Gallery Update: Recent Candids

Candids > Candids in 2013 > February 7: Heading to a Meeting in L.A.

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Candids > Candids in 2013 > February 1: Picking up groceries in L.A.

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Candids > Candids in 2013 > January 23: Shopping at Gelson’s in L.A.

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2 thoughts on “Gallery Update: Recent Candids

  1. you may upload the news about movie” the last five years” . Screendaily report the movie got fund already. I think they will shoot this movie soon .maybe this year.


    The Exchange, Grand Peaks launch film fund

    Exchange president Laura Ivey will run the fund and report to CEO O’Shea. Vice-president of VP of worldwide distribution Nat McCormick introduced Grand Peaks to The Exchange.

    Exchange Peaks Film Capital will participate in all forms of production financing, including minimum guarantees, gap, super gap, tax credits, foreign sales collateral, bridge and equity lending.

    Ivey said Exchange Peaks Film Capital was eyeing to finance and produce four to six feature projects per year.

    “We are thrilled to partner with The Exchange on this fund and are excited to expand our relationship together in the future, as well as to help talented film-makers bring their visions to life,” said Grand Peaks partner Alan Simpson.

    O’Shea added: “Exchange Peaks Film Capital is an integral component to building The Exchange. From the start, we envisioned adding a financing side to the company and have found the ideal partner in Grand Peaks.”

    Richard LaGravenese will direct Anna Kendrick in the stage musical adaptation The Last 5 Years. O’Shea introduced the project to buyers at the AFM last November.

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