Anna Kendrick Tops AC Chart With ‘Cups’

Billboard has listed Anna as number 1 for Adult Contemprary radio airplay! Crazy! Go Anna!

A year after the movie’s premiere, the ‘Pitch Perfect’ hit crowns its first Billboard airplay chart

More than a year after the release of “Pitch Perfect,” the movie’s lead Anna Kendrick reaches No. 1 on Billboard’s Adult Contemporary radio airplay chart with “Cups (Pitch Perfect’s When I’m Gone),” which rises 2-1.

(All charts will refresh on on Thursday, Oct. 10.)

The honor is the latest in a long journey for the song. “Pitch Perfect” premiered in U.S. theaters on Sept. 28, 2012, and has since grossed $113 million in worldwide box office receipts. The film’s soundtrack rose to No. 3 on the Billboard 200 in February and has sold 912,000 copies in the U.S., according to Nielsen SoundScan. “Cups” has sold 2.5 million downloads.

Originally, “Cups” was released in its almost all-a capella form, with only Kendrick’s vocals and her accompanying percussion courtesy of a plastic cup, as she performed the song in the movie. Once remixed with added instrumentation, the track became a multi-format hit, reaching No. 1 on Heatseekers Songs (its sole prior coronation), No. 2 on Adult Pop Songs and No. 6 on the Billboard Hot 100.

Kendrick is the first artist to take a first AC entry to No. 1 since the Lumineers reigned for eight weeks with “Ho Hey” beginning the week of May 4. She’s the first female to do so since Miley Cyrus sent maiden entry “The Climb” to the summit for 15 weeks in 2009.

With Kendrick, the Lumineers and Phillip Phillips (“Home,” 12 weeks at No. 1) all reaching the AC chart’s apex since January, 2013 is the first year to boast three rookie leaders since 2009, when Cyrus, Coldplay (“Viva La Vida,” one week) and Jason Mraz (“I’m Yours,” 16 weeks) all topped the tally on their first tries.

The secret to Kendrick’s success with “Cups”? Fellow actor Zach Braff recently direct-messaged her on Twitter to find out: “Please DM me how to do that cups thing. I keep spilling the beer all over my smock.”

Kendrick obliged: “You do like a clappy thing, and then like a tappy thing and then you throw some flour. Double platinum. Retire from music. Done.” {}

First Look at ‘Into the Woods’!

We have the first on-set photos from filming Into the Woods yesterday, September 25th, at Dover castle in the UK. You can see Anna as Cinderella, along with Emily Blunt, Chris Pine, and Christine Baranski.

Productions > Movies > Into the Woods (2014) > On Set: September 25, 2013

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First Look At INTO THE WOODS Movie Cast In Costume!

The majority of the ensemble from Disney’s forthcoming big screen adaptation of Stephen Sondheim and James Lapine‘s celebrated family-friendly fairy tale-themed musical INTO THE WOODS convened at Dover Castle in the UK today to film scenes for the forthcoming tuner and our first look at James Corden, Emily Blunt, Anna Kendrick, Chris Pine, Billy Magnussen, Tracey Ullman, Christine Baranski, Lucy Punch, MacKenzie Mauzy and Daniel Huttlestone in costume is now available!

BroadwayWorld reported earlier this month that a casting notice had gone out to assemble extras to take on the roles of townspeople and observers at a grand ball scene assumedly relating to Cinderella (Kendrick) and her prince (Pine) and now we can see that that has come to fruition. Check out that article here.

Additionally, peruse yesterday’s extensive BroadwayWorld article all about Week 3 of filming on INTO THE WOODS here.

Also, James Corden found some time in between filming scenes to even pose for a shot with a crew member, make-up artist Beth Haggar, who posted the pic to her Instagram account with the caption, “Me and #JamesCorden today at Dover Castle, filming on location for a new film called #IntoTheWoods.”

View the original post here.

Of note, the sumptuous costumes on display in these shots are designed by director Rob Marshall‘s longtime collaborator Colleen Atwood, who also provided designs for his movie musicals CHICAGO and NINE, as well as Tim Burton‘s SWEENEY TODD: THE DEMON BARBER OF FLEET STREET.

