As we reported a while back, Anna is going to be featured in a book called “On Gratitude.” Here is a sneak peek:

She’s grateful for being teased… “While I wouldn’t wish being teased on anyone, I think it eventually leads to a kind of solidarity in adult life. The few people I know who weren’t picked on in school are people I find I can’t relate to on much more than a surface level. There’s a sensitivity that comes with feeling like an outsider at some point in your life. I’d rather be emotionally tuned in to other people than slightly more confident because no one ever made fun of my hair.”

The Oscar-nominated ingenue, stellar in UP IN THE AIR and stunning in TWILIGHT, counts her blessings in ON GRATITUDE (in stores 9.21.10, World Gratitude Day). Her gratitude list is revealing, uplifting, unexpected, and a lot of fun. There’s SO MUCH MORE in ON GRATITUDE.