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Anna Kendrick is the cover girl for Remix Magazine! She has a new photospread and interview:

Anna is in the latest version of Total Film magazine, with an HQ version of a lovely 2009 photoshoot:

There is a Behind the Scenes video/interview of Anna shooting the cover for Zoeey Magazine’s October/November edition, as well as 4 new outtakes!

Anna attended the European premiere of “50/50” at the BFI London Film Festival at Vue West End this evening. She looked gorgeous in a slate blue dress and matching makeup!:

Appearances & Events > 2011 > October 13: The BFI London Film Festival – “50/50” Premiere

Anna arrived in the U.K. yesterday to promote “50/50”. She was on ITV’s “This Morning” today, and will be attending the “50/50” screening at the London Film Festival tonight! Hopefully a video of Anna’s interview from this morning will make its way to the internet, for now here are some HQ photos of Anna arriving at the ITV studios:

As we first reported, Anna recently joined the cast of “The Company You Keep“. There are now a few articles on Anna’s role and some other new cast mates. Anna will play, Diana – a young FBI agent and Shia Lebeauf’s ex girlfriend :D:

Anna Kendrick, Brendan Gleeson join ‘The Company You Keep’

Anna Kendrick and Brendan Gleeson have signed up for Robert Redford’s upcoming political thriller The Company You Keep.

The pair will also be joined by Iron Man star Terence Howard in the film, which will be directed by the legendary actor.

Redford will star in the lead role of the Neal Gordon adaptation, which centres around a militant who is chased by a journalist that knows his true identity.

Shia LaBeouf, Susan Sarandon and Stanley Tucci will also star in the film. Shooting started in Vancouver last month.

Kendrick will play LaBeouf’s ex-girlfriend, who helps him gain information to track Redford’s character.

The Twilight actress also appears in the cancer-themed comedy 50/50 starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

The Company You Keep Adds Anna Kendrick and Terrence Howard

Director Robert Redford has added a few more actors to his roster for his upcoming political thriller The Company You Keep, including Anna Kendrick, Terrence Howard, Brendan Gleeson, Sam Elliott, and newcomer Jackie Evancho, an 11-year-old finalist on America’s Got Talent.

The actors join Robert Redford, Shia LaBeouf, Brit Marling, Nick Nolte, Susan Sarandon, Richard Jenkins, Julie Christie, Stephen Root, Stanley Tucci and Chris Cooper in the Lem Dobbs-scripted pic, based on the novel by Neil Gordon.

Robert Redford stars as Jim Grant, a former Weather Underground militant wanted by the FBI for 30 years who must go on the run when a young, ambitious reporter (Shia LaBeouf) exposes his true identity.

Anna Kendrick will play Diana, a young FBI agent and Shia LaBeouf’s former flame who provides him with information he needs to uncover the truth about Grant and the Bank of Michigan robbery.

Terrence Howard will play Cornelius, the senior FBI agent on the case who has relentlessly pursued Grant across the nation and now leads the task force assigned to take down the Weather Underground fugitives who have been on the run for three decades.

Brendan Gleeson will play Henry Osborne, the retired Michigan Chief of Police who investigated the bank robbery in the 1960s.

Sam Elliott will play Mac, Christie’s employer in the marijuana trade who used to be romantically involved with her.

Jackie Evancho will play Robert Redford’s daughter, who recently lost her mother and is unaware of her father’s militant past.

The political action thriller is currently filming in Vancouver.

The Company You Keep is in development and stars Shia LaBeouf, Robert Redford, Susan Sarandon, Richard Jenkins, Julie Christie, Brit Marling, Nick Nolte. The film is directed by Robert Redford.

Anna’s IMDB is also showing her name listed in Pitch Perfect, so it should only be a matter of time before her involvement with that is made official as well :D!

Brought to you by VERSATILE – Your Best Anna Kendrick Source @!

