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Anna’s done a new photoshoot/ video for Fast Company, re-enacting Orson Welles’ War of the Worlds. It appears she is slated to be on their list of ‘100 Most Creative People in Business’.

On May 12, Fast Company’s 100 Most Creative People In Business Will Be Revealed

On Monday, Fast Company will reveal our 100 Most Creative People in Business in 2014. If last year’s hotly anticipated list was any indication, it will be a powerful and productive medley of big personalities, even bigger ideas, and more than a few troublemakers. Robotics geeks. Twenty-something-year-old hip-hop producers. Royalty. (Royalty!) Maybe even a Vine star.

We can’t tell you who’s on this year’s list just yet. (Patience, people!) But we can tell you that, if history repeats itself, their best work is yet to come. Take last year’s top seed, Nate Silver, whose metrics-driven approach earned the data-crusher a trendy new website within the growing ESPN empire. Or Kirthiga Reddy, who opened the first Facebook offices in India–a country where just one in 10 people had Internet access at the time. Or, maybe take a look at Bryan Cranston, who, in one breathtaking finale, secured himself a spot as one of the most versatile and powerful actors of a generation while wearing little more than a scowl and a pair of dirty underwear. The list goes on and on.
Some of 2013’s Most Creative People–who will be on this year’s list?

One likely MCPer we can and are delighted to share, though, is Anna Kendrick. The Pitch Perfect actress managed to steal a nation’s fickle attention (and go multi-platinum) armed with a catchy tune, some plastic cups, and a deft set of multi-tasking skills.

Will she top this year’s list? Who knows! (Okay, yes, we do.) We can’t wait to share all 100 with you. So we’ll see you back here on Monday. And feel free to tell us how much you love our picks–or not!–by tweeting all about it with hashtag #MCP14.

Anna also teased a sneak peek from a shoot she recently did with Glamour. More info atDaily Mail, and hopefully more photos of both shoots soon!

I’ve added a ton of new, unseen, or higher quality photos to the gallery. Including lots from Sundance 2014 (a few more portraits have popped up), Oscar 2014 portraits and rares, New York Fashion Week MQ’s and HQ candids, and a ton of fan photos that I have had saved from the last couple of years.

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Anna attended the Women at Sundance Brunch on January 20th at Park City. She also posed again at the Variety Studio. Other guests were Elizabeth Moss, Selena Gomez, and Shailene Woodley. I’ve also added portraits of Anna posing with “The Voices” director Marjane Satrapi and actress Mary Steenburgen. I’ve also been added HQ’s and more portrait sessions to the previous Sundance updates, including Sundance Day I and Sundance Candids.

Appearances & Events > Appearances in 2014 > Jan 20: Women At Sundance Brunch

Women At Sundance Brunch Hosted By Dove - 2014 Sundance Film Festival Women At Sundance Brunch Hosted By Dove - 2014 Sundance Film Festival Women At Sundance Brunch Hosted By Dove - 2014 Sundance Film Festival Women At Sundance Brunch Hosted By Dove - 2014 Sundance Film Festival

Appearances & Events > Appearances in 2014 > Jan 20: Women At Sundance Brunch – Variety Studio

The Variety Studio: Sundance Edition Presented By Dawn Levy - Day 3 - 2014 Park City The Variety Studio: Sundance Edition Presented By Dawn Levy - Day 3 - 2014 Park City The Variety Studio: Sundance Edition Presented By Dawn Levy - Day 3 - 2014 Park City The Variety Studio: Sundance Edition Presented By Dawn Levy - Day 3 - 2014 Park City

Appearances & Events > Appearances in 2014 > Jan 20: Canon Celebrates Cinematography

Canon Celebrates Cinematography - Day 3 - 2014 Park City Canon Celebrates Cinematography - Day 3 - 2014 Park City Canon Celebrates Cinematography - Day 3 - 2014 Park City Canon Celebrates Cinematography - Day 3 - 2014 Park City

Photoshoots & Press > Portraits > Larry Busacca @ Sundance (Jan. 20, 2014)

