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Check out yet another video of Anna at the Reebok Women’s fitness event, working out and interviewed about the Reebok gear she was wearing:

Screencaptures – Good Day L.A. @ Reebok Fitness Event:


You can also view Anna at the same event briefly on an E! News segment @ Twittervid

Anna Kendrick was speechless when she first met Robert Pattinson.

The two met when making the first Twilight movie, where Anna plays high school gossip Jessica Stanley and Robert plays vampire Edward Cullen.

While most girls are dazzled by Robert’s good looks, Harry Potter fan Anna says she couldn’t get Robert’s earlier cinematic role as a wizard out of her head. “The first time I met Robert Pattinson, I kept thinking, ‘Cedric Diggory from Harry Potter!’” she told Glamour magazine.

Robert is known for his love of music, but according to Anna the star preferred reading books to rocking out during the shooting of the movie.

“He never got his guitar out on set, but always carried a beat-up book, like an English poet,” she revealed.

Anna went on to describe the nerves she experienced when she attended this year’s Oscars ceremony as she was surrounded by so many of her acting heroes. The successful young star was nominated for an award but admits she was more worried about falling over.

“The Oscars was so nerve wracking! Every other person is someone you’ve admired forever. I was more worried about tripping over in front of Penélope Cruz than winning,” she joked.

The star also revealed some advice George Clooney gave her when they starred in the Oscar-nominated comedy Up in the Air.

“George Clooney told me, ‘You can make a bad movie out of a good script, but you can’t make a good movie out of a bad script. That was duly noted,” she said. {}

There is also a blurb on Anna and her dislike against social networking over real life relationships:

Her character in Up In The Air may get dumped by text message and harshly be in favour of sacking people over the internet, but that’s not how the Twilight actress would choose to do things herself. In fact, Anna Kendrick says she thinks the world is becoming impersonal thanks to technologies such as Facebook, MySpace and Twitter. “I can’t stand it,” Kendrick revealed.

“I don’t even like talking on the phone,” she added. “I like to look at people in the eye. Otherwise I feel disconnected.”

“It is a totally false connection when you comment on somebody’s Facebook wall when you haven’t even talked to them or seen them in person for weeks.”

I’ve added lots of images to appearances in 2003, 2004, and 2007, many of which have never been seen!

2003 Appearances – Sundance Camp Premiere:


2003 Appearances – Camp Premiere in London:


2003 Appearances – Camp Premiere in New York:


2007 Appearances – Sundance – “Rocket Science” Premiere:


2004 Appearances – Independent Spirit Awards After Party:


2007 Appearances – Sundance – Village at the Lift – Neutrogrena:


2007 Appearances – Sundance – Village at the Lift – Philips Lounge:


2007 Appearances – Sundance – Project Greenhouse:


2007 Appearances – Sundance – Village at the Lift – American Eagle:


2007 Appearances – Sundance – Luxury Lounge – TIGI Bedhead:


Make sure to check last uploads to see all the recent additions that were moved from or higher quality, too.

The photos from the June 16th Reebok Women’s fitness event were released, there is over fifty photos of Anna getting fit and sporting Reebok along with Emmy Rossum, Ashlee Simpson, and Lindsay Price:


You can also see candids of Anna shopping in Melrose Avenue with what looks to be Edgar Wright here.



Theater – A Little Night Music:


2010 Appearances – Reebok’s Women’s Fitness Event:


I am also adding the rest of the photos into Versatile’s Gallery. Check out the Projects, Screencaptures, Photoshoots, and Scans ;).

Anna talked to Hollywood Life at the Reebok event Wednesday about her workout tips, as well as commented on her upcoming movies and co-stars (albeit refusing to comment on Kristen & Rob’s relationship):

Envious of Anna’s super-toned bod? You don’t have to be — just follow her get-in-shape tips and, quicker than you can say ‘Twilight’, you’ll have a fab figure!

Anna Kendrick not only has an enviable career (hello Oscar nomination! and getting to hang out on-set with Robert Pattinson AND Taylor Lautner) but she also has an awesome body, too. While the 24-year-old actress can’t help you out on the R-Patz front, she CAN tell you how to achieve her fabulous figure. So read on, BFFs!

Anna’s Get In Tip-Top Shape Tips

• “Sometimes I just run or use the elliptical,” the Eclipse starlet told at Reebok’s Fitness Retreat in Hollywood June 16.

• Specific workout routine? “I do yoga when I’m feeling good. I take a nice, long yoga class.”

• Avoiding certain foods? Um, she doesn’t – she just doesn’t eat like a trucker! “No, which is bad. I kind of eat anything, so I guess I have to work on that. But all in moderation.”

• Indulge! “When I was in the UK, I had scones with clotted cream, which is like pure fat, but a lot of fat is delicious, so I couldn’t help myself.”

