Anna has a new photospread with the October edition of InStyle Russia. She looks gorgeous in th classical shoot. HQ scans coming ASAP!

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Anna taped an episode of “Extra” with Mario Lopez and Maria Menounas at the Grove in L.A. September 17th:

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Anna Kendrick on Jake Gyllenhaal: ‘I Like a Little Scruff’

Actress Anna Kendrick is starring in two big movies this fall, “End of Watch” and “Pitch Perfect.” “Extra’s” Mario Lopez caught up with the in-demand starlet to find out about both.

Anna plays Jake Gyllenhaal’s wife in the gritty drama “End of Watch.” She joked with Mario about how the pair got “fake intimate.”

“He’s a great kisser,” she said. “He’s a real gentleman, yes. It is weird now because… he’s all hairy again. Hair on his head, hair on his face… I got used to him being completely smooth all over his head [for the movie]… I like a little scruff.”

Anna has also been busy promoting her “Glee” meets “Bring It On” smackdown movie, “Pitch Perfect.” She told Mario, “I’m singing all over this movie… a lot of pop songs, but I was really excited to sing ‘No Diggity.’” {}

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Appearances & Events > 2012 > September 17: “End Of Watch” – Los Angeles Premiere – After-Party

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Getting ready for their weekend debut, the stars of “End of Watch” hit up the Regal Cinema for their Los Angeles, CA premiere on Monday night (September 17).

After an exciting night at the ALMA awards, Jake Gyllenhaal graced the red carpet along with co-stars Michael Peña, Anna Kendrick, America Ferrera, Natalie Martinez and Cody Horn.

Also turning up for the cinema celebration were lovely ladies like Audrina Patridge, Jennie Garth while fellas such as 50 Cent, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Joe Manganiello turned up to catch an advance look at the new crime drama.

Meanwhile, in a recent interview with Chicago’s Sun-Times, Pena talked about the dangers of the role, explaining, “It was sort of hot when I raced into the building. Then the smoke came down over us while we were crawling. It was the perfect layer of smoke. A second later, the entire room we were in burst into flames.”

He added, “In two seconds, my entire body was drenched in sweat. I’m not a Method actor, but the reaction of abject fear on my face is real.”

Check out a trailer for the film above and catch “End Of Watch” when it hits theaters on Friday, September 21st. {}