Anna @ Scott Pilgrim London Premiere

Anna looks goooorgeous at the “Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World” London Premiere held at Empire Leicester Square today:


Anna is wearing a black off-the-shoulder Elise Øverland Spring 2010 dress and Jimmy Choo ‘Darcy’ sandals {}


Leicter Square TV:

Premiere Scene:

Hey U Guys (Anna @ 7.23):

SBTV (Anna @ 8.28)

Digital Spy (Anna @ 1.46)

Telegraph UK (Anna @ 2.14)



Anna Kendrick and Mary Elizabeth Winstead are here! Mary looks gorge in cream & Anna’s working a dark off the shoulder dress! #scottpilgrim


Anna kendrick arrived in a lovely black dress stunning and beautyful


Anna Kendrick is bopping along to the red carpet tunes as she signs millions of autographs


Here’s the back view of adorable Anna Kendrick’s dress! #scottpilgrim

2 thoughts on “Anna @ Scott Pilgrim London Premiere

  1. She looks amazing! I love her dress and hair! So much ‘Anna’ news to check out! Will check out everything else out tomorrow! :D

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