Anna Kendrick was speechless when she first met Robert Pattinson.

The two met when making the first Twilight movie, where Anna plays high school gossip Jessica Stanley and Robert plays vampire Edward Cullen.

While most girls are dazzled by Robert’s good looks, Harry Potter fan Anna says she couldn’t get Robert’s earlier cinematic role as a wizard out of her head. “The first time I met Robert Pattinson, I kept thinking, ‘Cedric Diggory from Harry Potter!’” she told Glamour magazine.

Robert is known for his love of music, but according to Anna the star preferred reading books to rocking out during the shooting of the movie.

“He never got his guitar out on set, but always carried a beat-up book, like an English poet,” she revealed.

Anna went on to describe the nerves she experienced when she attended this year’s Oscars ceremony as she was surrounded by so many of her acting heroes. The successful young star was nominated for an award but admits she was more worried about falling over.

“The Oscars was so nerve wracking! Every other person is someone you’ve admired forever. I was more worried about tripping over in front of Penélope Cruz than winning,” she joked.

The star also revealed some advice George Clooney gave her when they starred in the Oscar-nominated comedy Up in the Air.

“George Clooney told me, ‘You can make a bad movie out of a good script, but you can’t make a good movie out of a bad script. That was duly noted,” she said. {}

There is also a blurb on Anna and her dislike against social networking over real life relationships:

Her character in Up In The Air may get dumped by text message and harshly be in favour of sacking people over the internet, but that’s not how the Twilight actress would choose to do things herself. In fact, Anna Kendrick says she thinks the world is becoming impersonal thanks to technologies such as Facebook, MySpace and Twitter. “I can’t stand it,” Kendrick revealed.

“I don’t even like talking on the phone,” she added. “I like to look at people in the eye. Otherwise I feel disconnected.”

“It is a totally false connection when you comment on somebody’s Facebook wall when you haven’t even talked to them or seen them in person for weeks.”