Anna Kendrick And Mary Steenburgen Portraits - 2014 Sundance Film Festival Anna Kendrick And Mary Steenburgen Portraits - 2014 Sundance Film Festival Anna Kendrick And Mary Steenburgen Portraits - 2014 Sundance Film Festival Anna Kendrick And Mary Steenburgen Portraits - 2014 Sundance Film Festival

Photoshoots & Press > Portraits > Victoria Will – “The Voices” Portraits @ Sundance (Jan. 20, 2014)

0sdd461 0sdd462 0sdd460 0sdd459

Photoshoots & Press > Portraits > Dan Steinberg – “The Voices” Portraits for The Hollywood Reporter @ Sundance (Jan. 20, 2014)

0sdd464 0sdd466 0sdd465 0sdd463

Photoshoots & Press > Portraits > Sara Jaye Weiss @ Z100 Jingle Ball at Madison Square Garden (December 13, 2013)

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gc Anna is included in GQ’s Women of the Year feature for Song of the Year, and they included a new photoshoot pic from their series earlier this year. I’ve also added tons of new/higher quality replacements to our photoshoots and portraits section.

Song of the Year From a Movie We Watched on an Airplane: Anna Kendrick Yes, “Cups” is a song from 1931 (“When I’m Gone”) performed in a movie from 2012 (Pitch Perfect), but it topped the Billboard charts in 2013. Upshot: Anna Kendrick can sing, too!

Photoshoots & Press > Photo Shoot Sets > Robert Ascroft for Boston Common (Summer 2012)

Photoshoots & Press > Portraits > Andy Kropa @ iHeart “Cups” Celebration (2013)

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We got an email from Stelios from GQ informing us of the release of the photoshoot video Anna did for her sexy new GQ shoot. In it, Anna talks dating. You can also hear the soundtrack to the video, called “Anna”, here.

Always pay on the first day. Don’t try to serenade her if you can’t sing. Oh, and if you can make Del Taco seem romantic, you’ve got a good thing going. Anna Kendrick explains how to win her over.

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Anna Kendrick Strips Down For GQ, Goes Blonde And Topless

What a sexy blonde! Anna Kendrick, star of the upcoming comedy Drinking Buddies, strips down for a hot photo shoot in the September 2013 issue of GQ. While promoting the new flick — also starring New Girl’s Jake Johnson, Olivia Wilde and Ron Livingston — the stunning actress shares what not to do on a first date.

“Two subjects to never bring up on a first date are anything to do with the actual reality of your family, and, you know, liver cancer and how we’ve probably all got it,” the 28-year-old jokes. Also, who pays at the end of the night should be a no-brainer. “Paying on a first date is a tricky thing because even though it’s meaningless, if a guy doesn’t, or doesn’t offer, it suggests poor judgment more than anything else,” she says. Kendrick recently ended her four-year relationship with Shaun of the Dead director, Edgar Wright in March.

In addition, the Pitch Perfect star admits some of her most uncomfortable run-ins with fans — including encounters involving, er, shopping for underwear. “There’s something deeply embarrassing about being approached when you’re holding knickers,” she reveals. “And it’s happened TWICE!”

One thing Kendrick definitely isn’t shy about? Exposing some skin! In the photo shoot, the “When I’m Gone” singer also shows off her long legs and goes topless while just wearing black swim shorts. {}

Some smouldering HQ outtakes of Anna in her new shoot for GQ have surfaced.

Photoshoots & Press > Photo Shoot Sets > Marc Hom for GQ (August 2013)

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Anna has a new risque photoshoot and interview with the September 2013 issue of Gentlemens Quarterly (GQ). Here’s an Ultra High Quality scan:

Magazines & Scans > Interviews > Gentlemens Quarterly – September 2013


Raise Your Glass to Anna Kendrick

The actress and Belgian beer enthusiast plays an alcoholic in this month’s Drinking Buddies—so we asked her about drunken hookups, naturally

By Lauren Bans
Photographs by Marc Hom
September 2013

“Do you like beer?” Anna Kendrick, the pint-size—pun intended—actress best known for playing control freaks (see: Up in the Air, 50/50), doesn’t normally get this question. But today there’s good reason: her new comedy, Drinking Buddies, in which she plays one-half of an admirably functional alcoholic couple. Kendrick does in fact enjoy beer—”every single Belgian-style beer”—which brings us to this irresistible follow-up: According to OkCupid’s infamous data nugget, beer fans are also more likely to go home with someone on the first date.

“Oh my!” she says, mock-scandalized. “I mean, correlation doesn’t suggest causality—but that is fuckin’ interesting.”

Another fuckin’ interesting correlation: the one that exists between Kendrick’s underwear shopping and fans asking for autographs. “There’s something deeply embarrassing about being approached when you’re holding knickers. And it’s happened TWICE!” Knickers? Was she shopping in the nineteenth century? “Like, for bloomers? How humiliating would that be?” Very—especially if it’s true what they say about beer drinkers.

Styled by Karina Givargisoff at Art Department. Coat by Pierre Balmain. Bra by VPL. Necklace by Helen Ficalora. {}

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Anna Kendrick: She’s Just a Girl and She’s on Fire


From a booth at the restaurant Birds, actress Anna Kendrick eyes a TV commercial across the room. “How about that pocket hose, huh? It’s a little tiny hose and it gets big. It’s a real space-saver,” she says. “If you have a yard that needs watering, I think you’ve got enough space for a hose. Sorry.”

In addition to ridiculing infomercials over lunch in Franklin Village, Kendrick does many other things that adorkable, 27-year-old Angelenos are supposed to do — not because they’re cool but simply because she wants to. She frequents hole-in-the-wall Thai restaurants and art-house theaters like Cinefamily and the New Beverly, sometimes by herself. She uses Instagram, and Snapchat, the latter of which is perfect for celebrities since the images disappear in seconds. She obsesses over the hoarding phenomenon, even hanging out in the Reddit community devoted to discussing the gory details.

She’s done most things right in her career, too, rising to a level of welcome ubiquity that rivals Neil Patrick Harris and Joseph Gordon-Levitt, fellow actor-singer-dancer-comedians who are so likable and of-the-moment that they can do no wrong. Kendrick effortlessly bounces from a Twilight sequel to Joe Swanberg’s upcoming micro-brewing indie, Drinking Buddies, to the in-production film version of the cult musical The Last Five Years. Her solo in the a cappella movie Pitch Perfect — which involved a 75-year-old Appalachian folk song and a cup used as a percussion instrument, a trick she discovered via a video posted on, yes, Reddit — hit No. 64 on the Billboard Hot 100.

Still, Kendrick has a broad self-deprecating streak, which she’s channeled into her million-plus-follower Twitter account. Her most famous tweet implied she masturbated to Ryan Gosling movies (a joke, she clarifies). She sends consistently funny lines like, “Fuck you, recipes that list something chopped, covered in olive oil and baked for 20 minutes as an ‘ingredient.’ I am not Wonder Woman.”

“It’s nice to be able to check in with the universe,” she says. “Like, ‘Hey, I feel this way sometimes — does anybody else? You do? Great.’ ”

Growing up in Portland, Maine, Kendrick’s comedic sensibility was influenced by her father’s gallows Irish humor, which included taking her at age 12 to see Martin McDonagh’s Broadway play The Beauty Queen of Leenane. “We just spent the rest of the night doing quotes from, you know, a funny play about matricide,” she recalls.

At the time, Kendrick was working a few blocks away, starring in the musical High Society and becoming one of the youngest Tony Award nominees ever. She moved to L.A. at 19 and slowly built a career that took off seemingly overnight when she played a pushy consultant in Up in the Air. Her performance was so memorable that she’s had to work hard to keep things fresh. “I actively decided to look for things that were not feisty,” she says of the aftermath. “As recently as this month, I got this script that was, you know, no-nonsense, wearing a business suit, and I was immediately, like, I can’t even bother reading this.”

Despite her stardom, Kendrick shares her home in the Hollywood Dell with roommates, including one she’s had for eight years. Back when they lived in West Hollywood, things were harder — the electricity was turned off, and they were almost evicted.

Recently, she says, “After watching an episode of Hoarders, I was going through my closet and really trying to get rid of stuff.” Kendrick saw black pants and a white button-down she used in the past for catering jobs. “I finally threw them out, like, this month. It was a big step.”