Anna has a small cameo in Ben Folds‘ new music video, ‘Do it Anyway’, which also features Jim Hensen’s Fraggles! Here is the video (Anna’s at the 3.30 mark) and behind the scenes look at the making of:

Fraggles Crash Ben Folds Five Session in ‘Do It Anyway’

Jim Henson’s Fraggles crash Ben Folds Five’s recording session in the band’s new video for “Do It Anyway,” from The Sound of the Life of the Mind, the group’s first album in 13 years. The reunited piano rockers jam out in the studio with comedian Chris Hardwick, Up In The Air star Anna Kendrick and a hilarious Rob Corddry as their wacky producer. As the track chugs and rambles forward, the Muppets step in to harmonize, play along and clown around. But no matter how good your band is, without a proper producer, nothing will ever make it to tape. {}