Filming on the Rob Marshall-directed Disney feature film is currently underway on soundstages at Shepperton Studios and on location in the UK, following soundtrack recording sessions conducted at the beginning of this month. For even more information, see BroadwayWorld’s coverage of Week 1 here.

The confirmed complete cast for INTO THE WOODS is as follows: Meryl Streep as The Witch, James Corden as The Baker, Emily Blunt as The Baker’s Wife, Johnny Depp as The Wolf, Anna Kendrick as Cinderella, Chris Pine as Cinderella’s Prince, Billy Magnussen as Rapunzel’s Prince, Mackenzie Mauzy as Rapunzel, Lucy Punch as Lucinda, Tammy Blanchard as Florinda, Christine Baranski as Cinderella’s Stepmother and Tracey Ullman as Jack’s Mother, with Lilla Crawford as Little Red Riding Hood and Daniel Huttlestone as Jack.

INTO THE WOODS is set to be released on December 25, 2014. {}

Anna @ London Fashion Week – Temperley London

Anna attended Temperley London at London Fashion Week SS14 on September 15th. She wore a floral dress and seemed to be having a great time cracking up with Paloma Faith, Pixie Lott, and Peaches Geldof.

Appearances in 2013 > September 15: London Fashion Week SS14 – Temperley London

0tv01 0tv04 0tv07 Temperley London: London Fashion Week SS14

Anna Kendrick on Fashion Shows, London, and Sweatpants

Anna Kendrick is currently filming Into the Woods in London, which is great news for Julien Macdonald, Alice Temperley and Vivienne Westwood, because she’s found time to attend their shows. (It’s also good news for straight-talking London cabbies, who she’s quoted once or twice on Twitter.) When we caught her in the front row on Sunday afternoon, she was wearing a matching Temperley embroidered blouse and skirt, and asked us to snap a picture of her with co-star Mackenzie Mauzy, who plays Rapunzel in the movie. The pair had sneaked off to the show between work commitments.

“I’m trying to work it all around my schedule, so after Julien Macdonald yesterday I went in and was recording songs,” said Kendrick. “It’s very, very fun because I get to be like a working woman – like, ‘I work hard and play hard’, kind of thing. I don’t get to feel that very often, because mostly I’m at home in sweatpants.”

But playing hard, it seems, just means going to shows. She’s not planning to attend any fashion week parties, or anything crazy like that. “Tomorrow we may be going to a low-key dinner thing… but it all gets a bit much,” she told us, scrunching up her nose. “Last night after I recorded, the princes in our film [Chris Pine and Billy Magnussen] were trying to get me to go out. I was like, I don’t know how you boys get the stamina, but I can’t handle it.” {}

Anna Kendrick Tells Us Why She Loves London At Fashion Week

Academy Award winner Anna Kendrick has touched down in London for her annual fashion fix. The Pitch Perfect star looked fabulous in Julien MacDonald at the designer’s show on Saturday night. At MacDonald perched on the FROW next to Pixie Lott in a racey black number and then this afternoon she was back on the FROW again in a princess dress at Temperley.

Anna Kendrick looked picture-perfect on the front row but Anna revealed to us that her look was put together at the very last second. ‘This was a last minute replacement but that’s always the way’ she said, before adding ‘you love something and then they send one last thing and it fits perfectly and feels really great.’ Mega kudos to Miss Kendrick for being so calm and collected amidst the chaso of fashion week. But she said to us she doesn’t get flustered by a change in plan as she revealed ‘My Oscars dress was a last minute change so I feel like now it’s part of the course.’

When we asked her what the best thing about fashion week is she quickly replied ‘being able to observe an art form that I don’t know that much about, but it is such an instinctual thing or a visceral thing if you react to it or not. It’s like going to a museum but getting to sit still.’ Well, we’ve never head anyone compare the FROW with the Natural History Museum before, but we kinda get where she’s coming from.

And speaking of all things cultural, we just had to ask – how do London girls compare to their New York counterparts? ‘I always feel that sense of glamour and history in everything in London’ Anna told us. ‘That might be my American personality projecting what I want to see in London fashion. I always appreciate the care and detail that goes into London fashion. I have a certain affection for London fashion.’

