Anna @ Fallout: New Vegas Brunch

Anna attended a brunch this afternoon following last nights appearance of “Fallout: New Vegas” Launch Event Featuring Vampire Weekend. Anna is seen at TAO Beach at the Venetian in Los Vegas, posing with CEO of ZeniMax, Robert Altman:


Ooh, there’s a new article out about Edgar Wright that mentions that he and Anna are dating. While Edgar isn’t quoted on it, it is written factually <3:

As a teenager obsessed with films, his current life — living in Hollywood, hanging out with Quentin Tarantino, collaborating with Steven Spielberg and dating Oscar nominee Anna Kendrick — would probably have seemed the product of a particularly indulgent fantasy.

He admits that he drives even himself crazy, and wishes he could have more fun on set. But it doesn’t seem to matter: the young Scott Pilgrim cast speak of him adoringly — and 25-year-old Kendrick, Oscar-nominated for her role in Up In The Air, who plays Scott Pilgrim’s sister, is now his girlfriend. {}

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