Here’s the first fan photo of Anna at SDCC doing an interview for The Daily Ten on E! during preview night:

Anna tweeted earlier today “On the comic con express with the Scott Pilgrim gang. Feels like the train to geek boarding school :)”

There was also a Scott Pilgrim Q&A Session today, and director Edgar Wright announced a special early screening for fans! Here a report from the screening, where Anna was introduced and answered questions from the audience:

CBR waited with the crowd in order to bring you this report of the movie’s star-studded preview and panel as director Edgar Wright and Scott Pilgrim mastermind cartoonist Bryan Lee O’Malley invited a lion’s share of the cast on stage to discuss the film that’ll hit theaters on August 13. Joining the pair were the titular hero Michael Cera, the actresses playing his dueling love interests Mary Elizabeth Winstead (“Ramona Flowers”) and Ellen Wong (“Knives Chau”), Sex Bob-Omb rockers Alison Pill (“Kim Pine”) and Mark Webber (“Stephen Stills”), “cool gay roommate” Kieran Culkin (“Wallace Wells”), friends Johnny Simmons (“Young Neil”), Anna Kendrick (“Stacey Pilgrim”) and Aubrey Plaza (“Julie Powers”) and of course four of the seven members of the League of Evil Exes: Satya Bhabha (“Matthew Patel”), Brandon Routh (“Todd Ingram”), Mae Whitman (“Roxy Richter”) and Jason Schwartzman (“Gideon Graves”).

Mae Whitman (“Roxy Richter”) and Jason Schwartzman (“Gideon Graves”).

Wright took the stage first joking that it was tough to follow up the “Expendables” panel. “We have 13 guests coming out, and I’m not sure they can combine to beat one Lungren,” he laughed before explaining how he first read O’Malley’s comics shortly after volume one came out. “It was love at first sight,” he said noting he couldn’t be more proud that he got the movie made six years late.

The director then introduced each of the panel, saying that since there were so many members on the panel, he’d only be able to ask each of the panelists one question which would require a one word answer. O’Malley was up first, and Wright noted that his latest installment in the series is currently at #5 on Amazon’s best seller list. Wright then joked, “If it was called ‘Scott Pilgrim with the Dragon Tattoo’ it’d be #1.”

O’Malley’s question was “How weird is it to be in hall H?” to which the author paused and replied “WEIRD?”

The members of Sex Bob-Omb were asked how hard it was to learn their instruments for the film with Pill saying “Very” and Webber saying “Extremely.”

Each cast member was introduced by a montage of clips from the film featuring their character before Wright moved on to his solo questions. Next up came “the ladies in Scott’s life…one of whom is a man” as Kendrick, Plaza and Culkin made it onto stage. Their question was “How much do you disapprove on a scale of one to disprove of Scott’s actions in the film?” The score of each was five, seven and four (though Culkin said he only chose four because he likes the number). . . .{}

Keep checking back for more updates and photos, and stay tuned to E! to catch Anna on the Daily 10 – hopefully we will get an online video soon!