Anna is currently filming in London and says although she feels like this is her temporary home, she still loves playing the tourist. ‘Oh god I do the most cliché things in London,’ she told us. ‘I go to high tea because I think it’s so darling. That’s so annoying isn’t it, such a typical tourist thing to do.’ Anna, we’ll go for high tea with you anytime.’ {}

Press Updates

Anna Kendrick on Drinking Buddies, Getting Drunk on Set, and the ‘Cups’ Phenomenon


Joe Swanberg’s latest movie, Drinking Buddies, features two couples: One set is played by Anna Kendrick and Jake Johnson, the other is played by Olivia Wilde and Ron Livingston. The lines are blurry between them, as Johnson and Wilde behave like lovers throughout the film, without actually acting upon it — flirting and drinking and even sleeping side by side in semi-innocent fashion — and Kendrick and Livingston go so far as to kiss. Who’s to say which form of cheating is worse? Kendrick, who is in London shooting Into the Woods, called up Vulture to chat about emotional cheating versus physical cheating, drunk acting, and her reaction to the “Cups” phenomenon.

Joe Swanberg had you guys drink real beer during the filming of Drinking Buddies. How did that affect your performance?
During a scene at the bar, they gave me fake beer, but then during a scene where I’m playing cards with Jake, they gave me real beer, and I didn’t realize it! And so every time I lost, I was pounding beer, and I didn’t realize it was real until halfway through the take. I was like, I’m super drunk right now! And so as soon as the take was over, I had to announce to everybody that I was drunk at work. I was horrified by the idea that I was going to be the next troublesome star who got drunk and started flipping over tables or whatever. I just tried to sit quietly until I sobered up.

Was this your first time being drunk on set while shooting a scene?
Oh, yeah. Yeah. It was very, very bizarre, let me tell you. I’m sure you’ve never been drunk in the middle of your job, but it is uncomfortable. For some of the movie, it was fine, and it worked in the scene, and so it was helpful for them. But I mostly found it really unnerving.

Had you ever shot a film without a script before, where you had to improv all of your scenes?
It was my first time doing anything quite like it. We did a lot of improv on End of Watch, so I kind of think of End of Watch as training wheels for Drinking Buddies, but this was the first time I had done it to this extent. And it was crazy doing it with Ron, Jake, and Olivia because all four of us were new to this specific world of improv, but also really game for it and really excited about it. So it was a perfect combination of working with people who were really good at it, but also weren’t trained professionals. It’s not like any of us had done it a zillion times, or the rest of us were left in the dust. That marriage-conversation scene with Jake is the one scene where I said to Joe, “You have to give me the words here, because I’ve never had this conversation before.” I don’t know what a believable version of it would be, how to approach this subject in a long-term relationship. Everything else, you can draw on your own experience, but that was the one time where I was like, “I need a line!” Just to get into that thinking.

How did you work out the kissing scene in the woods with Ron, and the scene where you have to tell Jake about it?
The scene in the woods we did in one take. Ron and I were both so nervous about that, because it was supposed to be awkward and unclear whether or not something was going to happen between our characters in that scene. We talked a little about it beforehand, and it was all very, “No pressure! Let’s just see what happens!” But everybody was aware that it was an important scene. Joe was like, “Cut! Great! I’m going to put that in the movie. I don’t want to do it again.” And we were both super relieved.

And after we shot the scene with Ron, I immediately almost started crying, because I felt like, “Oh my God! I have to tell my boyfriend what happened!” And I had to come up with the words, because it wasn’t a written scene! If it were another movie, you’d think, “Okay, I’ll be as honest as possible,” but someone would have written the words for me. Here, it was like I was suddenly responsible for explaining myself, explaining what I had done, and it felt so real, because I had to admit what I had done and no one was going to help me do that. When we were filming the kissing scene, I didn’t feel like I was cheating on Jake, but then the idea that I had to tell him that I had cheated was horrifying to me. I had this unbelievable sense of guilt.

