Anna arriving @ Comedy Awards

Anna was spotted yesterday in New York City. It looks like she’s wearing a nice dress so hopefully we’ll see what she’s up to soon – a new event or TV appearance, perhaps? Turns out Anna was arriving for the comedy awards.

Hopefully we’ll have more photos of Anna inside the awards soon. I don’t think she walked the red carpet. Here’s a fan video from the arrivals though:

There’s also a similar video of Anna arriving at the Jameson Empire Awards yesterday, which you can see here. Unfortunately, Anna didn’t walk the red carpet here either, so there are no professional photos of her, but a few fan photos which are coming soon. She was at the London event probably to support her BF Edgar Wright, who won Best Director for Scott Pilgrim Vs. the World, as well as received the Inspiration Award :D!

2 thoughts on “Anna arriving @ Comedy Awards

  1. Yup, I know he won at the empire awards, I hadn’t heard about the comedy awards, But I updated the post and there will be fan photos from both coming soon :)

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