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Anna Kendrick and Brittany Snow: ‘Pitch Perfect’ Movie Set Visit Sneak Peek!

What Glee did for high school musical theater, Pitch Perfect is about to do for college a capella.

You read that right.

Pitch Perfect makes a capella cool in a catchy (think Carly Rae Jepsen stuck in your head on repeat) and super clever kind of way.

Cambio sent our friends VanJess to the movie’s Baton Rouge, La, set way back in November to go behind the scenes.

Check out the awesome dance scenes (yes, that’s Rebel Wilson from Bridesmaids getting her groove on and her constricting costume off) and our interviews with stars Anna Kendrick (who plays Beca, an outsider who thinks she’s too indie to join the Bellas) and Brittany Snow (who is determined to convince her otherwise) in the video above. {}