Kissing Ron is one kind of cheating. But isn’t what Jake is doing with Olivia another kind of cheating, even though nothing technically happens?
I’m so glad you brought that up! [Laughs] Because actually Jake and I got into a little bit of an argument about whether or not what he was doing was better than, the same as, or worse than what I had done. And his feeling was that what I had done was worse, and I was like, [laughs] “You’ve got another think coming, if you think that flirting with this girl, and basically dating her for the entire period of time that I was away from home, just because you guys didn’t physically kiss, isn’t cheating.” I feel like that is so much more of a transgression, and we basically figured that there is just no way that he can tell me about what is going on with him and this woman he’s flirting with at work without it becoming a huge, potentially relationship-ending fight, since he knows in his heart that it’s kind of over between them. If he had admitted it to me in a way that was like, “By the way, it’s not nearly as bad as what you did,” that would start a whole other can of worms. I think it’s a very, very interesting conversation, and not a new one. I’ve been out to dinner with friends where you debate, “Is emotional cheating worse than physical cheating?” It’s a hard question.

Did all of this improv work help you prepare for Joe’s next movie, Happy Christmas? Did you feel more equipped to tackle scenes where you’re playing opposite Lena Dunham?
This was weirdly easier because my character in Happy Christmas just wants to fill up the silence, so sometimes she just puts her foot in her mouth and comes off like a real asshole. So even though I’m exploring an ugly side of things I see in myself or other people, it was easier because I could just say whatever stupid thought popped in my head. Which was terrifying, or easier. And Lena and I had met a while before, so that was helpful. She is so good at this. She is such an amazing improviser, and I think we followed her lead. She was always the one who I followed, like you know when you have a friend you grew up with, and you still kind of revert to being their sidekick? And I think that’s a little how I feel about Lena in our film, so it was easy to do that.

Are you amazed at how well “Cups” is doing?
I am bewildered. I don’t even know what to say about it. The weirdest thing to me is that it’s outpositioned artists who are out there promoting their singles, as they should be — they’re musicians! And I’ve been making movies. Like I just made this little movie in Harlem, instead of doing something to further the success of the single, and yet there it is. It makes no sense. Don’t get me wrong — it’s so cool! But it’s bizarre to me that I’m off doing something else, and it’s happening on its own. It’s so cool. But it is absolutely bewildering.

People will want to see you do something with Kendrick Lamar next.
Yeah. It’s funny that he’s having such a moment right now, because it’s definitely one of the most popular things said to me on Twitter: “Oh, you should do a mash-up with Kendrick Lamar!” There’s a picture of our faces mashed together. It’s very weird! It just goes to show you, the Internet is mostly about wasting time. {}

Livingston free wheeling on Buddies

Ron Livingston worked with Anna Kendrick on Drinking Buddies

Ron Livingston has confessed after working with Anna Kendrick on Drinking Buddies he still doesn’t know what to expect from her.

The Boardwalk Empire star said working on the improvised comedy about friends at a Chicago brewery was a very strange experience.

Ron said: “It was a lot of fun. It was just like free-wheeling. It’s great when you get to discover the story together. You can’t cheat when you’re doing a movie that way because you really don’t know what’s going to happen next.

“Like Ross McCall might appear and kiss you on the cheek, anything can happen. It’s live.”

But despite all the improvising alongside Pitch Perfect star Anna, Ron admitted she remained an enigma.

He said: “Anna’s a fun girl. She’s so good but I’m not sure about her. In one life she could be like a librarian and in another life she could be Vegas stripper and I just don’t know which way she’s going with it, and she kind of walks that edge.

“It’s hard to get to know her really well.”

Drinking Buddies also stars Olivia Wilde and Jake Johnson as two friends who work in a brewery, where they spend their days drinking and flirting, but are both in relationships with other people. {}

GQ Shoot Video – How to Date Me: Anna Kendrick

We got an email from Stelios from GQ informing us of the release of the photoshoot video Anna did for her sexy new GQ shoot. In it, Anna talks dating. You can also hear the soundtrack to the video, called “Anna”, here.

Always pay on the first day. Don’t try to serenade her if you can’t sing. Oh, and if you can make Del Taco seem romantic, you’ve got a good thing going. Anna Kendrick explains how to win her over.

