Anna Kendrick: ‘Pitch Perfect’ Reunion at MTV Movie Awards?

Anna Kendrick: 'Pitch Perfect' Reunion at MTV Movie Awards?

Anna Kendrick bares her back in a black bathing suit during a vacation last week in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

The 27-year-old Pitch Perfect actress was at Garza Blanca Preserve Resort & Spa with friends for a week and had fun hiking into the forest, lounging on the beach and at the pool, and enjoying tequila and wine tastings.

Anna also posted a ton of photos on her Instagram account. Check them out at @AnnaKendrick47!

Rebel Wilson just tweeted that she is trying to get Anna and their Pitch Perfect castmates together for a reunion at the 2013 MTV Movie Awards.

“I’ve been talking to the Pitch Perfect cast about reuniting for a number at MTV Movie Awards..aca-let’s CRUSH IT,” Rebel wrote. We really hope this happens!!!

FYI: Anna is wearing a Marissa Webb dress on one day and a Philosophy Di Alberta Ferretti dress paired with a hat on a separate day. Her long necklace is the Karen London On A Roll necklace. {}

Anna Kendrick Exclusive Interview On Her Favourite Film Role

Anna Kendrick may have chosen an eclectic mix of parts – from Twilight to her Oscar-nominated role in Up In The Air – but she revealed to Marie Claire that she relished in playing a more gentle character in new movie End of Watch.

We spoke to the Twilight alumni about this move away from her previous roles, as she revealed playing Janet opposite Jake Gyllenhaal, was a challenge she loved. Anna Kendrick said: ‘It’s certainly nice to be playing someone a lot softer and it’s certainly different to the tone of the rest of the film.’

The star went on to praise the film’s writer and director, David Ayer saying: ‘I had to improvise a piece where I was on tape saying a message to Jake Gyllenhaal’s character and it was really special. David Ayer is this big tough guy but he writes beautiful parts for women.’

Anna Kendrick also plays her roles beautifully as any fan of hers will know but she’s also keen to share what makes British men so beautiful to Americans, after all she is she is dating, English writer/director Edgar Wright.

Anna said: ‘Aside from the adorable accent, the sense of humour is a big part of why Americans love British men. American guys try really hard to be funny, but there’s a self deprecating humour with British guys that I think is really appealing and endearing.’

When Anna isn’t praising our nation’s men, she’s sharing personal photos with her fans on Instagram the latest of which show the star adopting a variety of fun poses including one in a swimsuit by a pool, climbing a mountain with friends and fitting inside a kitchen cupboard – as you do! {}

Pitch Perfect star Anna Kendrick ‘splits’ from longtime love, Shaun of the Dead director Edgar Wright

Pitch Perfect star Anna Kendrick is believed to have split from long-term boyfriend, director Edgar Wright, according to friends of the couple.

The likeable pair had been together since 2009 and kept their relationship private and low-key, unlike other Hollywood couples.

However, a friend told MailOnline: ‘Anna and Edgar really love each other, but the relationship ended amicably. They’re both great, funny people.’

Oscar nominated Anna, 27, has been been raising eyebrows with provocative and funny confessions to her 973,000 followers on Twitter – and recently posted a series of stunning shots of her on holiday in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico with friends last month.

She met Brit Edgar, 38, when he directed her in Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, but always declined to discuss their romance. When asked about their relationship in October, she said: ‘He’s good, but I don’t really talk about him.’

And in an interview with The Guardian in May, the star – who was nominated for an Academy Award in 2010 for her role in Up In The Air – said she hated seeing paparazzi photographs of them together, saying: ‘I started crying immediately. It was like someone emailing a picture of you sleeping. It felt scary and dangerous. It still does. I try to ignore it.’

It is believed the couple found it hard to continue a romance because Anna lives in LA and Edgar is based in London.

The petite brunette’s career is going from strength to strength. Last year, she starred in surprise hit Pitch Perfect alongside Bridesmaids star Rebel Wilson and has a roster of movies slated for release later this year.

She will star in a film about recent college graduates hunting for employment, titled Get a job, with Breaking Bad’s Bryan Cranston as well as Alison Brie.

She also stars in ‘end of the world’ movie Rapturepalooza, co-starring Rob Corddry and John Francis Daley, which is about two teens who battle their way through a religious apocalypse on a mission to defeat the Antichrist.

Close: Anna Kendrick and Edgar Wright, seen here in Canada in 2010, were together for more than two years.

While Shaun of the Dead director Edgar – who is best friends with actor Simon Pegg – is currently editing another movie that he wrote with Pegg called World’s End, also featuring Shaun of the Dead co-stars Pegg, Nick Frost and Martin Freeman.

And he’s in pre-production for another film called Ant Man.

A spokeswoman for Anna told MailOnline: ‘It is my policy not to comment on client’s personal life’

A spokesman for Edgar has yet to comment.

While between movies, Anna has been making the most of her time off and posted a seductive photo of herself to Instagram in a backless swimsuit in Mexico.

The star accompanied the photograph with a humorous caption: ‘I’m bringin’ sexy back #PUNS #NailedIt #FistPump’

The double entendre was a nod to Justin Timberlake’s hit single SexyBack from 2006’s FutureSex/LoveSounds.

But Anna seemed to think her experiments in lighthearted exhibitionism required further explanation.

On Tuesday, Anna tweeted what appeared to be a justification for her risqué self-portrait: ‘How will I ever subject my future children to sufficient character-building humiliation if Glamour Shots no longer exists?’

Anna caught attention in January with a tweet about masturbating to Ryan Gosling in a public movie theater.

Her naughty admission quickly went viral as fans retweeted her message: ‘Ugh – NEVER going to a Ryan Gosling movie in a theater again. Apparently masturbating in the back row is still considered “inappropriate”.’

I hope it’s not true that Anna and Edgar split — they were SO perfect together :-/!