Here’s Anna running from the rain on a grocery run October 5th. Candids can be found in the Versatile Forums:

Brought to you by VERSATILE – Your Best Anna Kendrick Source @!,

Anna is the Zooey Magazine Cover girl for their October/November issue :D! Here is a preview of the cover, which goes on sale this weekend!

She likes to bake, she plays Angry Birds in her free time, and she stars alongside three popular names (Joseph-Gordon Levitt, Seth Rogan, and Bryce Dallas Howard) in the new “50/50? movie that premieres in theatres this Friday. Anna Kendrick, 26, is the red hot actress of this season and she graces the October/November cover of Zooey Magazine. Kendrick was photographed by Christopher Kilkus and Melis Kuris.

The issue also features familiar “Twilight” boys such as Michael Welch, Alex Meraz, Bronson Pelletier, and Guri Weinberg.

The issue will hit more stands – an updated list of bookstores/newsstands will be available on Zooey’s website this weekend!

Brought to you by VERSATILE – Your Best Anna Kendrick Source @!,

Anna and cast members of “50/50” were on Anderson Cooper’s new talk show, ‘Anderson’, today. Here is are some stills and a preview clip!

Media & Interviews > Talk Shows > Stills > Anderson Cooper – September 28, 2011

Anna has also done a ton of new print and video interviews to promote “50/50”, which comes out this Friday. Here are some new articles:

Interview Magazine: Anna Kendrick Takes Her Chances

Anna Kendrick has a knack for playing precocious go-getters. Since breaking out as a pint-sized, Sondheim-loving schemer in 2003?s Camp, she’s won acclaim as a cutthroat high school debate champion in Rocket Science (2007) and as George Clooney’s hyper-ambitious foil in Up in the Air (2009). The latter film also netted Kendrick an Oscar nomination.

But in the new comedy 50/50, Kendrick shines as a very different sort of character. She plays Katherine, a 24-year-old therapist who finds that she’s in over her head when she begins treating Adam (Joseph Gordon-Levitt), a 27-year-old with a rare, often deadly form of spinal cancer. Before 50/50?s September 30 release, we chatted with Kendrick about overcoming cuteness, Breaking Dawn: Part 1 (Kendrick plays Jessica, Bella Swan’s very human friend, in the Twilight films), and the ’90s musical she just can’t quit.

HILLARY BUSIS: 50/50?s script is based on screenwriter Will Reiser’s life. What’s that like, knowing you’re working off someone’s personal experience?

ANNA KENDRICK: Well, two things helped. One was that my character is totally fictional, which is great. It takes some of the pressure off, certainly. And then, I was initially really nervous about meeting Will because I read the script, and the story is so funny—but also, it’s so real and so sad and so scary for whoever must have lived it. And you know that, reading it. So I was nervous to meet him because I thought I was supposed to try to say something profound: “Thank you for sharing your story!” or some horrible thing like that. And I met him and he’s just so lovely and so warm and funny that you just feel like, “Oh, okay, you’re just a real person and I’m allowed to joke around with you.” {Read More}

MTV: Anna Kendrick Is As Excited As You Are To See ‘Breaking Dawn’

“The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1? may have brought star Taylor Lautner to tears, but a handful of his cast mates, including Anna Kendrick, haven’t had the pleasure.

When we caught up with the 26-year-old actress at last night’s premiere for her other tearjerker, “50/50,” we were surprised to learn she hadn’t seen the November 18 release.

“I haven’t seen it yet,” Anna admitted. “I’m just as excited as the fans to see it because I haven’t seen any of it myself.”

And then we made her squirm by asking about THE VAMPIRE SEX.

“Oh, yeah. It’s like a whole thing,” Anna conceded. “Now I’m uncomfortable. It’s one thing to read about it…” {Read All}

Brought to you by VERSATILE – Your Best Anna Kendrick Source @!

Anna looks gorgeous at the “50/50? Premiere in New York. Here are the first pics of Anna’s arrival, looking darling in a lilac mini dress:

Brought to you by VERSATILE – Your Best Anna Kendrick Source @!

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