Anna attended Temperley London at London Fashion Week SS14 on September 15th. She wore a floral dress and seemed to be having a great time cracking up with Paloma Faith, Pixie Lott, and Peaches Geldof.

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Anna Kendrick on Fashion Shows, London, and Sweatpants

Anna Kendrick is currently filming Into the Woods in London, which is great news for Julien Macdonald, Alice Temperley and Vivienne Westwood, because she’s found time to attend their shows. (It’s also good news for straight-talking London cabbies, who she’s quoted once or twice on Twitter.) When we caught her in the front row on Sunday afternoon, she was wearing a matching Temperley embroidered blouse and skirt, and asked us to snap a picture of her with co-star Mackenzie Mauzy, who plays Rapunzel in the movie. The pair had sneaked off to the show between work commitments.

“I’m trying to work it all around my schedule, so after Julien Macdonald yesterday I went in and was recording songs,” said Kendrick. “It’s very, very fun because I get to be like a working woman – like, ‘I work hard and play hard’, kind of thing. I don’t get to feel that very often, because mostly I’m at home in sweatpants.”

But playing hard, it seems, just means going to shows. She’s not planning to attend any fashion week parties, or anything crazy like that. “Tomorrow we may be going to a low-key dinner thing… but it all gets a bit much,” she told us, scrunching up her nose. “Last night after I recorded, the princes in our film [Chris Pine and Billy Magnussen] were trying to get me to go out. I was like, I don’t know how you boys get the stamina, but I can’t handle it.” {}

Anna Kendrick Tells Us Why She Loves London At Fashion Week

Academy Award winner Anna Kendrick has touched down in London for her annual fashion fix. The Pitch Perfect star looked fabulous in Julien MacDonald at the designer’s show on Saturday night. At MacDonald perched on the FROW next to Pixie Lott in a racey black number and then this afternoon she was back on the FROW again in a princess dress at Temperley.

Anna Kendrick looked picture-perfect on the front row but Anna revealed to us that her look was put together at the very last second. ‘This was a last minute replacement but that’s always the way’ she said, before adding ‘you love something and then they send one last thing and it fits perfectly and feels really great.’ Mega kudos to Miss Kendrick for being so calm and collected amidst the chaso of fashion week. But she said to us she doesn’t get flustered by a change in plan as she revealed ‘My Oscars dress was a last minute change so I feel like now it’s part of the course.’

When we asked her what the best thing about fashion week is she quickly replied ‘being able to observe an art form that I don’t know that much about, but it is such an instinctual thing or a visceral thing if you react to it or not. It’s like going to a museum but getting to sit still.’ Well, we’ve never head anyone compare the FROW with the Natural History Museum before, but we kinda get where she’s coming from.

And speaking of all things cultural, we just had to ask – how do London girls compare to their New York counterparts? ‘I always feel that sense of glamour and history in everything in London’ Anna told us. ‘That might be my American personality projecting what I want to see in London fashion. I always appreciate the care and detail that goes into London fashion. I have a certain affection for London fashion.’

Anna is currently filming in London and says although she feels like this is her temporary home, she still loves playing the tourist. ‘Oh god I do the most cliché things in London,’ she told us. ‘I go to high tea because I think it’s so darling. That’s so annoying isn’t it, such a typical tourist thing to do.’ Anna, we’ll go for high tea with you anytime.’ {}