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Anna did an interview for Portland Monthly back in 2008, and I have found a new candid and unearthed the transcript. This was right around the time  Anna had just finished shooting The Marc Pease Experience, so she is talking about working with Jason Schwartzman and Ben Stiller, and lots about her hometown 🙂 :

When did you get your role in The Marc Pease Experience?

I got the phone call on Valentine’s Day last year. I usually have bad luck on Valentine’s Day, so I was very nervous when I heard I’d get the decision [by telephone] then. Up until then, anything work-related that had happened on a Valentine’s Day had just gone down the toilet. So this was great. It reversed my luck!

Do Ben Stiller and Jason Schwartzman know you’re from Maine?

I remember talking to Jason, because he used to be the drummer for Phantom Planet. When I told him I was from here, he immediately said he liked Portland because he’d come here with his band, and all of a sudden I blurted out, ‘I was there! You opened for Incubus at the Civic Center.’ It all came back to me: ‘Your lead singer stage dived, and a group of my friends caught him!’

Was there a real-life Jason Schwartzman counterpart at Deering when you went there–you know, your basic uber-loser who returns eight years after graduating in disguise so that he can star in your high-school production of The Wiz?

No! I’ve never met anybody like Jason, and I don’t think anybody has met anybody like Marc Pease. He’s one of a kind.

Take us behind the curtain during filming.

I remember my first day. Jason and Ben knew how terrified I was about the whole thing, so they took it easy on the practical jokes–it was obviously a very big deal for me. But there was one time: Ben plays my music teacher, and in one scene, we were doing vocal warm-ups and Ben started improvising funnier and funnier things that I had to repeat back to him. It turned out everybody was laughing in the background, but I was white as a ghost. In-between, the script supervisor said, ‘What he said was so funny–I can’t believe you’re not laughing; this is so incredibly professional of you.’ I said, ‘This is not skill, this is fear.‘

In what ways is your character like the person you were at Deering High, and in what ways is she different?

She’s romantically involved with two older men, which is certainly nothing I was involved with at Deering. She’s vulnerable and in the process of discovering her strengths, and I think I shared that with everyone going through high school.

Have you had to alter your Broadway live-audience gestures for movies? Exactly what measures did you take?

I was lucky. My first film was a film about theater, called Camp, in 2003, so that kind of eased me into the transition.

Where is the premiere going to be when the movie comes out, and what friends of yours from Maine will attend?

I imagine it will be in L.A., and what I’ll have to do during the premiere will be a lot like working. I like to keep that whole part of my life private.

You’re not doing a very good job of that!

It’s more like, I’d hate to disillusion any of my friends about how un-fun L.A. can actually be.

There’s a 20 year age gap between you and Ben Stiller. Did he make jokes about that, or did you?

Oh, yeah. He was cool and cracked a couple of jokes. But like I said, I was too nervous to make jokes myself!

What’s your ‘role that got away,’ so far?

They’re remaking my favorite film, The Women, and it’s my tough luck that they didn’t make it 15 years from now, because I’m too young for any of those roles.

How are you a different actress than if you’d been born in California or New York?

Growing up in a normal atmosphere and going to public schools in a life that seems, in comparison, to be ‘humble’ beginnings, is invaluable. I don’t understand how a girl who’s grown up in California can even play your average Joe. I wouldn’t just be a different actress if I’d grown up in New York or California–I’d be a different person.

What does it take to make you feel you’ve really returned to Maine during a visit?

I’d have to watch a football game with my dad. Patriots, obviously. I know this is not very Maine-like, but my dad and I have to get the spicy scallop roll at Yosaku. I also love Foley’s Bakery and Street & Company.

What’s your favorite film performance by a Maine actor?

Bob Marley in Boondock Saints is fantastic.

How often do you come to Maine?

I usually just come for Christmas, but then somebody gets married or graduates, so it ends up to be twice a year.

If your life were a movie here in Portland, where would you have to go when you had to be alone to think things through, the way Spiderman goes up into his tower?

I go to the woods on Leland Street above the Deering High football field to hear myself think, or Fort Williams.

We celebrated you as one of the “Ten Most Intriguing People in Maine” when you were 13. Did your fellow students razz you about that?

