Anna on “The Nightlife”

Anna’s episode of “The Nighlife” with Nick Cannon aired last night. Anna and Brandon Routh were interviewed about their Scott Pilgrim characters and bullied into dancing =D. View it exclusively below:

“The Nighlife” – Stills:


“The Nighlife” – Screencaptures:


And remember to watch Anna on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson tonight (or this morning rather), at 12:37 Central on CBS. That is, unless you are out watching Scott Pilgrim Vs. the World! As Anna tweeted: “Alright kids, Scott Pilgrim is in theaters TODAY. If this movie doesn’t blow your mind, you are dead inside.” =D!

One thought on “Anna on “The Nightlife”

  1. It’s weird with those ppl around them shaking their thang – it was hard to concentrate on what she said! :b I would totally get up and dance, I’m good hehe.

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