Anna was on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson May 10th, and I was luky enough to attend the live taping of the show in L.A. and even ran into Anna backstage!! Read more about my fangirl moment below :D!

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I met Anna today! I went to see The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson. Anna’s interview was a bit awkward, with Craig asking random questions as usual and even asking her to play cards at one point, but Anna held her own and made the most of it. After the show as we were walking out of CBS studios, I spotted her running around, having changed out of her dress for her appearance and in more casual jean capris. I said “Hi, Anna!” as she was heading back inside the dressing room, and told her that I run her fansite. She said that was bananas, and seemed genuinely excited to see me too. She was super nice and even gave me a hug. It’s pretty rewarding having met Anna after being a fan forever (I started the site back in ’07), it was a complete an out of body experience. I wish I said more and unfortunately I couldn’t get a photo with her because they confiscated all cameras and phones before the taping and we hadn’t got ours back yet, but my memory will serve me well!!