I’m sure they didn’t mean anything by it. When you’re in middle school, any attention feels like negative attention. I definitely felt different when I came back [from her Tony-nominated and Drama Desk-award-winning role in High Society on Broadway] as a teenager. They say you can never go home again, but it’s strange. On one side, you feel like you’re the person you were. The atmosphere feels the same, so why shouldn’t you feel the same? Then I have to remind myself that I’ve been taking care of myself since I was 17 and you have to move on. Uh-oh! My mom just gave me a look.

Read it all in the Press Archives.

Anna attended a Benefit for CORZO and the founders of Art Mere Art Pere’s Livestrong Foundation on September 23 at Smashbox Studios, Hollywood. Other guests included Scott Pilgrim co-star Audrey Plaza, plus Reece Witherspoon and John Hamm:


You can see candids of Anna on her way out at

Scott Pilgrim Vs. the World is set to be released on DVD and blu-ray November 9th! There are a ton of special features available, the most Anna/Stacey Pilgrim-ish being rehearsal and casting footage, cast commentary, deleted scenes, bloopers and gallery!


* INSIDER DOCUMENTARIES: Making of Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, Music Featurette, You Too Can Be Sex Bob-Omb
* ALTERNATE FOOTAGE: A special look at alternative edits to the film.
* PRE-PRODUCTION: A look inside the film’s pre-production process including storyboards, pre-visualizations, animatics, motion capture tests, rehearsal footage, casting tapes, hair/make-up tests and more!
* THE MUSIC OF SCOTT PILGIRM VS. THE WORLD: This feature includes four complete music videos and video remixes from legendary DJ Osymyso.
* VISUAL EFFECTS: This feature takes a second look at the movie’s inventive visual effects.
* SOUND WORK: A mini documentary about the creation of the film’s super-powered sonic landscape.
* TRAILERS & TV SPOTS from the theatrical release of the film
* ADULT SWIM™: Scott Pilgrim vs. The Animation
* BEHIND-THE-SCENES PRODUCTION BLOGS from the set of Scott Pilgrim vs. the World by director /producer/ co-writer Edgar Wright.
* FREE BONUS MOVIE FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY: Blu-ray Combo Pack consumers will have instant access to stream action hits Tremors or Pitch Black via BD-Live, Smartphone or computer.
* U-CONTROL: Universal’s exclusive signature feature allows viewers to delve into the making of the film with the click of the remote without ever leaving the movie — STORYBOARD PICTURE-IN-PICTURE
* POCKET BLU™ APP: USHE’s groundbreaking pocket BLU™ app uses iPhone®, iPod® touch, iPad™, Blackberry®, Nokia® Android™, PC and Macintosh to work seamlessly with a network-connected Blu-ray™ player and offers advanced features such as:
* Advanced Remote Control: A sleek, elegant new way to operate your Blu-ray™ player. Users can navigate through menus, playback and BD-Live™ functions with ease.
* Video Timeline: Users can easily bring up the video timeline, allowing them to instantly access any point in the movie
* Mobile-To-Go: Users can unlock a selection of bonus content with their Blu-ray™ discs to save to their device or to stream from anywhere there’s a Wi-Fi network, enabling them to enjoy exclusive content on the go, anytime, anywhere.
* Virtual Keyboard: Enter data into a Blu-ray™ player with your device’s easy and intuitive keyboard that will facilitate such Blu-ray™ features as chatting with friends and sending messages.
* DIGITAL COPY OF THE FILM: Blu-ray™ consumers can download a digital version of the movie to their Mac® and or Windows® PC for a limited time only.
* BD-LIVE™: Access the BD-Live™ Center through your Internet-connected player to watch the latest trailers and more.
* MY SCENES: Bookmark your favorite scenes from the movie.


* DELETED AND ALTERNATE SCENES with commentary from director/producer/ co-writer Edgar Wright
* FEATURE COMMENTARIES: Feature Commentary with director/producer/co-writer Edgar Wright, co-writer Michael Bacall and Author Bryan Lee O’Malley; Technical Commentary with director/producer/co-writer Edgar Wright and director of photography Bill Pope; Cast commentary with Michael Cera, Jason Schwartzman, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Ellen Wong and Brandon Routh; Cast commentary with Anna Kendrick, Aubrey Plaza, Kieran Culkin and Mark Webber
* BEHIND-THE-SCENES PHOTO GALLERIES including Edgar Wright’s photo blog
* GALLERIES: Production photos, art galleries and marketing concepts.

