Pitch Perfect Sequel Planned

Pitch Perfect was just released on DVD, and it looks like a sequel is already in the works!

There’s a lot of reasons to enjoy Pitch Perfect, not least of which is Anna Kendrick‘s musical cups routine. Add to this some good gags, breezy-silly pop music and a strong supporting cast and I’m not surprised the film was a popular hit.

And so it follows that Universal will want a sequel. Speaking to Movieweb, male lead Skylar Astin says he’s on the wish list for returning cast members – and he’s not the only one:

I do have a meeting with a Universal representative next week. And I know that Rebel Wilson had hers last weekend. It’s definitely a talking point.

I’m sure that they’ll be speaking to Kendrick too, and if they can get her – or if they have her on a multi-film contract, and exercise that option – we’ll be seeing a sequel.

The original Pitch Perfect opens in UK cinemas this Friday. I saw it in LA a few weeks back and enjoyed it, with a few reservations about its portrayal of gay characters and a bit of naff slapstick. It’s broadly comparable to Bring It On but certainly not as sharp or well made. Still, I think it’s fun and that’s sometimes enough.

I hope there are new developments with this soon! Also, if you are a Canadian fan, there is a contest to win a blu-ray combo pack of Pitch Perfect at Tribute.ca. Screencaps soon!

2 thoughts on “Pitch Perfect Sequel Planned

  1. Man I love Anna Kendrick I’m a huge fan and I love the movie pitch perfect. Anna if you read these you are a young pretty talented woman.

  2. Big fan of A.K. and L-L-L-LOVED Pitch Perfect! However, if they do a Pitch Perfect II, I hope they keep Rebel, Skylar (great singer!) and Ester and not Anna Kendrick. I think that it would not be a way to get better roles for her and may hinder her success. Beca was a loner who found her place in a group and her amazing talent and voice would help the movie, but I would not want to have her typecast. I know, Twilight didn’t hurt her, but she wasn’t the lead actress. I was going to say, “best of luck Anna” but her talent will take her much further than any luck ever could.

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