Media: Anna & Michael on GMTV

As we reported earlier, Anna was indeed on GMTV this morning, promoting Scott Pilgrim with Michael Cera:

Talk Shows > Stills > GMTV – August 18, 2010


Screencaptures > GMTV – August 18, 2010:


Anna and the cast will be doing major press rounds in London today, ending with the UK premiere this evening =D. You can even ask Anna and the SP cast a question by tweeting them to skymovies and dsatthemovies!

There are also some candids of Anna and Michael arriving at their London hotel this morning which you can view @ Popsugar and

One thought on “Media: Anna & Michael on GMTV

  1. She’s so cute and so funny – “I’m not familiar” and “look at this!” Lol love her. Aw she gets nervous watching her Jessica on screen. I would be too baby xD

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