UK DVD/Blu-ray

* 5 minutes and 45 seconds of TV spots
* A 1 minute and 24 second international trailer
* An audio commentary with Michael Cera, Jason Schwartzman, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Ellen Wong, and Brandon Routh
* Another with Anna Kendrick, Aubrey Plaza, Kieran Culkin, and Mark Webber
* 20 minutes and 11 seconds of “Additional material Bonus X 2 3 Trailers” – is that twenty three trailers? (Note: I think there are three extra trailers and the “Bonus X 2″ is a video game/in-movie reference).
* The “main” trailer and teaser
* The Osymyso remix clips, totaling a run time of 9 minutes and 13 seconds.

Scott Pilgrim has a running hour 1 hour 52 minutes and is rated PG-13 for stylized violence, sexual content, language and drug references.

And as long as we’re talking about Anna’s movies, I heard Live With It has been getting some surprise screenings lately :D!

Here’s a cute montage Anna is a part of that was shot during the Elle Magazine shoot to wish the magazine a Happy 25th Birthday!


Word on the street is that Anna was in attendance at Sony’s “The Social Network” screening with Edgar Wright in L.A last night ;D.

EDIT Here are our HQ, untagged scans — Anna looks gorgeous, oui?

Magazines & Scans > Interviews > Elle – October 2010


Megan Fox is one of 25 female stars in their mid-20s chosen to celebrate 25 years of US Elle.

And the 24-year-old Transformers star appears on one of four special 25th anniversary covers of the magazine, along with TV star Lauren Conrad and actresses Amanda Seyfried and Gabourey Sidibe.

Other twentysomething stars celebrated in the magazine include Up In The Air actress, Anna Kendrick, 25, model Lauren Bush, 26, Glee’s Lea Michele, 24, Leonardo DiCaprio’s girlfriend, model Bar Refaeli, 25, actress Mila Kunis, 27, and John McCain’s daughter Meghan McCain, 25.

Asked what it’s like to be married in her 20s, Fox says: ‘When I talk about my husband [actor Brian Austin Green], I feel as if people roll their eyes.

‘It’s like when you’re 16 and order a Martini, and the waiter says, ‘Do you think I’m stupid?’

‘They can’t grasp that I’m old enough to be married.’

Seyfried, who turns 25 in December, was asked what were the best and worst things about being in her mid-20s.

The Mamma Mia! star said: ‘The best thing is I’m happy.

‘The worst is that I’m scared; the scariest thing is that I know it can’t be easy – the years to come.’ {}

Emma Stone also briefly mentions Anna in an interview with She talks about how she was intimidated by Anna and some of the other stars on the Vanity fair shoot that were nominated for an Oscar.

Okay so since Anna news is going kind of slow at the moment (I know, two weeks constitutes as slow in Anna-world) I’ve added a massive amount of fan photos to the gallery. Some of them you may remember from my old site,, while others are brand new. Still a few to add here and there too. Credit goes to all the talented photographers:

Miscellaneous > Fan Photos > Candid


Miscellaneous > Fan Photos > Scott Pilgrim Premiere – London


Miscellaneous > Fan Photos > Apple Store Soho – Scott Pilgrim Appearance


Miscellaneous > Fan Photos > Comic Con 2010


Miscellaneous > Fan Photos > Twilight: Eclipse Premiere


Miscellaneous > Fan Photos > BAFTAs 2010


Miscellaneous > Fan Photos > Oscars 2010


Miscellaneous > Fan Photos > American Airlines Up in the Air Screening


Miscellaneous > Fan Photos > Twilight:New Moon Premiere


Miscellaneous > Fan Photos > Twilight Premiere


Miscellaneous > Fan Photos > Comic Con 2009


Since news has been going a little on the slow side lately, I thought I would share some rare/ unseen videos with you. I added the exclusive videos to the Versatile Video Archive. They include Anna’s childhood acting videos (adorable!) and featurette on her childhood in Maine, as well as a few candids from appearances and some on-stage award show speeches and acceptances. Enjoy :D:

Anna should be attending fashion week in NYC tomorrow for Zac Posen, and might just show up for a TIFF screening some time soon ;). We’ve also replaced the new Brian Atwood Dinner celebration photos with high quality.

