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Wooing him with those legs: Anna Kendrick shows off her pins in tiny shorts as she serenades co-star Jeremy Jordan

She’s playing the lead in a new romantic musical, and it looks like Anna Kendrick certainly knows a thing or two about wooing her man.

The stunning actress was spotted on the set of her new film The Last Five Years, serenading co-star Jeremy Jordan outside an apartment block.

The duo have been hard at work over the past few weeks shooting on location around New York.

Serenading: Anna Kendrick shoots scenes for her new film The Last Five Years in New York

Their latest scene saw Anna have her turn in the spotlight as she posed on some steps to sing to her on-screen lover.

Dressed in white denim shorts, Anna’s long toned legs were on display as the scene was shot in the blazing New York sunshine.

Anna’s look was completed with a navy tee and wedge sandals, with her long locks left loose and curled.

Leading male: Jeremy Jordan’s character was seen sitting above Anna Kendrick in the apartment as she belted out a song below

Whilst Anna was singing her heart out, Jeremy could be seen sitting in the window of the apartment block above.

The gorgeous Smash star was also dressed down in a striped jumper. It was obviously a tense scene as Jeremy looked grim-faced as Anna belted out her song.

Musical: Anna plays Cathy in the new film, which is based on the off–Broadway musical of the same name

A photo of their characters wedding could be seen resting in a frame behind Jeremy in the new scene, with the pic showing the pair looking a lot happier and decidedly more dapper.

That wedding scene was shot last week in Central Park with 27-year-old Anna wearing a stunning gown for the al fresco shots..

Wearing a low-cut cream lace gown and matching veil, Anna was seen strolling though New York’s famous Central Park for her on-screen big day.

The big day: Anna and Jeremy shot a wedding scene for their new film last week in the middle of Central Park

Anna and Jeremy have been seen filming non-stop for their new movie recently.

Jeremy plays novelist Jamie Wellerstein in love with Anna’s struggling actress character Cathy. Based on the 2002 off-Broadway musical, the duo each illustrates the struggle and deconstruction of their love affair.

The beautiful bride: Anna wore a stunning lace gown and veil to shoot scenes for The Last Five Years last week

The story is told in reverse chronological order and features two simultaneous story lines. Cathy’s tale starts at the end of the five year relationship whilst Jamie’s story line begins at the moment the couple first meet.

Due to hit cinemas next year, the characters do not directly interact except for their wedding song in the middle of the film, when their different timescales overlap.