTV WTF moment candidates on a laptop. Anna gives a sentence announcing the awards which is almost entirely bleeped out and gives a big smile. So cute. View in LQ @ Youtube. The Scott Pilgrim cast will be presenting the Best WTF moment, so stay tuned for even more Anna :D!

GALLERY: I’ve added lots of high quality and medium quality photos of Anna at the MTV Movie Awards including Red Carpet, Winning Best Break Out Star, Presenting Best WTF moment and more:


MEDIA: Anna being interviewed on the red carpet pre-show on what to expect:

And here’s a backstage interview Anna did with MTV about deciding whether she she should have gone on stage with her Twilight co-stars when New Moon was named Best Movie of the Year:

I also wanted to note that I saw Anna sitting with Edgar Wright in the audience! Guess it’s still on 😀 <3!