Media & Interviews > Screen Captures > Photoshoots > GQ Photoshoot

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Anna Kendrick Strips Down For GQ, Goes Blonde And Topless

What a sexy blonde! Anna Kendrick, star of the upcoming comedy Drinking Buddies, strips down for a hot photo shoot in the September 2013 issue of GQ. While promoting the new flick — also starring New Girl’s Jake Johnson, Olivia Wilde and Ron Livingston — the stunning actress shares what not to do on a first date.

“Two subjects to never bring up on a first date are anything to do with the actual reality of your family, and, you know, liver cancer and how we’ve probably all got it,” the 28-year-old jokes. Also, who pays at the end of the night should be a no-brainer. “Paying on a first date is a tricky thing because even though it’s meaningless, if a guy doesn’t, or doesn’t offer, it suggests poor judgment more than anything else,” she says. Kendrick recently ended her four-year relationship with Shaun of the Dead director, Edgar Wright in March.

In addition, the Pitch Perfect star admits some of her most uncomfortable run-ins with fans — including encounters involving, er, shopping for underwear. “There’s something deeply embarrassing about being approached when you’re holding knickers,” she reveals. “And it’s happened TWICE!”

One thing Kendrick definitely isn’t shy about? Exposing some skin! In the photo shoot, the “When I’m Gone” singer also shows off her long legs and goes topless while just wearing black swim shorts. {}

Anna in September GQ

Anna has a new risque photoshoot and interview with the September 2013 issue of Gentlemens Quarterly (GQ). Here’s an Ultra High Quality scan:

Magazines & Scans > Interviews > Gentlemens Quarterly – September 2013


Raise Your Glass to Anna Kendrick

The actress and Belgian beer enthusiast plays an alcoholic in this month’s Drinking Buddies—so we asked her about drunken hookups, naturally

By Lauren Bans
Photographs by Marc Hom
September 2013

“Do you like beer?” Anna Kendrick, the pint-size—pun intended—actress best known for playing control freaks (see: Up in the Air, 50/50), doesn’t normally get this question. But today there’s good reason: her new comedy, Drinking Buddies, in which she plays one-half of an admirably functional alcoholic couple. Kendrick does in fact enjoy beer—”every single Belgian-style beer”—which brings us to this irresistible follow-up: According to OkCupid’s infamous data nugget, beer fans are also more likely to go home with someone on the first date.

“Oh my!” she says, mock-scandalized. “I mean, correlation doesn’t suggest causality—but that is fuckin’ interesting.”

Another fuckin’ interesting correlation: the one that exists between Kendrick’s underwear shopping and fans asking for autographs. “There’s something deeply embarrassing about being approached when you’re holding knickers. And it’s happened TWICE!” Knickers? Was she shopping in the nineteenth century? “Like, for bloomers? How humiliating would that be?” Very—especially if it’s true what they say about beer drinkers.

Styled by Karina Givargisoff at Art Department. Coat by Pierre Balmain. Bra by VPL. Necklace by Helen Ficalora. {}

Pitch Perfect Holiday Album Expected Dec 2013

‘Pitch Perfect’ Holiday Album Due By End of 2013: ‘Christmas Classics’ to Get A Cappella Treatment from Movie’s Cast Following Surprise Success of Anna Kendrick’s ‘Cups’

The cast of the hit musical comedy “Pitch Perfect” are recording a holiday album, which is sure to hit shelves before the 2013 Christmas season. (Photo : Mario Anzuori/REUTERS)

“Pitch Perfect” fans have something to look forward to other than the planned, 2015 sequel to the hit musical comedy. According to actress Hana Mae Lee, a “Pitch Perfect” holiday album is on its way, with all new recordings from the all-star cast.

In an interview with MTV News, Lee dished that the actors/singers from the 2012 film are in the process of recording a new record. “We have a holiday album coming out, so stay tuned,” she teased. “There are Christmas classics. I’ll be singing ‘Silent Night.’ I’m pretty sure it’s going to be a cappella, even the percussion. It’s all us, so it’s going to be sweet though, because it’s going to sound like there’s other things, but it’s all us.”