RTE Ireland Interview

Last year, she delivered an Oscar-nominated turn opposite George Clooney in ‘Up in the Air’; this week we’ll see her in Edgar Wright’s cult feature, ‘Scott Pilgrim Vs the World’. Now 25, the actress is clearly destined for the big time, with many A-list actors lining up to work with her. Not bad for someone whose dream as a young girl was simply to sing and dance…

Michael Doherty: First of all, belated happy birthday, Anna. Having just reached 25, it must be very gratifying that you’re still able to convincingly pull off teenage roles?

Anna Kendrick: Thank you very much and yes, it is very gratifying! I actually got downgraded from 19 to 18 for this film, so I don’t quite know what that says about me! I feel a little silly but as long as people can still buy me as a teenager, then I’m flattered.

In Scott Pilgrim . . . your character is modelled on the writer’s own sister, Stacy, whom you met before shooting started. Was that a bit weird or a bit daunting?

No, it was really cool. I was a bit nervous about meeting her but she is so lovely. She basically told me that the relationship between Stacy and Scott in the books is the real relationship she has with her own brother. She gave me her Stacy badge to wear from when she worked in The Second Cup, the coffee shop in the movie, so that was cool.

Edgar [Wright, director] is known for his many takes and you were also working on a movie with a heightened, comic-book sensibility Did that make Scott Pilgrim… a demanding movie to work on?

Well, for my first scene I had to turn my head, react, say my line and then wait for the crash zoom and I did that 20 times and it wasn’t quite right. I was getting embarrassed because there were so many takes, but Mary Elizabeth [Winstead], who plays Ramona, basically leaned in to me and said, ‘don’t worry, this is a rite of passage. You aren’t a real Scott Pilgrim cast member unless you have done 20 takes of one scene!’ So yes, it was really challenging, but very satisfying when you see it all come together.

Between this film and the Twilight franchise, you’ve completely captured the fanboy and fangirl markets. I’m assuming it must be difficult for you to walk around any shopping mall in the States?

I don’t know! To be honest, they don’t really say very much in LA because they are too cool for school and don’t want to bother anyone. I do get little girls coming up to me in malls and screaming but generally people are discreet in LA and they will come up to me quietly when I’d be sitting in Starbucks say ‘FYI, congratulations’. That sort of thing.

Looking at your CV, you began life as a musical star and indeed were the second youngest [at 12] performer ever to be nominated for a Tony award on Broadway, for ‘High Society’. When are we going to see you in a musical on screen?

The truth is, I desperately want to do a movie musical but I have to be careful because desperation doesn’t always lead to good choices. I want to do a musical for the right reasons and not just because I’m anxious to perform in one.

At this stage in your career, how is the whole fame thing working out? Are you able to comfortably walk around or are the paparazzi starting to appear?

There was, like, a week around Oscar season where there was a paparazzo outside my house and it was terrifying. It was that moment when you realise, I thought this just happened to other people and yet, I can’t just go outside and say, ‘what the hell are you doing?’ Where I come from, my brother and his friends would beat you to a pulp if you were hanging around his little sister’s house. It was essentially a guy in his 40s stalking a girl in her 20s and in most places, that’s bordering on criminal activity. It was definitely really weird but, touch wood, they’ve left me alone after that. I also think that the more boring you are, the less they follow you, so all I had to do was to be myself for a week and they were like, this girl doesn’t do anything cool!

You did do something very cool with your Twitter page; photographing yourself holding your username (AnnaKendrick47), thereby negating the other 46 false sites in one fell swoop.

That might seem so silly, but I was really proud of myself for thinking of that! I saw a picture once of an actress holding a sign that read, ‘yes, it’s really me’, and I thought that was so clever, but in theory anybody could take that photo and copy it to their site. I don’t come up with many good ideas but that was a killer way to dispel the imposters and all the misinformation on the net.

