Mary Elizabeth Winstead Dishes On New BFF Anna Kendrick: ‘She’s So Smart & Funny!’ :

Newcomer Mary Elizabeth Winstead knows exactly what made shooting her new film, Scott Pilgrim Vs. the World, so amazing: she made a new BFF in co-star Anna Kendrick!

“She’s so great, she’s so funny!” the 25-year-old actress gushed to exclusively at the film’s LA premiere July 27. “The two of us, we were just sitting up there watching the first fight [scene] in the balcony together for a week and a half, and we were always talking about gossip, film news and just gabbing about everything!”

She added, “She’s so smart and so funny and such a fantastic actress. It’s just so great she’s in this movie!”

Anna, 24, has another admirer in star Michael Cera, although he’s adamant that he wouldn’t like to appear with his co-star in her fourth Twilight Saga film, Breaking Dawn. “I’d rather be in the Up in the Air sequel,” he told us with a laugh.

Hey, Michael – Anna is clearly a great girl – we’re sure she can make that happen for you! {}

I’ve also been updating the Scott pilgrim junket videos post and added tons from the “Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World” Los Angeles Premiere including many more high qualities, tons of medium qualities, and some exclusives from the After Party, below: