Posted on Mon, 15 June 2009 03:36:22 by annakendrick

Special features captures now up!

The Road to Elsewhere Featurette

Deleted Scenes

Photo Gallery

Remember to submit for the Elsewhere DVD Giveaway! There are no entries so far which means there is an 100% chance of winning if you email AKN at explaining why you are Anna’s biggest fan!! For more info, view the June 11th update.

Posted on Sat, 13 June 2009 01:49:50 by annakendrick

I’ve finally got my hands on the Elsewhere DVD, and added a couple hundred screen captures to the gallery :wink::

The film is reallybeautifully filmed with lots of play with light and some subtle effects. I was glad it wasn’t too gory or scary, even though it is a thriller. Anna is very convincing as a concerned, not too-innocent high school girl. Supporting actors Olivia Dawn York, Chuck Carter and especially Kinna McInrow were really great and deserve major props! Chuck Carter (Sarah’s partner in-crime, Jasper) provides some much needed comic relief. The film was really similar to the Fear Itself episode Anna was in, which also focuses on Anna trying to solve the mysterious disappearance of a friend.

I’ll have the special feature caps up soon :smile:

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Thanks to Victor, who works for Special Ops for Promotion on Elsewhere, and has been nice enough to share some assets from Anna’s latest film with us :laughing:!

I’ve added a plethora of HQ Elsewhere Promotional photos:

He’s also shared with us some clips we haven’t seen yet…I’ve added the Nightmare scene to the video clips in the Gallery:

And lastly, Victor has given Anna Kendrick Network the opportunity to launch a DVD giveaway!! You can win a copy of Elsewhere by explaining why you think you are Anna’s biggest fan! (For the record, I am Anna’s biggest fan, so technically it is to see who her Second biggest fan is :tongue:) You can comment here or if you prefer privacy, send your answer to the AKN e-mail at I will end the contest once there are about five entries.

Note: The Elsewhere screencaps are coming soon however it is proving very difficult to get hold of the DVD – another reason why it will benefit you to enter this contest :wink:.

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Elsewhere has finally been released on DVD and Blu-ray! The thriller was shot in 2006 in Goshen, Indiana. Anna plays Sarah, a teen who goes on the search for her rebel friend after her disappearance. Bonus features include an audio commentary with director Nathan Hope and producer Vincent Palomino, “The Road to Elsewhere” making-of/interview featurette, deleted scenes and a photo gallery {DVD Town}.

DVD Talk gave the film and features a pretty intricate review, here’s what he said about Anna’s leading role:

Kendrick and Raymonde portray their characters beautifully and effortlessly. Kendrick has a solid assurance about her mixed with just the right hint of vulnerability and, at times, sullenness, that bring Sarah completely alive. {DVD Talk}

I will have Screencaps and my own Review up soon — but for now you can enjoy a couple clips and new photos that have been released from E1 Entertainment thanks to this nifty widget:wink::

You can also view the film clips on { E1’s Youtube}.

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I’m pleased to announce that Elsewhere will finally be on DVD June 2nd of this year. Besides watching Anna’s starring role as Sarah in the film, there will be selected special features such as interviews, deleted scenes, photos and more {}.

I have some exclusive photos of Anna and her co-star on the set of Fear Itself Stay tuned for more exclusives coming up… :laughing::

Posted on Thu, 22 January 2009 02:38:04 by annakendrick

Casting news for Anna yet again :laughing:! She was recently cast in the Universal adaption of the graphic novel Scott Pilgrim vs. the World.

“Pilgrim” centers on young slacker Scott Pilgrim (Michael Cera), who meets the woman of his dreams (Mary Elizabeth Winstead) but finds he can win her heart only by battling and defeating her seven evil ex-boyfriends. {}

The role Anna will be reprising is Pilgrim’s sister, alongiside Michael Cera as Scott Pilgrim!

I for one, am soo happy for Anna, she is just golden girl this month! Other upcoming AK related dates:

January 15 was the apparent release for Elsewhere, but no promotion yet, probably because it coincides with co-star Tania Raymonde’s new flick.
March 3 Filming for Up in the Air begins in St. Louis
March 21 Twilight DVD is released
March 30 Principal photography begins on Scott Pilgrim vs the World
March ? Production begins on Twilight:New moon

How she can fit this all into her schedule is beyond me:tongue:!