• Avoid being on-set for too long. “Literally, I shot New Moon and Eclipse for four days apiece, so no, [we didn’t binge].” {Hollywood Life}

Anna attended a Reebok’s Women’s Fitness Eventin Los Angeles yesterday along with Rosario Dawson, Emmy Rossum and Ashlee Simpson. Here is the first photo of Anna working out:

The Scott Pilgrim international trailer is now out. No new Anna, but it sure does look epic ;). You can view it @ Edgar Wright’s Blog.

I’ve finally got all of the High Quality appearances photos up, including lots that were previously only available in Medium Quality. Some of the highlights include the recent MTV Movie Award caps and 2010 Glamour Women o the Year Awards:

2010 Appearances:


2009 Appearances:


2008 Appearances:


2007 Appearances:


2004 Appearances:


2003 Appearances:


With her performance in credit crunch comedy ‘Up in the Air’ sparking Oscar buzz and a Golden Globe nomination, a new ‘Twilight’ movie in the works and a supporting role in Edgar Wright’s forthcoming ‘Scott Pilgrim vs the World’, 24-year-old Anna Kendrick is one of 2010’s names to watch. Just don’t call her a star.

Did ‘Up in the Air’ appeal to you as a way of breaking out of the teen-movie ghetto?
‘It’s the first time I’ve played my own age, which was pretty exciting. I’ve played high-school kids my whole life, this time I felt like I was sitting at the grown-ups’ table. And I love strong female characters. It’s a pretty rare thing to find a part this well rounded for a young woman.’

What did you like about your character, Natalie?

‘I loved that she had her own story. She didn’t exist to romanticise a storyline, to enhance another male character. She has her own problems, her own mistakes to figure out. And you don’t often see female characters in this age range who aren’t sexualised, even if they aren’t the romantic interest. She could just as easily have been a man.’

Do you see yourself in her?
‘I think she’s pretty frustrated by the fact that she was born female – she sees that as a handicap. She spends her life trying to prove that she’s tough enough, that she can be one of the boys. Her way of doing that is to take the hardest job going, just to prove she can do it. I can relate to that frustration.’

How did ‘Up in the Air’ differ from your experience on ‘Twilight’?
‘You can relax more when you’re playing a silly character than when you’re playing a really rigid character. But to be fair, I think George Clooney is a bigger teenager than any of the “Twilight” cast. He’s the guy throwing a football at your head and then hiding around the corner, pretending it wasn’t him!’

Did you find yourself getting into character and snapping at him?
‘I snap at him anyway! I think he likes it. But ultimately he’s a really good person, he has no interest in hurting anybody. He didn’t pull any serious pranks on me until he realised I could give it out as good as I could take it. Then we teased each other non-stop.’

How was your working relationship?
‘It was great. George is infuriatingly perfect. He never slips up, he’s on time for everybody. Even when you think he might be having a bad day, he doesn’t show it. He gave me hope that you can do this job for a long time and maintain some level of sanity.’

You’re clearly more interested in being an actress than a celebrity…

‘It’s a delicate balance. My goal all along has just been to work and support myself. I’ve been really lucky to walk away from the “Twilight” series unscathed. Somebody asked me recently what it’s like to be a star. I thought that was the strangest question. If you saw my day-to-day life, the word “star” just doesn’t apply.’

Who’s the craziest ‘Twilight’ fan you’ve encountered?
‘I was in Vancouver. A girl came up to me, asked me if I was in “Twilight”, and asked me when I would next see Taylor Lautner. She seemed really anxious. She said she had something for him in her bag – obviously she walked around with it just in case she ran into a cast member. I was afraid it was going to be a severed head or something! I figured if I took it I would have a responsibility to give it to Taylor. I didn’t want him to think I was insane. But I still wonder what was in there.’

Were you ever a fangirl?

‘I camped out for tickets when The Strokes came to my hometown. I was in the front row, just staring Julian Casablancas down like a weirdo. The one time our eyes met I thought I was gonna explode!’

What can you tell us about ‘Scott Pilgrim vs the World’?
‘It was challenging but fun. Working with Edgar Wright was great, because nobody wants to see the completed movie more than he does. It’s like having your own personal cheerleader on set. He was like a kid in a candy store.’

Source: Time Out Dubai

Hollywood actress Anna Kendrick says she is a big fan of the British version of The X Factor.

Speaking at this week’s Glamour Awards in London, the Twilight and Up In The Air actress said that when she was working in the UK last year, she asked the hotel she was staying at to record the show for her.

The 24-year-old also said that she is a big fan of Alexandra Burkle: “She performed her single on the last season and my head just about exploded so I’ve been youtubing her ever since.”

Simon Cowell is currently working on launching The X Factor in the States.

But Anna says she still intends to watch the UK show: “There’s something special about the British version because I get to see all the accents and practise them!” {ITN}

You can also view a candid video of Anna @ The Glamour Awards here, as well as the WTF Orbitz commercial from the MTV Movie Awards I’ve been raving about here.

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