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Anna was ranked as one of People’s 25 Beauties at 25:

At 25, Kendrick has impressed leading men like George Clooney and Robert Pattinson with both her brains and her beauty. “Anna’s a wonderful breath of fresh air,” Up in the Air director Jason Reitman told Vogue of his Oscar-nominated star. “She’s not afraid of her intelligence.”

Starpulse interviewed producer Effie Brown, who worked with Anna in her breakout film, “Rocket Science,” and had some nice comments about her talent:

Casting is always key in a great indie film – such is the case with the amazing film “Rocket Science” and especially the casting a young future Oscar nominee Anna Kendrick. Did you sense making that film that she was destined to become big?

EB: I have to give it to Jeff Blitz the director – he really spotted it first. He was like, ‘Whoa, whoa, whoa,’ and then we looked again and were like, ‘Wow, you’re right!’ I have to say I’m blessed with this because it’s the same thing with America Ferrera for “Real Women Have Curves.” She did that role, it was a breakout role, then from there “The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants” and she also did “Ugly Betty” – “Real Women Have Curves” was her first real film. And even though Anna Kendrick did another movie that actually did well called “Camp,” sometimes when you see something what’s great about indie films is you can take more of a chance. You don’t have to go with the flavor of the week and that’s the good thing about independent filmmaking. But Anna Kendrick is fierce, like now we couldn’t probably get her – I’d have to call in a lot of favors! (Laughs) Do you remember when, before you were with George Clooney?!

Anna and her Twilight human co-stars, Michael Welch and Justin Chon, were seen out in chilly Vancouver off set for Breaking Dawn April 6th:

Anna and Justin Chon went grocery shopping in Vancouver while on break from filming Breaking Dawn :):

Justin Chon lifts some grocery bags over his head as he and Anna Kendrick head back to their hotel in Vancouver on Friday afternoon (April 1).

The humans of Twilight are back in the city to complete their scenes in the final film of the Saga.

We spot some Special K cereal in their bags! Yummy!

Anna was recently seen out in Los Angeles at the Vivienne Westwood boutique opening. {Just Jared}

Anna is back in Toronto to continue filming Breaking Dawn. There are candids of her and co-star Justin Chon arriving in the airport this morning. She tweeted, “Flights this early shouldn’t exist” :p.

Fresh from a north of the border flight, Anna Kendrick was spotted touching down at the Vancouver International Airport on Thursday (March 31).

The “Twilight” star looked cute in skinny jeans, strappy sandals and an orange and white scarf as she walked to her awaiting vehicle before heading off to prep for her scenes in “The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn.”

Prior to making the trip to Canada, Ms Kendrick spent the previous night attending the Vivienne Westwood Flagship Store grand opening in Los Angeles.

Decked in some of Westwood’s infamous designs, the young actress had a fabulous night as she mingled amongst the crowd, happily smiling for photos along the way. {}