The coming of a “Pitch Perfect” Christmas album should come as no surprise to fans. Since coming out in October of last year, the movie has slowly been building a larger fanbase and greater success.

“Pitch Perfect” won four surfboards at the 2013 Teen Choice Awards over the weekend. The flick took home accolades for Choice Movie – Comedy, and Rebel Wilson, Skylar Astin and Adam Devine took home acting surfboards for their respective roles in the movie.

Meanwhile, the soundtrack to the musical has been a massive success, and has sold over 838,000 copies in 2013. Additionally, a remix of Anna Kendrick’s “Cups” has climbed the Billboard Charts, peaking at No. 6 last week.

More information on the holiday album has yet to come, but it’s sure to drop before the Christmas season gets in full swing, allowing fans to have their stockings filled with sweet, a cappella music. {}

Anna to be on Sesame Street!

According to a new article, Anna is set to be one of the upcoming guests on this season of Sesame Street! Amazing, right?!

. . . The upcoming season of Sesame Street will also include celebrity guests including Charlize Theron, Usher, Henrey Cavill, Troy Polamalu, Tyler Perry, Dwight Howard, Forest Whitaker, Anna Kendrick and Dave Matthews. The show will also feature a new Latino character, Armando, played by actor Ismael Cruz Cordova. . . {}

Upcoming Events

JULY 26Anna Guest Stars on ‘Comedy Bang Bang!’

Watch Anna Kendrick Time Travel on Comedy Bang! Bang! This Friday at 10/9c

As anyone who has seen Back to the Future, Hot Tub Time Machine or Looper knows, there are rules when it comes to time travel. They are pretty easy to remember, too: Don’t change anything and don’t let any robots come from the future with the intention of killing John Connor’s mother. Unfortunately, Pitch Perfect star Anna Kendrick apparently hasn’t taken Doc Brown’s lessons to heart and clearly hasn’t seen The Terminator because on next Friday’s episode of Comedy Bang! Bang! she tells host Scott Aukerman about how she broke all the rules during her recent time traveling adventures.

Watch Anna Kendrick learn a valuable lesson about respecting the rules of time travel and even though you want to skip through time to Friday at 10/9c so you can watch the full episode, just wait, okay?

Reggie Makes Music with Anna Kendrick

Everyone loves Anna Kendrick and everyone loves Reggie Watts and everyone really really loves Destiny’s Child, so a song by two of them about one of them is a formula for success.

In the latest installment of Reggie Makes Music – Reggie Watts’ web accompaniment to Comedy Bang! Bang! – Anna and Reggie sing about their shared love of Beyoncé’s pre-Beyoncé group Destiny’s Child and try to figure out what role they would play if they were in the group. We’d probably all be Kelly with Beyoncé dreams, right? After watching Pitch Perfect, we all knew that Anna Kendrick can sing, but it’s still a nice surprise to watch her sing in key about Destiny’s Child while Reggie loops and adds his synth sound effects to the track.

Watch Anna and Reggie sing now and then tune in for a new episode of Comedy Bang! Bang! this Friday at 10/9c:

More Comedy Bang Bang! preview videos and Photos.

July 27Anna to Attend Celebration of Dance Gala

Christina Applegate and Anna Kendrick will be among the guests at the 3rd annual Celebration of Dance Gala in Los Angeles on July 27.

The ‘Anchorman’ star, who married her long-term partner Martyn LeNoble in an extremely intimate ceremony in front of just six guests, including their daughter Sadie, two, in February, will be one of the presenters at the star-studded charity event, which will take place at the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion at The Music Centre, in association with the Dizzy Feet Foundation (DFF), later this month.

‘Glee’ stars Darren Criss and Jenna Ushkowitz, British actress Minnie Driver and ‘Dharma & Greg’ star Jenna Elfman will also be on hand to help recognise actress and singer Chita Rivera, Lionsgate Motion Picture Group’s President of Production, Erik Feig, and Dance Theatre of Harlem Founder, Arthur Mitchell, who will be honoured with the second ever Gene Kelly Legacy Award.

Christina will present the DFF Inspiration Award to Chita, while Erik will receive the DFF Impact Award from ‘Pitch Perfect’ star Anna.

