Anna attended the Fig & Olive Melrose Place Grand Opening Party March 4th in Hollywood, we have 7 high qualities in the gallery :D:

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EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Twilight Star Anna Kendrick Addicted to Angry Birds!

Oh, Twi-hards. You just may have more in common with Anna Kendrick than you think!

When I caught up with the 25-year-old Oscar nominee who plays “Jessica Stanley” in The Twilight Saga at the grand opening of Fig & Olive on Melrose Place, she dished exclusively to PopStop TV about her favorite iPhone application – Angry Birds!

“Oh, actually, I was playing it in the car on the way over here, is that bad?” Anna joked. “No, I have like 3 stars on every level. It’s disgusting how much I play that game. It’s not like ‘Oh, what level am I on,’ It’s like ‘Do I need therapy to break myself from playing angry birds?’”

We can’t help but to wonder if she gets together with Rob Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, Taylor Lautner and have an Angry Birds battle when during lunch breaks on set!

As a competitive Angry Birds player myself, I challenge Anna to an epic duel the next time we see her! {Pop Stop}