Here are some brand new clips of Anna as Stacey Pilgrim in remixes for Scott Pilgrim Vs. the World:



“Hey” Remix:


“Ramona” Remix:


Michael Cera also did a hilarious new interview with MTV, where he mentions working with Anna:

. . . When talk turned to his “Scott Pilgrim” co-star Anna Kendrick, Cera readily responds to the question of how he stacks up against Kendrick’s “Up in the Air” leading man, George Clooney.

” ‘Natural transition’ is not the phrase I would use. ‘Handsome transition’ seems to be a better phrase to encapsulate what that lucky girl has experienced,” Cera joked.

“Unfortunately, Anna and I got to work together for only one day,” he continued. “Though she plays my sister in the movie, one of our biggest scenes together takes place over the phone, and we shot our respective sides of the conversation at completely different times on the shooting schedule. She regrets that we weren’t able to spend more time together,” he added. “We got close enough for me to feel comfortable in assuming that.” {MTV}

There should be one remix released every day until Scott Pilgrim Vs. Comic Con on July 23 :D!