The gala will include entertainment from professional performers from ‘So You Think You Can Dance’, ‘Dancing With the Stars’ and the ‘Step Up’ movies.

All proceeds from gala ticket sales will benefit the Dizzy Feet Foundation, a non-profit organisation that supports dance education programs for children from low-income families.

Tickets to attend the gala in Los Angeles are still available to the public to purchase at: and

July 30Anna Guest Judging on So You think You Can Dance

Anna Kendrick to Guest-Judge FOX’s SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE, 7/30

“Pitch Perfect” star Anna Kendrick is set to be a guest judge on the FOX dance reality series SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE. The episode will air on Tuesday, July 30 (8:00-10:00 PM ET live/PT tape-delayed).

On the competition, the Top 14 finalists, which include Makenzie Dustman and Paul Karmiryan; Hayley Erbert and Curtis Holland; Amy Yakima and “Fik-Shun”; Alexis Juliano and Nico Greetham; Jasmine Harper and Aaron Turner; Jenna Johnson and Tucker Knox; and Malece Miller and Alan Bersten, will compete once again for America and the judges.

Kendrick is currently filming the big screen adaptation of off Broadway’s THE LAST FIVE YEARS opposite Jeremy Jordan. She will take on the role of ‘Cinderella’ in Rob Marshall’s upcoming film INTO THE WOODS.

The actress and recording artist recently starred in Pitch Perfect and is known for her role as ‘Jessica’ in The Twilight Saga films, as well as her performance alongside George Clooney in Up in the Air, for which she was nominated for an Oscar.

‘Comedy Bang Bang’ Previews

Anna’s episode of ‘Comedy Bang Bang’, simply called “Anna Kendrick Wears a Patterned Blouse & Burgundy Pants” will air July 26th on IFC. There are now a few preview out featuring Anna — including Anna collaborating with Reggie Watts to sing about Destiny’s Child, Anna talking about her time traveling experiences :p, and a preview of the whole season (Anna at 1:50). More info and HQ photos on our previous news post here. Here is the episode synopsis:

Host Scott Aukerman and musical cohort, Reggie Watts with guest stars Anna Kendrick and Ben Schwartz. Anna Kendrick time travels, Scott and Reggie preview their new movie, and the studio takes on a tropical twist when a Bahama Mama Maker is purchased. Plus: Are Scott and Reggie ready for parenthood?


Anna Kendrick Sings About Destiny’s Child, Compares Herself to Michelle Williams

Anna Kendrick proved she’s a talented singer in 2012′s musical comedy Pitch Perfect, and now she’s showing off her lyrical abilities in the July 26 episode of IFC’s Comedy Bang! Bang! In a sneak preview from the show, the Oscar-nominated star, 27, performs a completely improvised song about Destiny’s Child with the show’s band leader, Reggie Watts.

“I feel like if I were in Destiny’s Child, I’d be Michelle,” she sings of Williams, who joined the group in 2000. “She caught a lot of air at the Super Bowl. She looked like she didn’t expect it.” (The “Bootylicious” singers joined forces during Beyonce Knowles’ Super Bowl XLVII Halftime Show on Feb. 3, 2013.)

With Watts manning the turntables, Kendrick continues to sing about the musical trio. “I feel like if I were in Destiny’s Child, I’d be Michelle. Most people wouldn’t call her their favorite,” she sings. “But it’s pretty cool how they always give her the bridge.”

“I definitely wouldn’t call her my favorite,” Watts laughs.

Though Destiny’s Child has not officially disbanded, the group hasn’t released a full-length album since 2004′s Destiny Fulfilled. Knowles, 31, is currently headlining the Mrs. Carter Show World Tour, while Kelly Rowland, 32, is busy promoting her recently released album, Talk a Good Game. The new judge is also taping episodes for the third season of The X Factor, airing this fall on FOX. Williams, 32, will star in her own reality show, My Sister’s Keeper. Her latest solo single, “If We Had Your Eyes,” was released on June 24.

Kendrick’s episode of Comedy Bang! Bang! airs Friday, July 26, at 10 p.m. EST on IFC.