I’ve added some new photo shoot images to older shoots, including Black Book and V Magazine:


Magazine updates include the recent US Weekly where Anna states her fave cereal (Kix!), paper magazine, V Magazine and some older interviews and articles. We should be getting some more soon, too!


NY Times: The next generation of Scientologists?

As I was perusing pics of Will, Jada and Tom exiting Saddle Ranch and bidding adieu, I noticed Jenna Elfman saunter out. Then Tate Donovan. Then Tom Skerritt. All very well known Scientologists. That’s when things started to get weird.

After those famous faces exited the building a whole slew of other notable stars walked out of the building generating choruses of, “Oh my god, he/she’s a Scientologist?!?”

People like Milo Ventimiglia, Anna Kendrick, Eric Dane, Chad Michael Murray and “The Big Bang Theory” star Johnny Galecki. Don’t misunderstand me, this in no way suggests these five are believers in L. Ron Hubbard‘s religion — and if they are, there’s nothing wrong with that either….

I’m not buying the Scientology bit, but maybe Anna and the other actors are looking into a new film?!