Speaking of the net, there’s a story doing the rounds that you’re working on the new Tom Cruise movie: is that more misinformation or is it a runner?

No, that’s one of those stories that popped up and is now impossible to take down when it’s out there. The role in question is for Reese Witherspoon but she was not in town for the table read so they asked me to do it. I knew it wasn’t leading to a job but I was happy to be in that company. To be honest, the first rumour wasn’t that I was in the Tom Cruise movie; it was that I was being recruited for Scientology!

In terms of your career to date, are you following a grand plan?

Definitely not! I can’t think in terms of a strategy. I would make a terrible agent! I’ve just been really lucky to work with very good people. In the last year, I’ve turned things down that a year ago I would have killed for. It’s a weird position to be in, because I would rather be on a film set making a movie than not making a movie but I don’t want to keep doing the same role and I tend to get offered the same sort of things. There are only about 20 actors in the world who are able to stick to a global strategy and I’m not one of those 20. I just count myself lucky to be working.

How exciting was it for you to appear on the famous Vanity Fair cover last March as one of Hollywood’s Hottest Young Stars?

Oh my God, that was amazing. That was so much fun! Believe me, I have grown up looking longingly at those covers and I couldn’t believe that my mug was on the cover of Vanity Fair. I got to meet some really cool actresses – Evan Rachel Wood, Rebecca Hall, etc. I thought it would be very competitive on the shoot that day but in fact there was a really cool vibe.

You featured on the third fold of that famous gatefold. I suspect if the shot were being taken today, you’d be on the front panel…

I didn’t mind being on the third panel. I was just happy to be lying on the grass with all those talented ladies! When I was about to do the shoot, George Clooney rang me and said, make sure you stand on the far left. I told him I think it’s not up to me but thanks for the advice!

If I had spoken to you after your first movie and said to you that in six years time you’d be sitting in a posh hotel in Dublin eating scones with clotted cream and talking casually about George Clooney ringing you, would you have believed me?

Well, first of all, I would have thought that clotted cream sounded gross! It took me years to figure out the heavenly joys of clotted cream. I probably would have yelled at myself because it sounds like I’m totally name-dropping! I don’t pretend we text or that we’re BFFs, or anything, but George is such a cool guy and he genuinely seems to care about everybody. I’m really inspired by how hard he works and how cool he is with people because everybody wants something from him. They want their experience of George Clooney to be really interesting and he makes sure that it is. That takes a lot of energy, and it’s so inspiring.

Finally, Anna, when you first got the script for Up in the Air, did you realise this would be the film that would change your life?

I definitely read it and immediately felt I could do this. I wasn’t a name, quote unquote, at that point, and I didn’t know that Jason [Reitman, director] had, like, written it for me. When I went in, there was only one other girl in the waiting room and she’s an actress who is very, very beautiful and I got there and thought, ‘oh, they want, like, a model/actress; they aren’t looking for me’. Thankfully, I was wrong! I think there are always movies that need interesting girls and I think that’s when I’m most valuable. My future roles will come about from me being asked to do something interesting rather than just asking questions and looking pretty. {RTE}

Will the Humans Appear in Breaking Dawn? Michael Welch Says Yes!

Michael Welch, a.k.a. Mike from The Twilight Saga, will appear in Breaking Dawn! The actor tweeted earlier today:

It looks like I will be back for Part 1! WooHOOO!! Part 2, I’m not sure yet.

His involvement was far from a sure thing given how small the roles for the humans are in the fourth book. But since Mike will be back, that means they also have to bring Angela (Christian Serratos), Eric (Justin Chon), and Jessica (Anna Kendrick) back too, right? Right? {}

I’ve added some new photos to some 2010 appearances starting with the June 2nd Dinner With a Designer Celebrating Brian Atwood. EDIT – Replaced with High Quality:

June 2: Dinner With a Designer Celebrating Brian Atwood


June 8: Glamour Women of the Year Awards


June 24: Twilight: Eclipse Premiere in L.A.


July 27: “Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World” Los Angeles Premiere


August 18: Scott Pilgrim London Premiere


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