Anna was interviewed whilst in England for the Daily Mail: How actress Anna Kendrick survived the Twilight zone. It’s a great read, and even includes some MQ outtakes from the Vanity Fair shoot! I’ve posted some of the most interesting bits (there’s a ton)!

Photoshoots – Greg Lotus for Vanity Fair:


On Twilight Fans:

Anna Kendrick slips without fanfare into the lobby of the West Hollywood hotel where we are scheduled to meet: some achievement given that she’s part of the teen-idolised Twilight cast, whose every move is usually accompanied by ear-splitting shrieks from adolescent fans. But Anna insists: ‘I’m one of the few who gets to leave home and not be followed around. Actually, when I do get children coming up to me, it makes me slightly nervous because I feel like I have to be on my best behaviour. I have a habit of cursing, so I have to keep it reined in. It feels like I’m visiting my grandmother!’

On Kristen:

‘When I met Kristen, I knew her from some of her other films,’ says Anna, ‘and it’s so strange because she turned into my friend, and then just as quickly turned into one of the biggest stars on the planet. I’m on the outside and I really don’t know what to make of it even now. I can’t imagine what she and Rob are going through.’ Particularly as Kristen and Rob have themselves been dating since last year.

Jacob Vs. Edward:

Of course, going through a romantic quandary with chaps who look like Mr. Pattinson and Lautner isn’t a bad problem to have, as the predominantly female fans of Twilight, or ‘Twihards’, will attest. ‘But seeing how much in love these girls are with Rob or Taylor, it’s kind of hard to understand,’ says Anna. ‘I mean, they’re like siblings to me now, and if I had to choose between them, it would feel really creepy. I’d have to think of them in terms of [their characters] Ed and Jacob – and in that sense, I’d root for Jacob because he never leaves Bella’s side. But having to pick one?’ She is momentarily flummoxed. ‘Well, I don’t think either of them is my type. I’d like a guy who looks a little more goofy and who is less intimidating – they’re both lovely, but almost too perfect-looking.’

Clooney Crazies:

Anna witnessed plenty more female light-headedness when filming scenes with George Clooney for Up in the Air, the Bafta award-winning film by Jason Reitman. ‘We were shooting in a hotel lobby one time and every woman who passed by was just drooling over George and collapsing at his feet – it was crazy,’ she says. ‘It’s actually quite upsetting to see grown women turn into monkeys around him. I wanted to say: “Ladies, get it together – you’re embarrassing yourselves and our gender!”’

Living in New York during ‘High Society’:

During her Broadway run, Anna lived in New York with her father, William, then a supply teacher (her mother Janice works as an accountant). ‘It was great to have my father there,’ says Anna. ‘I hope they don’t mind me saying this but a lot of theatre children can be intense, and some of their mothers can be too: they would be there listing their child’s accomplishments and my dad and I would just look at each other.

‘I was grateful my father was there to keep me grounded. And I’m glad that I started out in theatre. Doing eight shows a week instils a good work ethic. You’re much more mollycoddled on a film set and I wouldn’t have wanted to start my career that way.’

Middle School in Maine:

Home-schooled by her father for the duration of her Broadway run, Anna returned to school in Maine afterwards. ‘People always ask if I went back feeling more confident, but I felt exactly the same as I had always done. I was quite shy and I don’t think insecurity is something a trip to New York can cure you of,’ she admits.

‘At that age you have that dual thing of wanting attention and being afraid of it, and I perceived any attention [from classmates] as negative. There was one girl who sort of tormented me. She was the kind of person who could turn everything I said on its head. Even if I said: “The sun’s come out”, she’d be like: “Oh, and that’s because you’re better than us, is it?” I’m sure she’s grown up now and I don’t wish any bad on her, but it certainly affected me at that age. Maybe I put some of her into my portrayal of Jessica in Twilight, so it worked out in the end.’

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